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Chapter 272: Just Like My Own Sister

Gu Yan felt that this had nothing to do with the chair. Lu Yushen was the reason she had come to see the Lu Family.

However, the things that had happened in the past two days had genuinely made her quite uncomfortable.

After all, Fu Zhi and Lu Yushen were not siblings. Every time she was having a consultation session with Lu Yushen, he would stop the treatment midway to go downstairs and welcome Fu Zhi home from school, which made her feel really upset.

She had left her hometown and come to Yu City alone in order to help Lu Yushen. However, he did not treat her as well as Fu Zhi.

She had tried her best not to think the worst of either Lu Yushen or Fu Zhi, but Lu Yushen’s attitude toward her and Fu Zhi was different, and it was something that she could not unsee no matter how hard she tried.

Gu Yan pinched the spot between her eyebrows and said, “I’m sorry. I may have been too tired recently. Please forget everything I said.”

She paused for a second before adding, “You don’t have to buy another one for me. I grew up alone, so I do not like to use the same things as others.”

At seven o’clock in the morning…

Gu Yan was following Fu Zhi to Class 21, but neither of them was talking.

Things had been pretty hectic for Gu Yan lately. Not only did she need to produce a fragrance for Lu Yushen, but she also needed to prepare for the Chu Family’s entrance exam and the national Physics competition.

She was holding a cup of blue flower tea that Fu Zhi had given her this morning. She was wearing her school uniform today, but since it was a modified version, it accentuated her body better than the ordinary uniform.

Just like Fu Zhi, she was expressionless as she walked down the corridor.

“Gu Yan, since you guys know each other, I will put you in the seat near the window. If you have any problems, you can ask Fu Zhi for help. Your seat during the midterm examination will be at the back of the classroom.”

Ma Mingquan helped Gu Yan settle down after she arrived at his class. He didn’t know how such an outstanding student had somehow ended up in this class.

Qian Wenrui’s curses and her hatred-ridden gaze were still fresh in his mind. He did not know why she had to be so angry at him, as this was not his decision. However, he had not wanted to stay in the office and listen to her nagging either.

The few girls in front of Gu Yan turned their heads around and smiled at her.

However, Gu Yan did not respond and just went about her own business.

The group of girls felt awkward. They put their heads together and said, “She’s even colder than Fu Zhi.”

“Fu Zhi is not as cold as her. As long as we give her a cup of milk tea, she will respond to us, unlike Gu Yan. She’s kinda cold and taciturn.”

“Maybe it’s because her grades are good? Besides, she’s a member of the Physics association, and the government gave her the right to directly participate in the international competition…”

“She’s the only one who has that privilege, right? Well, it seems like the government is backing her up. I wonder when the government will back me up and give me direct admission into Tsinghua University.”

This was Gu Yan’s first day at school, and many students, including her previous classmates, were waiting outside her classroom to greet her.

However, unlike Fu Zhi, she saw no reason to be friends with others. After all, she would not need this group of people to do anything for her in the future.

There was a lot of noise outside the classroom.

Gu Yan found an excuse and went to the bathroom. She poured the flower tea away and changed it into warm water before returning to class.

“Gu Yan, what was the admission paperwork issued by the government like? Was it the paperwork issued to you by the people over at the capital’s Education Bureau?”

“It was paperwork prepared by the chancellor of Tsinghua University.”

Someone exclaimed, “That means you’ve gotten directly admitted into Tsinghua University?”

Gu Yan was getting impatient. Her voice turned cold as she replied, “Yeah, but I may not go.”

Then, she threw a glance at Fu Zhi and added, “The reason I came back is to help my brother. He’s the reason I’m practicing medicine. No one can get him away from me, and I don’t care about anything else.”

Fu Zhi was reading a book, so Gu Yan did not know if she’d heard what she had said or not.

Well, she did not mean anything else. It was just that Lu Yushen did not understand what being a fiancée meant, and she needed Fu Zhi to take the initiative to keep a safe distance from him.

As long as she could do it, she would treat Fu Zhi as nicely as her own sister.

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