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Chapter 27: Have Some Candy

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Nowadays, one should never offend a doctor, as nobody could guarantee that he or she would never fall ill in his or her entire life.


Li Funian was the top cardiologist at Yu City’s Third Hospital. If even he could not save Madam Lu, then nobody could.

Bai Yao knew this very well. She nearly slapped Fu Zhi in the face out of rage when she heard what she had said.

However, the moment she moved her arm, Lu Jingqing shot a glance at her.

“Sister-in-law, we’re in the hospital now, so please behave yourself. Don’t forget that you represent the Lu Family.”

The man’s voice was flat and indifferent, but it was still filled with so much power that it could freeze one’s blood.

He kept staring at Bai Yao until the latter lowered her head before telling Fu Zhi, “Zhizhi, let’s go to the pharmacy and get the medicine.”

Fu Zhi nodded.

Lu Jingqing took the prescription and walked away with his daughter.

The corridor fell silent for a moment.

After a short while, Dr. Li began to speak, shattering the silence. “Mrs. Bai and Mrs. Xu, you can go in now. I’ll come back and check on her later.”

Bai Yao smiled and nodded. Then, Dr. Li went away with his group of doctors. Bao Yao watched until Dr. Li disappeared at the other end of the corridor. When she turned her head around and saw Xu Wei’s delicate face, a hint of disgust flashed across her eyes.

She harrumphed, “What’s wrong with your husband? I was being kind and I even helped him educate his daughter, yet this is how he thanks me? As her aunty, am I not allowed to even knock some sense into her head?”


As she was holding Lu Yushen, Xu Wei was not happy either. “Zhizhi was just concerned about her grandmother’s health. Is there anything wrong with her being devoted to her grandmother?”

Xu Wei was an elegant woman with a nice personality, but her daughter was her everything. She would never allow anyone to talk badly about her. “I’ll educate Zhizhi, so you don’t have to worry about us all the time, sister-in-law.”

Bai Yao could see that Xu Wei had gotten angry, as her face had turned dark. She did not say anything else. She just chided Lu Jingqing and his family inwardly.

In the ward, Madam Lu was receiving an intravenous injection. She had already regained consciousness, but her countenance was pale.

The moment Bai Yao opened the door, tears streamed down her cheeks. She pounced forward and grabbed Madam Lu’s hand. “Thank God that you made it through, mom. You have no idea how worried Wanwan and I were when you lost consciousness.”

Madam Lu looked as exhausted as if she had just returned from hell.

Xu Wei suddenly realized something and went to pour a glass of water for her.

Bai Yao also bustled around Madam Lu, attending to every single one of her demands like a filial daughter-in-law.

Madam Lu let out a breath and asked, “Where is Jingqing?”

Bai Yao would never let go of an opportunity to badmouth Lu Jingqing and his family. Her eyes shone as she replied, “Fu Zhi was arguing with Dr. Li just now, so Jingqing took her away.”

Madam Lu’s face turned dark, and she refused to take the glass of water in Xu Wei’s hand.

Xu Wei looked at Madam Lu pitifully and said, “Don’t overthink, mom. Zhizhi just went to the pharmacy to pick up your medicine with her father.

“Besides, the doctor told us that you’ll feel bitterness in your mouth after receiving the intravenous drip, so you need to drink some water to wash down the bitterness.”

Even though Madam Lu was not happy with Xu Wei, she still drank the glass of water that Xu Wei handed to her. She had gotten finicky throughout the years, so she could not handle even a little bit of bitterness. She then complained, “What kind of medicine has Dr. Li prescribed to me? It tastes really bad! I’ll die from bitterness before I am killed by a heart attack!”

Lu Chuwan then went forward and comforted her. “Good medicine usually tastes bad, grandma. Besides, it can make you feel better, so don’t get so hot and bothered, okay? It’s not good for your health.”

Madam Lu heaved out a long sigh.

Xu Wei suddenly thought of something and her eyes lit up. “Mom, I have some candy. Maybe it could help reduce the bitter taste.”


Bai Yao was about to complain. However, before she could say anything, Xu Wei had already popped a piece of candy into Madam Lu’s mouth.


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