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Chapter 262: Breaking Dong Cun’s Finger – 1

Li Nanli handed a cup of juice to Fu Zhi and said, “It was Ye Qi who contacted us. He hopes that you can propose a solution as soon as possible. He’s willing to bring Ye Jiu here for treatment as well.”

“The research institute has medication specifically for organ failure, but it’s not very stable and it has some side effects,” Fu Zhi replied. Then, she thought for a while before adding, “How about this… I’ll send the medication to him, so he doesn’t need to bring him here.”

Li Nanli realized something and lifted his eyebrows. Then, he asked, “Why does it seem to me that you don’t want Ye Qi to bring him here? You don’t like him?”

“Well, kinda. I think Ye Jiu doesn’t want to see me either.”

She paused for a while and said, “After all, he used to always lie and deceive me when we were kids. I suppose he still feels guilty about it.”

Li Nanli stared at her delicate face with his eyes. After a while, he asked, “For example?”

“Ye Qi took his candy when we were all still kids. He was angry with him, but he could not beat Ye Qi in a fight. Therefore, he promised me that if I helped him break Ye Qi’s ribs, he would give me a sky-blue seaview villa.”

When Fu Zhi had still been a kid, she’d liked villas more than money.

Li Nanli could not believe what he had heard. “So you broke Ye Qi’s ribs for a villa?”

Fu Zhi replied flatly, “Of course. He promised to give me a villa, so I had to hold up my end of the bargain as well. That’s the most basic spirit of a contract.”

“So, Ye Jiu didn’t give you a villa in the end?”

When Fu Zhi thought about it, her face sank and she said, “Well, he did. A sky-blue brush, the one that costs only 9.9 yuan, including the postage fee, and will get you another 3-yuan discount if you give the shop a 5-star rating. I was a kid at the time, so I let him have a taste of what it feels like to have all his joints broken.”

Fu Zhi remembered that Ye Qi had also given her a green basket that had cost 19.9 yuan after this incident.

For a moment, Li Nanli could not tell if Ye Jiu really felt guilty or not after all these years.

Meanwhile, in the Lu Household…

Bai Yao was calling her husband. Dong Cun had not returned to the hotel. Instead, he’d followed the group back to the Lu Household.

The incident that had happened in the afternoon had left a bad taste in Madam Lu’s mouth. She slumped onto the sofa and stared blankly at the ceiling. Dong Cun was sitting next to her. After a while that seemed like an eternity, he opened his mouth and said, “Wan Wan does have to take full responsibility for what happened today.”

He pinched the spot between his eyebrows and seemed exhausted. Bai Yao’s heart skipped a beat when she heard what Dong Cun had said. She was afraid that he would give up on Lu Chuwan, so she hastily said, “But Wanwan is still young and she just lost her head. She never means to harm anyone.”

“Xiao Dong, are there no other ways to help Wanwan?” Madam Lu said. This was the first time she saw the sullen look on Dong Cun’s face.

Even though Fu Zhi was great, Lu Chuwan was the true heiress of the Lu Family. No matter what she did, there was no way Madam Lu would walk away and let her own granddaughter go to jail.

“I believe that you already saw it. Fu Zhi is not simple,” Dong Cun said. When he thought about the day he had met Jiang Ningbei and his reaction, he suspected that Fu Zhi knew Jiang Ningbei as well.

After all, a professional doctor who could come out with anti-cancer drugs would become the center of attention no matter where she went.

Now, Dong Cun had offended her.

He was a businessman. After giving the entire incident some thought, he figured that it was time for him to pull out. He lit a cigarette and said, “I chose to cooperate with Chuwan and invest in her because I saw potential in her. However, she ruined everything. I can’t see any return from my investment, and I’ve also offended some experienced doctors who have made their mark in the medical field.”

He took a drag on the cigarette. Lu Chuwan had lost her medicine, so she was of no use to him anymore. “I’ve stayed too long in Yu City. I think it’s about time I returned to the capital.”

His research center had made no progress in figuring out the formula of the anti-cancer drugs, and they could not plant the Valley Orchid by using the seeds they found in the pistil.

He had reached a dead-end, and he did not want to keep going anymore.

Bai Yao wanted to persuade him, but Madam Lu stopped her.

She thought for a while before saying, “Well, Wanwan indeed has done something wrong, but none of this would have happened if the staff of your research center hadn’t stolen the medicine. Of course, I’m not blaming you, but you know a lot of people. Can’t you think of a way to get Wanwan out of there first? It’s too dangerous for a girl to stay there, and I’m worried about her.”

Well, it was true that he could help Lu Chuwan, but the problem was that he did not want to.

“So what if Fu Zhi’s part of the research team?” Madam Lu added, “It doesn’t matter who she really is if she refuses to help you. Besides, there are a lot more geniuses out there, and geniuses who can get into Tsinghua University at eight or nine years old are everywhere, but how many of them have achieved anything in the end? Fu Zhi is 17 years old this year, and the anti-cancer drugs may be the starting point of her career, but if she refuses to go further, this will be her end.”

This was what Madam Lu had thought when she’d seen Version 2.0 of the anti-cancer drugs today. If she really was that capable, she should invent other medicine, not just work on this one.

“The RM Corporation Group contacted me today. They told me that once Wanwan’s album is released, raking in hundreds of dollars daily will not be a problem at all. Besides, there are a lot of highly-experienced singers and composers in the capital, and all of them are famous. If Wanwan gets their attention, it will be of great help to your family business as well.”

Dong Cun squinted and took stock of Madam Lu’s words.

At the same time, Bai Yao received a text message from Mr. Zhao, their family lawyer, and her eyes shone. She said, “Wanwan said that she still has a Valley Orchid in her hands…”

“What did you say?” Dong Cun jerked his head up.

Bai Yao replied, “Wanwan would never joke about such a thing. She said that even though the Valley Orchid has a flower and seeds, it has no root. However, she has soil that can be used to plant and cultivate the Valley Orchid.”

The water they used to water the plant and flower came from the same source, and the only thing that was different was the soil.

Dong Cun thought for a while, then gave the chief of the police department a call.

Concurrently, Old Master Dong had arrived in Yu City. When the plane touched down, he immediately contacted Lu Ning and rushed to the Lu Household.

After Fu Zhi came out of the Li Mansion, she was summoned to the police station to give her statement at night.

Dong Cun’s car was parked outside the police station.

When he was encouraged by Madam Lu, Dong Cun’s confidence soared. He stopped Fu Zhi and asked, “Can you do me a favor and withdraw the charges? Wanwan is under 18 years old, so you wouldn’t be able to get anything from her. Besides, she knows what she’s done wrong. How about this? I can give you 50 million yuan as compensation, and you will drop the charges against her in exchange. After all, it’s your family that will suffer in the end.”

“I did not receive an apology from Lu Chuwan,” Fu Zhi replied flatly. “I didn’t see any remorse in her.”

She paused for a while before moving on. “Besides, you’ve gotten something wrong. It’s not me or my family who will suffer, but you guys.”

The total amount Fu Zhi had lost was about 80 million yuan. It was not a small amount, and she was certain that no one from the Lu Household was willing to bear the debt.

As for Dong Cun, he could not get so much money in such a short time either.

Fu Zhi walked past Dong Cun and began to discuss with Sheriff Zhao.

Sheriff Zhao said, “She is still under 18 years old. Are you sure you don’t want to settle this matter out of court?”

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