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Chapter 251: Ye Jiu

“How many times has grandma asked her for pills? She’s the one who keeps saying that she doesn’t have any medicine anymore, so why is there a bottle of pills in her room? Not to mention that the bottle is exactly the same as the one that I lost,” Lu Chuwan replied exasperatedly. “I lost my medicine, and she’s the thief. How could you still stand on her side? Have you gone out of your mind?”

Lu Yumo did not want to waste his time arguing with her anymore.

Each and every single one of Fu Zhi’s flowers cost nearly a million, so no matter what, there was no way his sister would steal anything from Lu Chuwan.

“Where are you right now?” Lu Yumo asked. However, his question fell on deaf ears. After all, Lu Chuwan felt that she did not have the obligation to tell him her location.

“If you have anything to say, leave it until I call the police. Also, help me take a message to Fu Zhi. Tell her that I won’t let her go easily, and I’ll certainly bring her to justice this time!”

Fu Zhi had taken it too far this time, and Lu Chuwan swore to herself that she would not be lenient with her. After all, a bottle of anti-cancer drug was expensive, not to mention that it was related to the future of the Lu Family.

When she thought of that, she started to regret that she had just laid waste to Fu Zhi’s door. She should have done more than that. She should have destroyed everything in her room so that Fu Zhi would know she should not mess with her.

After a few seconds, Lu Chuwan started to exit the room. She thus hung up the call.

Suddenly, a noise that sounded like the click of a tongue rang out behind her. However, she did not notice it, so she kept walking forward.

She continued to pace forward until a series of footfalls suddenly entered her ears. Then, before she knew it, a male voice rang out. “You’re Lu Chuwan, right? Can’t you hear that I’m calling your name?”

The breath that grazed past her ear was warm, wet, and tinged with the acrid smell of tobacco. Lu Chuwan had no idea why, but it reminded her of a gloomy and oppressive rainy day.

The voice sounded unfamiliar. At the very least, none of the friends she knew would talk like this.

It was a stranger.

When the realization hit her, a chill crept down her spine as the hair on her back bristled.

A human would get paralyzed when his or her life was in danger. After about two seconds, she jerked her head back, and the first thing she saw was a hand that went straight for her neck.

The hand on her neck was bony, and the veins on the back of the hand were prominent. Her eyes traced along the hand, and a good-looking face rammed into her vision.

It was a face that looked a lot like Fu Zhi’s. The eyes, the mouth, the nose… Everything on that face, including the jawline, gave people the impression that the man was Fu Zhi’s doppelganger, and the only thing that set him apart from her was the stern and grim expression that was carved on his face.

The hair in front of his forehead was long. It was draped over his foxy eyes, preventing Lu Chuwan from reading the emotion in his eyes.

Even though she was in danger right now, she was so stunned by the sight that she could not come back to her senses. She forgot to scream for help, and she just stared blankly at the man in front of her.

When he sensed her gaze, the man’s face grew harder and grimmer. He squinted his eyes, and it was only then that Lu Chuwan snapped back to reality. Realizing the gravity of the situation, she tried to take a step back, but Ye Jiu was not going to give her the chance.

He tightened his grip on her neck as a menacing grin hopped onto his lips. “I just heard that you’re going to send someone to prison. Who is that person?”

His voice was rather soft, but it did not fit his characteristics and whatever he was doing right now at all.

‘He’s crazy.’

With that thought in mind, Lu Chuwan slowly shook her head.

However, Ye Jiu was not buying her answer. He pressed on. “I’m talking to you. Are you dumb? Can’t you open your mouth and say something?”

Lu Chuwan continued to shake her head as she tried to divert his attention. Her heart was pumping like mad as she secretly fiddled with the phone in her pocket.

“Do you know how Zhou Tingting died?” Ye Jiu said as he pulled Lu Chuwan’s phone out of her pocket. Then, with a flick of his wrist, he threw the phone into the air. The phone drew an arc across the air before landing on the hard concrete, shattering into pieces that skidded across the ground like a bunch of wasted metal. “She died because of her stupidity and arrogance. She had plenty of chances to get rid of that little abomination, yet she chose to play around like a clown. Well, you behave a lot like her in this particular aspect.”

Lu Chuwan’s teary eyes widened in terror. She did not want to rub the madman in front of her the wrong way, so she commanded herself to stand as stiff as possible.

She suspected that the little abomination Ye Jiu was talking about was Fu Zhi. She thus stammered, “You… You better not do anything stupid. There is a camera behind you. The Lu Family is rich, and I can…”

“Stop it right there. If you think money can save you, then you’re terribly wrong,” Ye Jiu said. Then, he paused for a moment before adding, “Well, since you’re that little abomination’s cousin, perhaps you can try to beg me. If I like it, maybe I’ll give you a special discount and you won’t have to die today.”

Lu Chuwan chided Fu Zhi internally when she heard Ye Jiu. However, she did not allow her true emotions to show on her face and quickly said, “Please, please don’t kill me.”

Ye Jiu looked at her grimly. “You are so ugly.”

He paused for a moment, then gave her a manic grin before he continued. “Since you’re so ugly, sweetie, I’m going to take back my words.”

As soon as Fu Zhi got in the car and prepared to go home, Lu Yumo called her.

She was at the post office right now, as Du Min had just sent some seeds to her. When she noticed the nervousness in her brother’s voice, she said, “What have you gotten yourself into again?”

She sounded firm, and Lu Yumo’s expression darkened. Then, a surge of embarrassment flooded his heart. However, when he thought about the mess in Fu Zhi’s room, he set aside the embarrassment and said, “Erm… Zhizhi, can you go to the market and buy some remedies for your flowers?”

“Remedies? What are you talking about?”

Fu Zhi frowned when she realized something was amiss. “What’s happened?”

“You… stay calm and listen to me first. Actually…”

Lu Yumo told Fu Zhi the whole story. After he finished telling Fu Zhi everything, he added, “Are the flowers on your desk expensive? Is it okay if I buy a new one for you? I promise you I’ll help you take care of your flowers in the future.”

He did not want his sister to get angry.

Fu Zhi unbuckled her belt.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly nosedived and became oppressive. Her teammates had been chatting this whole time, but they all fell silent when they noticed something was wrong.

Lu Yubai shot her a concerned look.

“No,” Fu Zhi replied. Her voice was flat, so Lu Yumo did not know whether she was angry or not. “You can’t buy those flowers because nobody is selling them.”

One of the flowers on her desk was known as the Valerian Root. She had been growing it for the past three months, and she’d intended to make it into a perfume sachet for Lu Yushen to cure his illness after the flower bloomed.

Lu Yumo’s eyes went red around the rims as he cried, “Then what should we do now?”

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