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Chapter 274: There Is Something Wrong With Her Brain Lately

After she got off from school, Fu Zhi went to the Xu Family to visit Mrs. Xu with Xu Wei as she had promised.

While they were on their way there, Xu Wei filled Fu Zhi in on the Xu Family. “The Xu Family works in the timber industry in Yu City. Many people are falling over each other in their eagerness to curry favor with them. When your father was having a hard time with his business several years ago, it was Xu Cheng who helped him out.

“As for Mrs. Xu, her main family lives in the capital as well. Her father is the chairman of the Folk Music Association, and her mother is a famous pianist in China. She is a very accomplished musician, and Bai Yao wanted to introduce Lu Chuwan to her mother as her disciple before.”

Most of their businesses were based in the capital, so many people were wondering why they would come to Yu City.

Fu Zhi nodded before she asked, “So what exactly does she have?”

“The doctor said that it’s a relatively rare and incurable disease, so the hospitals in our country cannot cure her,” Xu Wei replied in a sad voice.

“In the early stages, she just experienced some fever, bleeding, and bone and joint pain. Then, in the later stages, her bones became extremely fragile and would suddenly break while she was walking. She has taken a lot of medicine, but none of it has helped her. That’s why Xu Cheng wanted them to try their luck by visiting doctors in other countries.”

Xu Wei’s eyes went red around the rims, and she lowered her head.

Fu Zhi had something on her mind after she heard about Mrs. Xu’s condition. “It should be a blood disease. It’s not a big issue. She just needs to take some medicine and she could live as long as she wants. Don’t worry.”

Xu Wei was speechless.

Very soon, they arrived at the Xu Mansion.

The Xu Family’s mansion was as grand as the Lu Family’s mansion. Xu Cheng personally came out to welcome them when the servant informed him of their arrival.

Fu Zhi noticed that Xu Cheng would subconsciously lower his body when he was talking to Xu Wei. Then, he led both of them to Mrs. Xu’s bedroom.

Lu Zhiwen, Bai Yao, and Lu Chuliang, who was recovering from his injuries, were waiting for Fu Zhi in the living room.

“President Lu, didn’t you say that Mrs. Xu is in critical condition now? Where is she? Hurry up and lead the way.” A forceful male voice rang out, prompting Fu Zhi to look toward the source of the voice and see an imperious-looking man in his forties getting to his feet. He was about 170 centimeters tall and he was wearing a white robe.

Chu He lifted his chin. His eyebrows were slightly tilted up toward the tips, and there was a commanding tone to his voice when he talked.

“Please follow me.” Xu Cheng frowned, but he kept his cool because he still needed him to take a look at his wife.

Mrs. Xu was sitting on the bed. Even though the weather was cold and the temperature in her room was low, she was wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Her countenance was ashen, and she was thin as a rake.

When she saw Xu Wei, she smiled and said, “The doctor said you will get sick if you get too close to me. Why did you still come?”

Xu Wei approached her and helped her tuck in the corner of her bedsheet. “I brought Zhizhi to see you. How are you feeling?”

“Exactly the same. Fatigue, weakness, joint pain… The three musketeers.”

When Lu Chuliang saw Mrs. Xu’s swollen joints and sickly condition, he just wanted to take Fu Zhi away from there.

Lu Zhiwen had certainly been up to no good when he’d asked Fu Zhi to come and treat Mrs. Xu. If something went south and Mrs. Xu lost her life, Chu He would be able to extricate himself at any time and push all the responsibility on Fu Zhi. However, Fu Zhi was different. She did not have that kind of power.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Xu. Zhizhi is a very outstanding girl. Along with Dr. Chu He, I’m sure they will nurse you back to health,” Bai Yao said softly.

Mrs. Xu had a bad impression of Bai Yao, but she still nodded and replied, “Well, I’m looking forward to it then.”

