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Chapter 266: An Olive Branch

There were two things that the language teacher had been obsessed with recently: ancient scripture translation and asking Fu Zhi to answer his questions.

Whenever Fu Zhi was unable to come up with an answer, he would look at Su Xing with a grin on his face and say, “You’ll have to copy each question that your deskmate can’t answer 10 times. From now on, I’m going to torture you. I want her to feel guilty. I want her to know that she should never mess with a teacher and she should do as she’s asked as a student! Wa ha ha ha ha!”

Both Su Xing and Fu Zhi were speechless.

After seeing what her teacher had done, Fu Zhi decided not to answer the whole language paper next time.

The language teacher thought his deterrence had worked. After the bell rang, he left the classroom with a satisfied grin on his face.

Su Xing buried herself in her desk and began writing, her pen flying frantically.

Fu Zhi tried to stop her, but Qian Wenrui came to Class 21 and summoned Fu Zhi to her office.

There were only the two of them in the room. The moment Fu Zhi stepped into the office, Qian Wenrui did not beat around the bush. She said, “I didn’t realize your potential before, but you’ve proven yourself. Do you want to come to my class?”

She paused for a moment and then flashed Fu Zhi a confident smile, offering her an olive branch. “I’ve successfully nurtured a few top students for No.1 High School, and I have plenty of experience with the college entrance examination. You will never be able to learn anything from Ma Mingquan, so why don’t you come to my class instead? I can assure you that you will get directly admitted into Tsinghua University.”

Qian Wenrui was anxious. With Gu Yan joining Class 21, she feared that Lu Yubai would not be able to help her retain her title as the best teacher in No.1 High School. That was why she had come looking for Fu Zhi. If Fu Zhi agreed to join her class, she would be able to secure her title.

Fu Zhi did not say anything. She looked at Qian Wenrui and realized that her eyes were bloodshot.

Qian Wenrui coughed and pulled out a few tissues. She had been having inflammation issues recently, and her phlegm was blood-tinted when she coughed. It was very apparent that she was not in good shape.

“I will never accept an educator without ethics as my teacher.”

Qian Wenrui’s expression changed. Just as she was about to say something, Fu Zhi noticed the pile of bloody tissues on her desk and said, “Besides, given your current physical condition, I really doubt that you’re still able to guide your students. I suggest you step down from your position and go seek professional help from a doctor. Perhaps you can still save your life before it’s too late.”

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners had to go through four diagnostic methods when they were examining the pathological condition of their patients. However, a well-seasoned medical practitioner would be able to notice the problem in a patient with just visual inspection.

Fu Zhi could see that there was something wrong. There was a chronic issue with Qian Wenrui’s stomach. Otherwise, she would not be coughing up blood.

Qian Wenrui did not know what Fu Zhi was talking about. She had had this problem ever since her childhood. She would have inflammation whenever she was stressed out, and she would cough up blood.

‘What the hell is she talking about?’

She thought Fu Zhi was messing with her and felt insulted. Her lips formed a snarl, and her whole body was shaking with rage. “How can you talk to your teacher like this? Don’t you know what respect is?”

Fu Zhi squinted, and her face sank. Without saying anything to Qian Wenrui, she turned around. Just as she was about to step out of the office, she said, her voice lacking emotion, “I will not change class. Stop looking for me.”

Upon saying that, she left the office.

Qian Wenrui jerked up from her chair, but her eyes suddenly went dark. She would have fallen to the floor if she had not supported herself on the side of the table in the nick of time.

She touched her forehead and shook her head. This was not the first time this had happened, but she did not care. When she felt better, she picked up the chrysanthemum tea and her lesson plan and stormed back to her class.

At Yu City’s airport…

“Yanyan, I booked a private room at the hotel, so why don’t you go back with me and get some rest first? We’re going to have dinner together tonight,” Xu Wei took Gu Yan’s purse and luggage before leading her into the car.

The young lady sitting next to Xu Wei was wearing a blue dress. She sported short hair, and her skin was fair. Without a doubt, she was a pretty young lady in her own right. She seemed rather stern, but she had a magnetism and an imposing demeanor that made people want to get near her.

While sitting in the car, she looked around and asked, “Where is brother Yushen? Is he not feeling well?”

“The weather has been bad recently, so he has been locking himself up in his room,” Xu Wei answered. Lu Yushen’s condition had gotten a lot worse, so Xu Wei had been feeling under the weather recently. It was only when she saw Gu Yan that she felt a little bit better. She added, “I’ll leave your brother Yushen in your hands.”

The Gu Family had stayed in Yu City before. It had been the darkest period of their lives, but the Lu Family had shown them kindness. The two families had maintained a good relationship. To reciprocate the Lu Family’s kindness, the Gu Family had proposed that their daughter, Gu Yan, marry Lu Yushen. The two kids were like peas and carrots, and Gu Yan liked Lu Yushen very much.

Initially, Lu Yushen had been put in the care of the Gu Family, as both Mr. and Mrs. Gu were professional psychiatrists. His condition had steadily improved, and he had been getting better day by day. However, the Gu Family had been forced to move away because of work, and that was when Lu Yushen’s condition had started to deteriorate.

Truth be told, Gu Yan had planned to take the college entrance examination abroad. It was when Lu Jingqing had sought out her parents’ help that she had decided to come back and treat Lu Yushen since her parents could not make it.

They were not the Lu Family’s kin, and no matter how well they had gotten along in the past, their relationship was bound to dwindle away, not to mention that they had not contacted each other for a long time. Therefore, Xu Wei felt that she should do something to return the favor.

“Don’t worry. It’s my job to take care of Brother Yushen,” Gu Yan replied, her cheeks turning slightly red from embarrassment. Then, she shifted her body and leaned on the chair comfortably before continuing. “Actually, I’m thinking about participating in the Chu Family’s entrance exam. After all, the Chu Family sets very high expectations for their disciples. I guess that since I’m back, I should try it out.”

Gu Yan loved challenges. Besides, being a disciple of the Chu Family would be helpful to her future development in the medical field.

Xu Wei did not know this. She only knew that Gu Yan’s parents were the best psychiatrists. Otherwise, they would not have become so popular overseas.

She had done her homework. According to her research, there were only three people who could help Lu Yushen: Gu Yan’s parents and a mysterious doctor named Z God.

Z God was the best candidate, but he was very secretive about his movements and whereabouts. Besides, he was a busy person who kept going from one country to another to save people’s lives. As a result, Xu Wei felt she should not bother a person like that.

Xu Wei took Gu Yan back to the Lu Mansion. Since they were the ones who had invited her back, she gave Gu Yan a bank card and said, “The guest room is on the third floor. Since we didn’t expect you to come back so soon, we haven’t decorated the room yet. If you need anything, just let me know and I will get it for you. Right now, go have a bath and take a nap. I’ll introduce you to my Zhizhi tonight!”

Xu Wei’s voice was filled with exhilaration when she mentioned Fu Zhi, and Gu Yan was quite surprised by Xu Wei’s attitude toward her adopted daughter.

That said, she did not allow Xu Wei to notice the change in her expression and nodded. She could not wait to see Lu Yushen, so she said, “I will visit Brother Yushen first. I’ve been studying all these years, and it has been a long time since I talked to him.”

Xu Wei nodded.

Before Gu Yan went to look for Lu Yushen, she called her servant. “I forgot that the Lu Family adopted a daughter, so I just bought presents for Yumo and Yushen. Go pick a better present and bring it to me. Since I’m staying in the Lu Mansion, it would make me look bad if I didn’t give her a present.”

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