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Chapter 264: Breaking Dong Cun’s Finger – 3

Even though Old Master Dong was old and his only daily activity was playing with his pet bird and dog, his arm was strong.

Dong Cun felt his head buzzing, and Lu Chuwan let out a scream when she saw Old Master Dong slap his son in the face.

On the other hand, Yu Le had already gotten used to this scene. He was Dong Cun’s fellow friend from university. He had received a lot of help from Dong Cun in the past, which was why he had been willing to come to Yu City and help him this time. However, he felt that Fu Zhi was shrouded in mystery.

She seemed unperturbed when Old Master Dong addressed her with an honorific.

“Ms. Fu Zhi.” Old Master Dong turned to Fu Zhi. He studied her from head to toe, and she seemed like a good-natured kid to him.

Thus, he offered her an amicable smile and said, “It is my fault for not teaching my son well. I will compensate you for your loss, and I hope you will forgive him.”

Everyone in the Dong Family was the same. Perhaps this was related to their ancestors being bandits. They treated people differently according to their social status, and they always thought that they could sweet-talk their way out of their problems and everything could be solved with money.

“Let’s go out and talk,” Fu Zhi said as she pointed at Old Master Dong’s car.

She was smiling, but her smile did not reach her eyes.

Old Master Dong felt his blood turn cold as a rush of chillness crept down his spine. His hand, which was gripping his walking stick, stiffened as he replied, “Okay, okay…”

Dong Cun’s face was dark. “Dad, are you insane?”

This was the first time he had been beaten by his father in public, and he felt embarrassed.

“Uncle Dong!” Lu Chuwan called out to him weakly.

“I haven’t dealt with Chuwan’s case yet, so let me help her…” Dong Cun finally saw hope of accelerating the progress of his research, so he did not want to let an opportunity like this go to waste.

“You are in deep sh*t yourself, yet you still want to help others? Open your d*mn eyes and think about the situation. Do you really think that son of a b*tch Fu Zhao will let you live if he really wants to get rid of you? I’m saving your life, you moron!”

Old Master Dong was so exasperated that he gave Dong Cun another slap in the face. “Do you have any idea who Fu Zhi is? Go and apologize to her now!”

Meanwhile, inside the car of the Dong Family…

The interior of the car was spacious. The moment Fu Zhi went into the car, Fu Zhao’s video call came.

Fu Zhi answered the call, and a man with rosy lips and pretty white teeth appeared on the screen.

The man had an androgynous look and a graceful air about him. He was now lying on a couch.

“Hello, my darling.” Fu Zhao greeted her as he offered Fu Zhi a grin. “Did the old freak from the Dong Family go to Yu City to find his godd*mn…”

Fu Zhao paused for a moment, as he had suddenly realized he should not curse in front of his daughter. “Find his intellectually challenged son? Did they fight?”

Fu Zhi shook her head. “He just gave his son a slap in the face.”

Perhaps he still loved his son.

Fu Zhao’s face sank. He sat up from the couch, and at that moment, Dong Cun and Old Master Dong got in the car.

“Hey, old freak.” Fu Zhao licked his lips. “You’re such a f*cking bête noire.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

Maybe every father wanted to set a good example for their daughter. Fu Zhi lowered her head and looked at Fu Zhao, whose face was getting redder and redder as he was holding back the urge to cuss at Dong Cun and his father.

Before Old Master Dong went into the car, he kept praying to God and hoping that Fu Zhao was not there so that he could sweet-talk Fu Zhi into forgiving his son. However, his wish did not come true. Fu Zhao would not let go of any chance to get back at the people that had bullied his daughter.

Dong Cun shivered in fear when he saw Fu Zhao. Since he knew there was no way he could get out of here anymore, he gritted his teeth and apologized to Fu Zhi. “I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you, Ms. Fu. Please forgive—”

“Hold on a second.” Fu Zhi interrupted him. She rubbed the spot between her eyebrows and said in a sarcastic voice, “If you don’t show your sincerity, I will not accept your apology.”