She stretched her arm toward Chu He, but Bai Yao stepped forward and said, “Why not let Fu Zhi take a look at you first? Although she’s young, I assure you she’s very capable. Not only did she cure my mom’s heart attack, but she’s also one of the researchers in our national team!”

Mrs. Xu followed Bai Yao’s finger and looked over.

She knew that Xu Wei had adopted a daughter, and she had heard that she was very good at studying and very pretty. Initially, she had not been interested in her, but it was only when she met her today that she realized the rumors about her were true.

First impressions were important, and Mrs. Xu took a liking to her at first glance.

That said, she was still skeptical about letting Fu Zhi take a look at her physical condition…

Mrs. Xu frowned.

Unlike Mrs. Xu, Xu Qiang did not think so much. He went ahead and asked Fu Zhi, “How confident are you?”

Fu Zhi did not reply instantly. She put her fingers on Mrs. Xu’s wrist, and she opened her mouth and said after she finished taking her pulse, “80%.”

For a moment, Xu Cheng’s eyes glowed.

They had approached many professional doctors ever since Mrs. Xu had fallen sick, but all of them had just shaken their heads and given them the same answer: They were unable to help them. However, Fu Zhi had said she was 80% sure that she could save his wife from succumbing to what-should-have-been an incurable terminal disease that other doctors had never seen before?

Xu Cheng stared at Fu Zhi and pressed on. “Then, are you going to perform an operation, or are you…”

“No operation is required.” Fu Zhi had come across the same illness that Mrs. Xu had before. There were only two cases in the world as of yet. “I will give her a course of acupuncture treatment and some medicine. Then, she will be able to walk again in six months.”

Xu Wei then told Mrs. Xu, “Zhizhi is pretty skilled in medicine. Have you heard of Ye Tian before? The most famous doctor in Yu City’s hospital? He praised Zhizhi for her medical aptitude.”

Mrs. Xu did not say anything, but Chu He was stunned.

He had not felt Mrs. Xu’s pulse yet, so he did not know what was wrong with her body. However, he was very certain that Fu Zhi had to be bullsh*tting them since she had dared to make such a bold statement.

He felt that Lu Zhiwen’s worry was uncalled for. There was no need for him to do anything at all, and a self-conceited fool like Fu Zhi would doom herself eventually.

Mrs. Xu did not believe Fu Zhi either. No one knew her condition better than herself. She cherished her life a lot, and it was her strong will that had kept her going for so long. She did not dare to take this chance, so she asked, “Before that, can you tell me what kind of disease I’ve got?”

“Phenolic Uremic Syndrome. Well, you should not have heard of it before. It’s a rare genetic mutation, and up until now, only Country M had a record of it. This is exactly because the symptoms are very similar to those of leukemia, so many doctors cannot give you a suitable treatment plan because they have never seen this kind of disease before.”

She paused for a while before adding, “Acupuncture could unclog the meridians, and meridians are known as the channels that connect all our internal organs and our four limbs. As long as the Qi and blood flow smoothly, toxins will not be able to accumulate in your body. Then, with the help of medicine, it will only be a matter of time before you can recover.”

Fu Zhi had already simplified everything, but most people still did not understand what she was talking about.

“That’s pretty impressive, Ms. Fu,” Chu He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “I’ve been practicing medicine for most of my life, and I’ve never seen something like this before. Now, you’re telling us that you know how to cure Mrs. Xu after feeling her pulse?”

Lu Zhiwen had given him money, so he had to do his job.

Fu Zhi took her bag out, and Lu Chuliang hastily went up and grabbed her wrist. “There’s been something wrong with her brain lately, so you guys don’t have to listen to anything she says. I’ll take her away now!”

Fu Zhi shook her hand free from Lu Chuliang’s claws. “You want to get hurt again?”

“Come on. I dare you to hit me again…” Lu Chuliang replied, staring defiantly at Fu Zhi.


A silver needle flew across the air and stuck the spot next to Lu Chuliang’s feet.

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