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Chapter 275: They Still Owe Us 18 Billion


Lu Chuliang screamed and took a step back as he clutched his chest.

“Fu Zhi! Are you crazy?!”

He looked in disbelief at Fu Zhi with all the color gone from his face. His heart was pumping rapidly in his chest, as he felt like he had cheated death again.

Bai Yao was so furious that she wanted to shred Fu Zhi into pieces when she saw what Fu Zhi had done to her son.

Even though Lu Chuliang was angry at Fu Zhi as well, he dared not oppose her. He stared at her begrudgingly and snarled, “Hmph, you’re such an ungrateful person! You’re going to regret it!”

After saying that, he opened the door and stormed out of the Xu Family’s mansion.

Xu Cheng handed Fu Zhi’s prescription to Chu He. Chu He glanced at the prescription and found that, unlike the usual scribbles of a professional doctor, Fu Zhi’s writing was actually pleasant to the eyes. He took a look at the dosage, and it was so accurate that he could not find any flaw or mistake in it.

As for whether it was suitable for Mrs. Xu’s disease… Chu He scoffed coldly.

After all, even professional doctors from a renowned hospital were helpless against this disease, so what could Fu Zhi’s prescription possibly do? If something happened to Mrs. Xu after she took her medicine, Fu Zhi was going to be responsible for it!

Fu Zhi said, “To prepare this medicine, you first have to decoct it with glutinous rice until the rice is thoroughly cooked. If you want to share the medicine with your children, add in ginger and jujube and let it simmer for a while before consuming it. If you have symptoms such as thirst, pop in some dried kudzu vines. You can also consume this medicine when you’re feeling cold in the summer or autumn. Just remember to add jujube before boiling it.”

Mrs. Xu turned to Chu He and asked, “What do you think, Dr. Chu?”

Chu He replied, “Ms. Fu’s prescription looks fine to me. As for her treatment plan… Well, honestly, I have never seen anything like that before, but who knows? Maybe it will work.”

Mrs. Xu nodded and asked the servant to keep the prescription. However, she was not going to use it. She did not trust Fu Zhi at all, and she’d rather go seek medical help from doctors overseas.

However, Xu Cheng was different. He was particularly excited this time as he said, “Ms. Fu, if you can really help my wife, I promise I’ll give you anything you want!”

After saying that, he turned around, grabbed his wife’s hand, and continued speaking with tears swirling in his eyes. “Niannian, even if we go overseas, the doctors there will suggest chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The process is too painful, and Fu Zhi has a way to spare you that pain. I believe in Mrs. Lu. I still want to have many children and grandchildren with you, so please, don’t leave me alone…”

Mrs. Xu felt as if there was a huge boulder weighing on her chest upon seeing her husband cry. Ever since she had fallen sick, not only had her husband not left her, but he’d taken great care of her. As she recalled those days, she wiped the tears off her husband’s face and replied, “Don’t worry. Just do what you said.”

Lu Zhiwen then chimed in, “Yeah, don’t worry. She’s very professional, and she can surely nurse you back to health.”

Other than Xu Wei, everyone else left the room as Fu Zhi started treating Mrs. Xu.

Since this was a blood disease, Fu Zhi had to be extra careful, as one small mistake would spell disaster.

Mrs. Xu could vaguely feel as if the pain in her joints was being wrapped up in a burst of warmth, and then her body, which had originally been warm and feverish, seemed to cool down a bit.

She could feel the cold blast coming from the air-conditioner now!

“It has been nearly an hour. I wonder what’s happening inside. Why hasn’t Fu Zhi come out yet? Could it be…” Bai Yao said, her voice thick with exhilaration.

She ignored Xu Cheng, whose face had turned dark, and went inside the room. Then, she saw Mrs. Xu, who had been lying half-dead on the bed an hour ago, putting on her jacket. There was blood lining her lips.


She felt as if she had been hit by lightning and was stunned to the core.

“How is it going? Is she dead yet?”