Dong Cun looked down on Fu Zhi, but the mockery in Fu Zhi’s eyes and the queenly presence in her blood weighed on Dong Cun’s back like an invisible mountain. It made him feel powerless and breathless.

Fu Zhao turned to look at Fu Zhi and said, “Zhizhi, I’ll let you decide what to do with them. It’s your call.”

“First, return the formula that you guys purchased through an illegal channel. Then, pay back all the money you owe the Fu Corporation. As for everything else…” Fu Zhi said, looking at Dong Cun’s hand. “According to the rules, his hand…”

Fu Zhao chimed in, finishing her sentence. “Even if we give you guys a discount, you’ll still have to cut one of your fingers off so that you will stay alert and won’t simply mess with other people next time.”

Old Master Dong’s face turned pale after he heard what Fu Zhao had said.

“Fu Zhao, Fu Zhi, you guys have gone too far!” Dong Cun shouted angrily. He had never been humiliated like this before.

“Oh, come and bite me then.” Fu Zhao rolled his eyes at Dong Cun. Then, he said, “Hurry up.”

Dong Cun wanted to say something, but Old Master Dong closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he gnashed his teeth and pulled a small dagger from the drawer.

He pointed the dagger at Dong Cun’s tail finger and cut it as Fu Zhi watched in shock.

Old Master Dong’s line of thought was pretty clear. Where there was life, there was hope. All Dong Cun had lost was just a finger. As long as the Dong Family did not fall, they would get revenge eventually.

“Argh!” Dong Cun let out a pained scream as blood gushed out of his wound and flowed to the floor. It was a shocking sight.

Old Master Dong’s heart ached as he watched his son hurt. On the other side, Fu Zhi was looking at them indifferently. She lifted one of her eyebrows, as she did not understand what Old Master Dong was doing. She asked, “Old Master Dong, what are you doing?”

Fu Zhao added, “Well, that’s not something you see every day.”

Old Master Dong’s heart skipped a beat. “Didn’t you guys say you wanted to cut one of his fingers?”

“Tch… I didn’t expect that you’d be this kind of person. How can you blame other people for your own mistake?” Fu Zhao replied, pouting his lips. “Zhizhi, look at him. He’s slandering me.”

“The Fu Corporation is a legal business. We are not a mafia gang,” Fu Zhi said calmly. “When we said we wanted to cut his finger, we meant that you had to break one of his fingers. We didn’t ask you to use a knife and chop his finger off.”

Then, she paused for a moment before adding, “Besides, your dagger is rusty. I think you better take him to the hospital and have the doctor give him a Tetanus shot.”

Fu Zhao then chimed in, “I’m wondering if he’s really your son or not. Perhaps you guys took the wrong baby home, and he is actually the son of a vicious nanny from the countryside? Otherwise, how come you were willing to cut his finger off without any hesitation?”

Old Master Dong was stunned.

The Dong Family used to be involved in the underworld business, and Old Master Dong used to be very ruthless when he was young. Therefore, when he’d thought they wanted him to cut his son’s finger off, he had done it without any hesitation.

It was supposed to be a commendable act, but Fu Zhi and Fu Zhao had made them look like clowns. Old Master Dong was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, not to mention Dong Cun, who was in deep pain right now.

Dong Cun hated Fu Zhi and Fu Zhao to the core. He was certain that they knew his father had misunderstood something when they’d seen him take out a dagger, but they had not said anything to stop him. Now, they had the audacity to laugh at them!

After taking Dong Cun to the hospital, Old Master Dong brought Dong Cun back to the capital.

The moment they arrived at the capital, Dong Cun wanted to have someone get revenge on the Fu Family. He would have done it if Old Master Dong had not stopped him at the last moment.

Then, they received a call from an unknown number.

“Mr. Dong.” The person was speaking a foreign language. “We’re calling from the museum. The Fu Corporation hasn’t paid us back the 18 billion dollars they owe us. Fu Zhi is nothing but a second-rate product of black technology. If you’re in trouble right now, we are very willing to give you a hand.”

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