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Chapter 276: A Chair That Cost A Few Million

Gu Yan had more or less heard of the artifacts that the girl had mentioned. “Well, it’s truly a bad habit to owe someone money, but the Fu Corporation is a big company. Perhaps your father can negotiate with them again.”

“It won’t work. They clearly don’t want to pay us. Ten years ago, when the internet was not as developed, the Fu Corporation was reprimanded by your government. Besides, my father told me that the illegitimate daughter of the president of the Fu Corporation is a clone.”

The girl thought for a while and then added, “It is against moral ethics and natural law.”

This was the first time Gu Yan heard of this kind of thing, so she was skeptical about it.

“The long and short of it is that I don’t like the Fus. You better keep an eye on your fiance so that Fu Zhi won’t have a chance to get between you two,” the girl advised her with a grin.

Gu Yan frowned.

She had gone to study abroad a year ago, but when she’d left, Xu Wei had not yet adopted Fu Zhi. Then, upon returning home a year later, she could see how much the Lu Family liked Fu Zhi.

She already did not have a good feeling about it, and after hearing what her friend had said, this feeling grew even stronger. Fu Zhi and Lu Yushen would hold hands when they were walking together, and Lu Yushen would wait for her on the couch when she went for a night walk.

If Fu Zhi had been Lu Yushen’s biological sister, it went without saying that Gu Yan would not have thought so much. She would have treated her sister-in-law nicely. However…

“Don’t worry.” Gu Yan pressed down these wild thoughts and replied calmly, “You’re just being paranoid. It’s impossible.”

After they hung up, Mama Zhang brought her a chair.

“Who bought this chair?” Gu Yan looked at the chair, and her eyes glowed in expectation.

“Madam bought it from the furniture shop for you.”

Mama Zhang was confused. After all, Lu Yushen had bought the chair online, and when Xu Wei had taken a picture of the chair and searched for it on the internet, she had found out that the chair cost about a few million, not to mention that there were only three around the world and all of them were sold out.

Xu Wei was poor, so she did not have much money.

Besides, when she’d looked closer, she had realized that there was a bit of a difference between the chair Lu Yushen had given Fu Zhi and the chair on the internet. Xu Wei had studied the two chairs for a long while and heaved a sigh of relief when she had felt certain that her son was not a millionaire in disguise. After doing that, she had gone to a furniture shop and bought a new chair for Gu Yan.

It went without saying that Mama Zhang would not tell Gu Yan all this. Instead, she said, “Do you like it? Madam said that if you don’t like it, she will buy you another one from the shop tomorrow.”

Gu Yan was a little disappointed. She nodded and then saw Lu Yushen and Fu Zhi out of the corner of her eyes. Lu Yushen was carrying Fu Zhi’s chair, and it seemed to her that they were going upstairs.

On the spot Lu Yushen’s fingers touched was a name spelled with rhinestones.

Gu Yan called out to Mama Zhang, who was walking down the stairs. Caressing her chair, she said, “I see that there are some rhinestones on Fu Zhi’s chair. I think they look quite beautiful. Could you tell me where I can get that done? I want to put some rhinestones on my chair too.”

“That was done by Young Master Yushen, but if Ms. Gu likes it, we can ask the people from the furniture shop to put some rhinestones on your chair as well,” Mama Zhang replied. Then, she could not help lamenting. “This is the first time I’ve seen Young Master Yushen get so close to a woman other than his mother. He even gave her his rhinestones, and they are just like peas and carrots.”

Gu Yan did not say anything. She took a step back into her room and closed the door. Her expression was unreadable under the dim light.

On Monday, their first period was English.

The midterm exam was around the corner, and their English teacher was in a bad mood, so she would get a headache whenever she saw Fu Zhi.

She punished Fu Zhi by asking her to copy a 300-word English essay on the reasons the weather was bad 50 times.

The whole class was laughing at Fu Zhi.

During recess, Fu Zhi pulled her phone out and prepared to play some games.

Song Fang pulled a chair over and sat beside her. He pointed at Gu Yan and said, his voice filled with admiration, “Why can’t you learn from your second sister-in-law? She has about three million followers on her fan page, and she’s a certified psychiatrist. Every time she starts a live-streaming session, she will receive thousands of rewards.”

After all, it was relatively rare for a Chinese celebrity to be accepted by people outside of their country.

Fu Zhi kept her eyes trained on her phone.

The pace of modern life was relatively fast, and more and more people were getting depressed. Therefore, a psychiatrist was very much needed. Song Fang added, “She’s also mastered different medical fields, and people predict that in 10 years, she will be standing on the same level as Z God.”

Su Xing chimed in, “Who is Z God?”

“Several years ago, a pandemic broke out in Country F. Many countries sent help, but none of them could do anything. It was Z God who invented the vaccine that put an end to the pandemic,” Song Fang replied. “People call him Z God, but no one knows his true name. Besides, Gu Yan and her parents are accomplished psychiatrists.”

No.1 High School had invited some counselors to give them a counseling session in the past, but their ability had been nowhere as good as Gu Yan’s.

Su Xing nodded in assent. Then, she suddenly said, “Zhizhi can do it as well!”

Fu Zhi was speechless.

‘Nope. I can’t do it.’

Fu Zhao said she would only mess up the patient’s mind.

Song Fang took a look at Fu Zhi.

The young lady’s eyelids were half-closed, and there was nothing but indifference in her eyes.

She was playing her game, and it seemed as if she had not heard anything he had just said.

The reason Song Fang had said so many things was because he wanted Fu Zhi to learn from Gu Yan. However, he had no idea why, but he was unable to say it out loud when he saw Fu Zhi’s attitude.

During recess, Lu Yubai came to look for Gu Yan in Class 21. Then, the two of them went to the meeting room.

Sitting behind Fu Zhi, Song Fang was hesitating, not knowing whether he should tell Fu Zhi or not.

After a long while, Sun Tian and Xu Wenhao came to look for Fu Zhi. Both of them asked Fu Zhi to come outside the classroom. Then, they stared at her and said, “Can you come with us to the tutoring session tonight? The association has released a new announcement. The questions in the final round will be very difficult. Gu Yan is a member of the association, and she has first-hand information and revision material.”

Xu Wenhao looked straight into Fu Zhi’s eyes. He really hoped that Fu Zhi would attend the tutoring session with them.

“I’m not free,” Fu Zhi said. “So I won’t be joining the tutoring session.”

Sun Tian could not hold back anymore and said, “Every time I see you, you’re playing games. It seems to me that you’re pretty free. Can’t you just come and join the tutoring session even once?”

He paused for a while before adding, “Besides, an academic exchange meeting will be held in Yu City soon. Gu Yan is going to give all the participants a lecture, and that means she will not have much time for us, so you…”

Fu Zhi leaned against the wall and looked at Sun Tian, causing him to stop speaking.

“I won’t drag you guys down.” Fu Zhi looked toward the meeting room. “Besides, Gu Yan will not be giving a lecture to the other participants.”

After saying that, she turned around and went back to her class.

Sun Tian mumbled, “How easy for you to say that. You didn’t show Gu Yan any respect, yet you expect her to listen to you and not give a lecture to anyone else?”

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