Following closely behind her, Lu Zhiwen and the rest barged into the room. Lu Zhiwen made no effort to lower his voice and did not notice the excitement in it. He had even taken out his phone as he attempted to summon the police.

However, when he saw Mrs. Xu, who was wearing a jacket, and sensed the increase of the temperature in the room, he was stunned.

“Erm…” Lu Zhiwen raised his head, his eyes filled with disbelief. “Mrs. Xu, are you feeling better now?”

It had been such a long time since Mrs. Xu had felt so great, and the only person she wanted to share the great news with right now was Xu Cheng. However, she had not expected that she would be interrupted by this group of people, and her pale, delicate face sank.

“Well, I do feel much better right now, but how can you guys rush in while I’m in the middle of my acupuncture treatment? Did you not consider that you might bump into Fu Zhi and interrupt my treatment?”

Lu Zhiwen and Bai Yao felt a chill creep up their spines, and every muscle in their bodies was pulled taut when they saw the anger that ran down the lines of Mrs. Xu’s delicate face.

“We were just worried about you.” Lu Zhiwen quickly calmed himself down and said, “Why don’t we let Chu He take your pulse again?”

When Chu He received this instruction, he went forward and felt Mrs. Xu’s pulse. Upon closer inspection, he was a little surprised to see that Mrs. Xu’s complexion had become a lot better.

‘Could Fu Zhi really have some skills?’

That said, he was being paid to bring Fu Zhi down, so he had to do his job. A hint of evil light flashed across his eyes, and Fu Zhi noticed it.

She turned on her phone and sent a text message to Shen Cizhou, asking for his help to keep an eye on Chu He.

Xu Cheng did not notice the things that were going on in the room as he told Fu Zhi in a nasal voice, “Ms. Fu Zhi, thank you so much. You saved my wife.”

Fu Zhi shook her head. When she saw Xu Cheng carefully put the prescription away and make another appointment with her for the next consultation, she knew he trusted her completely.

Then, she pulled a bottle out of her bag, gave it to Xu Cheng, and instructed him, “The pills in this bottle will help further stabilize Mrs. Xu’s condition. She should take one pill three times a day with the medicine.”

Xu Cheng and Mrs. Xu nodded profusely as they promised that they would do as she’d instructed.

Then, Xu Cheng personally showed Fu Zhi and Xu Wei to the door. Lu Zhiwen and his group followed them, their heads held low in dejection.

It was only when they entered the car that Lu Zhiwen snapped, “Didn’t you say that acupuncture wouldn’t work and Fu Zhi’s prescription would be useless? How come Mrs. Xu suddenly became better?”

“Don’t you worry. Acupuncture is not a professional approach. It only makes the patient look like she has gotten better on the surface. Besides, even if Mrs. Xu has gotten better, didn’t you ask me to prepare a plan B?”

Meanwhile, in the Lu Mansion…

Gu Yan came back early. After she picked the incense for Lu Yushen and finished the psychological consultation session with him, she returned to her room.

She opened her laptop and called her friend. Very soon, the call was picked up and a foreign girl in an exotic town appeared on the screen. “How’s your life in No.1 High School?”

Gu Yan took a sip of water from her cup and replied, “It’s not as good as I expected, but I can make do. The quality of education here is not as good as the quality of education over there. For example, the teachers here cannot even properly coach the students participating in the Physics competition.”

“See? That’s why I told you that you shouldn’t go back for a dumb boy.” The girl laughed as she shrugged. “Besides, I heard that his family adopted a girl recently, isn’t that right? Her name is Fu something if I’m not mistaken.”

Gu Yan nodded.

The girl added, “Then you better watch out. My father told me that the Fu Corporation is a bunch of thieves. They took the “Sorrowful Post” and Duke Mao’s Cauldron from the auction that my family held, but we still haven’t received the 18-billion-dollar payment from them yet. I’m certain that Fu girl is not a good person, so you better keep an eye on your fiancé. Who knows if she will steal him from you!”

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