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Chapter 279: He Pushes Fu Zhi’s Hand Away – 2

The doors in the Lu Mansion were anti-theft, so the door did not even budge after Lu Jingqing rammed himself against it.

He turned his head to look at Fu Zhi. Just as he was about to ask her to take the key, Fu Zhi raised her arm and pushed him aside.

Then, she lifted her leg and kicked the door handle.


The anti-theft door was kicked open by Fu Zhi.

Lu Jingqing was speechless, but he knew now was not the time to lament how much of a failure he was as a father.

Lu Yushen’s room was dark. The curtains were tightly drawn, preventing any moonlight from coming in.

The last time he’d had an emotional meltdown was a month before Fu Zhi had joined the Lu Family. At the time, he had still left a table lamp on.

Fu Zhi switched on the light in the room. Then, she saw the young man, who was sitting facing the corner, the skin on his neck looking pale.

Lu Jingqing took one step forward and said, “Yushen…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, he saw the few blood-caked scars on Lu Yushen’s neck and froze.

“Zhizhi.” He turned his body sideways. His voice was thick with anxiety as he said, “Quick, come over here and check if your brother’s condition is serious or not.”

Fu Zhi crouched beside Lu Yushen.

What Lu Yushen had was a kind of neurodevelopmental disorder. Fu Zhi had asked his doctor, and she had told her that he showed relatively mild symptoms of autism as well.

She did not dare talk to him, for she did not want to make him feel nervous. Slowly, ever so slowly, she approached him and put her fingers on his wrist.

After a few seconds, Fu Zhi felt something warm fall on the back of her palm. She raised her head and met Lu Yushen’s glance. His eyes were red, and he was crying. She opened her mouth and said, “Don’t worry.”

She gripped his hand tightly, comforting him. “Don’t be scared. Just act like this is the flu or a fever. In another month, I will…”

Before Fu Zhi could finish her sentence, the young man raised his hand and peeled her fingers off his wrist. Then, he pushed her away, increasing the distance between them.

This time, even Xu Wei, who had just come into the room, was stunned. It seemed as if Lu Yushen did not want Fu Zhi to touch him.

Xu Wei then asked, “Do you want me to bring Gu Yan over here?”

“What’s the point of looking for her? She can’t do sh*t.”

Perhaps he had a bad memory. He could not tell, but he had never seen Lu Yushen hurt himself before. His brows were locked tightly in the center of his forehead as he snapped, “How the hell is she taking care of her patient? Is she a professional or not? If she’s not cut out for this, then we should get another doctor!”

Lu Jingqing did not comment, but his trust in Gu Yan began to waver as well.

In any case, what they should do right now was take Lu Yushen to the hospital. He draped a coat over Lu Yushen and told Fu Zhi, “You guys go back to rest. I’ll take him to see the doctor now.”

Fu Zhi nodded in assent. As she followed them for a few meters, her phone rang.

Shen Cizhou was calling.

Gu Yan had just finished her bath when she heard the commotion outside. Her curiosity was piqued, so she opened the door and went outside. Then, when she saw Lu Jingqing taking Lu Yushen away, her heart skipped a beat.

“Uncle Jingqing!” Gu Yan shouted as she took a few quick steps to catch up to them. She had not expected things to turn out this way. Even though she was worried about Lu Yushen, she did not regret doing it. Her eyes were red around the rims as she looked at Lu Yushen. “Everything will be alright. Trust me. I will never leave you alone.”

She tried to reach out for Lu Yushen’s arm, but the young man avoided her.

Meanwhile, Fu Zhi was talking to Shen Cizhou on the phone. Xu Wei had something to talk to Lu Yushen about, so she did not allow Fu Zhi to follow them.

As Lu Yushen observed her through the window, his eyes were deep and there was a myriad of emotions flowing in his gaze.

The car started and slowly drove away from the villa.

Shen Cizhou said, “Your uncle took the medicine from Chu He and put it in the Chinese medicine you prescribed Mrs. Xu. I have the evidence in my hands right now, so what are you gonna do?”

“Keep an eye on Chu He. He’s still useful to us,” Fu Zhi said, sounding sad. “The people in the Lu Family can’t keep their composure. Send the evidence to my dad tomorrow and then release a rumor that something has happened to Mrs. Xu.”

It was already 11 o’clock at night by the time Dr. Ma tended to Lu Yushen’s wound. She tried her best to make him tell her what had happened, but to no avail. Just as she was about to give up, Lu Yushen grabbed the hem of her coat.

[You said before that there was nothing wrong with my vocal cords.]

There were only three people in the ward: Lu Yushen, Dr. Ma, and Xu Wei. He paused for a moment before asking, [If I take my medicine according to the schedule and cooperate with the treatment, when will I start talking?]

“Well, this requires professional training, and the process will be very difficult, not to mention that we need a certain stimulus to induce you to start talking. If you want to know more, you can ask the Gu Family for more information. After all, no one is more professional than the Gu Family when it comes to this kind of disorder.”

Xu Wei, who was standing beside him, felt strange and asked, “Why do you suddenly want to talk?”

After all, she had been asking him to talk to her, but he had refused to.

Lu Yushen, who had not recovered from his breakdown yet, touched his neck. Even though he still felt that he did not deserve Fu Zhi, he typed on his phone, [I want to be a brother.]

Xu Wei did not know what to say. When Lu Yushen had expressed his desire to start talking, she had thought that her son had fallen in love with some girl and was eager to become a father.

However, since she now knew that Fu Zhi was the reason he wanted to start talking, she heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, she was delighted that the relationship between her son and daughter had not turned nasty. She went forward and pulled him into her arms as she said, “Everything should happen step by step. Zhizhi is our family and she won’t go anywhere. Besides, she likes you very much, so you can take your time to catch up with her. I’m sure she will wait for you.”

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