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Chapter 271: Mommy

Lu Chuliang braced himself against the punches with his breath soughing. He refused to do as Fu Zhi said.

He had been born a Lu and was going down as a Lu.

‘Well, at least he’s ambitious,’ Fu Zhi thought as she looked at Lu Chuliang getting beaten up. The group of hoodlums noticed Fu Zhi as well, but since she just stood there and did nothing, they did not do anything to her.

They continued to punch and kick Lu Chuliang relentlessly until a guy who seemed to be the leader of the hoodlums pulled a knife out of his pocket, and Lu Chuliang finally gave in to Fu Zhi and shouted, “Mommy! Mommy, hurry up and call the ambulance to save me!”

The leader chuckled. “He he, there’s no one coming to your rescue no matter how much you—”


An empty bottle flew out of nowhere and hit the leader on the head.

Broken bits of glass were flying everywhere in the air. The leader was dumbfounded. He raised his hand to touch the back of his head, and then suddenly froze.

Fu Zhi approached him while pulling a wooden bat out of her sweater. Then, without giving the leader any time to react, she smacked the wooden bat hard on his head.

The knife dropped from the leader’s hand, and he slumped on the ground and stopped moving.

Everyone in the alley was stunned. None of their brains could process what had just transpired before them. It was only when Fu Zhi gave the leader a kick that they snapped back to reality. Brandishing their fists and roaring madly, they charged up to Fu Zhi, only to get beaten by her to a pulp.

Lu Chuliang, who was astounded, looked at Fu Zhi.

The young lady was wearing a black baseball cap and a black face mask. Most of her entire being was shrouded in darkness, which made the expression on her face unreadable. She stretched her fair arm and pulled the brim of her cap lower.

Lu Chuliang’s heart skipped a beat.

The group of hoodlums went to pick their leader up from the ground, but they found Fu Zhi standing in their way.

Crying, the group of hoodlums covered their heads and said, “Please don’t hit our faces.”

Fu Zhi replied, “Give me money if you guys want to pass.”

The hoodlums were speechless. None of them moved.

Fu Zhi tapped her wooden bat on the ground a few times, and the hoodlums hastily transferred money to her through WeChat.

“Alright.” Fu Zhi did not check how much they had transferred to her. Lu Chuliang stared at her. The girl standing in the dark lifted her chin. There seemed to be a smile on her face as she pitched her voice low and said, “I’m Lu Zhiwen, and he’s my son. Remember to walk away when you guys see him next time, you get me?”

“Lu Zhiwen, just you wait!” The hoodlums shouted as they ran away.

Lu Chuliang was speechless. ‘What a bunch of idiots.’

Using the wall to support himself, Lu Chuliang slowly rose to his feet. “That’s a smart choice. You know you shouldn’t mess with me. I will forgive you for whatever you did to my sister, but don’t ever come to our house again. As for Mrs. Xu…”


Lu Chuliang was hit on the back of his head by someone.

He turned around and looked at Fu Zhi in disbelief. Before he passed out, he heard her calling the police and saying, “Yeah, at the Yu City Bar. Lu Chuliang was beaten because he was suspected of being involved in sex trafficking. Yeah, don’t worry, my group will protect me.”

Lu Chuliang did not know what to say. ‘Just you wait!’

Fu Zhi hung up the phone, then turned to look at him. In an impassive voice, she asked, “I suppose you don’t need me to teach you what to say to the police, right?”

Lu Chuliang wanted to say something in return, but unfortunately, his current condition did not permit him to do so. He opened his eyes weakly and met Fu Zhi’s emotionless gaze.

She was not as terrible as Lu Chuwan had described her to be. She did not put on light make-up as Lu Chuwan did, and even though she was holding a wooden bat right now, she still looked very charming with her delicate face and beautiful eyes.

‘Her eyes are so beautiful.’

Lu Chuliang felt that something must have gone wrong in his head after he was hit. He pressed down the strange thoughts in his heart and snarled, “I, I will tell the truth!”

Fu Zhi swung the wooden bat, and a gust of wind whistled in the air. Then, she said, “I think now you know what you should tell the police.”

Lu Chuliang’s heart skipped a beat. His eyes then rolled backward, and he passed out.

By the time Bai Yao arrived at the police station, Lu Chuliang was in the visitation room, and his hands were cuffed.

“What happened? Who beat you?”

Bai Yao was nervous. After all, Lu Chuliang was her only son.

The corner of Lu Chuliang’s lips twitched. Just as he was about to tell his mother everything, Fu Zhi’s image appeared in his head, causing him to swallow the words on the tip of his tongue back into his stomach pit. He thought for a moment, and in the end, he said, “It was Zhao Cheng and his friends.”

“Why did they beat you?”

“Alright, stop asking questions. It’s none of your business. Just mind your own beeswax. Can we go now? I want to go home and take a bath.”

Bai Yao was infuriated with Lu Chuliang’s attitude. She bailed him out of the police station and then took him home.

The next day was a Monday.

Fu Zhi was still sleeping, while Gu Yan was eating breakfast in the living room.

When Xu Wei and Lu Yumo came downstairs, they saw Gu Yan sitting in Fu Zhi’s chair.

“Gu Yan!” Lu Yumo called out to her with a frown.

“Yeah? Anything wrong?”

Gu Yan had a domineering demeanor and a bossy sort of voice Lu Yumo did not like.

“Yanyan, that chair belongs to Zhizhi. She doesn’t like people touching it,” Xu Wei said awkwardly as she tugged at Lu Yumo’s sleeve.

Gu Yan frowned. “I saw it here, so I just sat on it. Besides, isn’t a chair here for people to sit?”

This position was nearest to Lu Yushen when he was eating. It had also been Gu Yan’s exclusive seat whenever she’d come to the Lu Family for dinner since she was a child.

Therefore, Gu Yan did not quite understand what Xu Wei was talking about.

Xu Wei did not want Gu Yan to misunderstand anything, so she explained, “This is the chair Zhizhi’s second brother bought for her when she injured her tailbone. She usually cleans the chair herself and doesn’t allow any one of us to touch it. If you like it, I will buy another one for you. I think it will arrive by tomorrow.”

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