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Chapter 250: Lu Chuwan Lost The Pills – 2

Lu Chuwan recalled Bai Yao saying that Fu Zhi had come to their home this morning.

The only one in this family who had ever had a problem with her was Fu Zhi, and now the pills were gone.

She did not believe that it was a coincidence.

She summoned the driver and ordered, “Take me to Uncle Jingqing’s house.”

The person that answered the door was Mama Zhang. Fu Zhi was taking the examination, while the other members of the family were accompanying Lu Yushen to find a doctor.

“What brings you here today, Ms. Lu?” Mama Zhang was stunned when she saw Lu Chuwan, as it had been a long time since she had come to their house.

Lu Chuwan’s face was grim, and her eyes were filled with rage. Without answering Mama Zhang’s question, she pushed her away and went straight into the house.

Mama Zhang felt that something was wrong with Lu Chuwan. She hastily followed her and shouted, “Ms. Lu, Ms. Lu, where are you going? Ma’am is not at home, so why don’t you wait for her in the living room?”

Lu Chuwan ignored her. Overwhelmed by her rage, she stormed upstairs and kicked open the door to Fu Zhi’s room.

Mama Zhang was so startled that her face turned pale. “What have you done, Ms. Lu?!”

Lu Chuwan still paid her no mind. She scanned Fu Zhi’s room and finally looked at her desk.

It would be a nice spot for Fu Zhi if she wanted to hide something. With that thought in mind, she pushed everything off the table and onto the floor.


The sound of rhinestones falling to the floor and the sound of flower pots breaking was heard.

Mama Zhang’s heart skipped a beat, as she felt like she could not breathe for a moment. She quickly went forward to pull Lu Chuwan but was pushed away by her. “Mind your own business! She’s a thief—”

As she was talking back to Mama Zhang, she pushed the desk onto the floor, making a loud thud echo in the air.

Then, she heard a faint rattling noise.

Mama Zhang was startled. She was on the verge of crying as she said, “Please stop now, Ms. Lu!”

The area around the desk was a mess. There were heaps of soil and puddles of water here and there, and all the flowers had been destroyed, their petals and leaves falling on the floor.

Mama Zhang squatted down to pick the flowers up.

These flowers had been planted by Fu Zhi. She had watered them every day, and she had prohibited anyone from touching them. Right now, Lu Chuwan had laid waste to all of them.

Pulling a long face, Lu Chuwan kicked the desk and heard the rattling noise again. She crouched down and jerked open the drawer. Then, she found a small bottle of pills.

She picked it up and realized the bottle had a plum blossom printed on it. The bottle Fu Zhi used to store her pills was normal, so she was certain that this bottle of pills was the one that Fu Zhi had taken away.

She let out a cold sneer as she said, “Grandma is right. A country bumpkin will forever be a country bumpkin. She will never learn her lesson. She will always be a thief!”

After saying that, she left the Lu Mansion.

Mama Zhang was just a servant, so there was not much she could do. She called Lu Yumo and told him everything that had happened.

Lu Yumo took a glance at his parents, then found an excuse and went home.

Mama Zhang was cleaning up the mess. When she saw Lu Yumo, she said, “Young Master Yumo, I didn’t dare touch the flowers. Miss Zhizhi is still taking the examination. What should we do?”

Lu Yumo looked at the flowers and said, “Don’t touch the flowers by yourself. I’m going to find Lu Chuwan now.”

Meanwhile, Fu Zhi had just come out of the examination hall. Lu Yubai and Zhou Zihuai were discussing the answers with her.

Fu Zhi had a good memory, so she repeated all the answers to them.

The more Zhou Zihuai listened to her answers, the darker his expression became. There were several questions he had answered differently from Fu Zhi, and he was certain that he was the one who had gotten the answers wrong.

Fearing that he might drag the team down, he turned to Lu Yubai and asked, “How about you? Are all your answers the same as Fu Zhi’s?”

“Ah? I think so,” Lu Yubai answered casually as he awkwardly averted his gaze. “I don’t remember most of my answers.”

Well, it was not true that he did not remember his answers. It was just that, like Zhou Zihuai, there were also a few questions he had answered differently from Fu Zhi.

He was Fu Zhi’s cousin and he was older than her, yet she was much smarter and had better grades than him, so he felt embarrassed.

He went to the kiosk and bought a bottle of iced orange juice. After inserting the straw, he handed it over to Fu Zhi.

It was not bubble tea, and Fu Zhi did not like it. However, since her cousin had bought it for her, she reluctantly took it and started drinking it.

Lu Yubai was a generous person. Usually, whenever he was buying something, he would buy some for his friends as well. However, this time, he’d only bought a drink for Fu Zhi. Xu Wenhao, one of his teammates, then asked, “What about me?”

“Well, you know, it’s kinda expensive to take care of your own sister.”


What Lu Yubai was trying to say was that everything about Fu Zhi was perfect save for one thing: she loved money too much.

Then, he sighed. “Forget about it. You guys wouldn’t understand. After all, you don’t have a sister, so you can’t understand the happiness that comes with being a big brother.”

Xu Wenhao was stunned.

‘So? Is this your reason for verbally insult me? Do you think you’re better than us just because you have a sister?’

Lu Yumo went to look for Lu Chuwan at the Lu Household, but she was not there.

When Bai Yao saw him, she sneered, “Your sister is a thief. As her brother, you should stay at home and teach her a lesson. How dare you show up here?”

Lu Yumo paid her no heed. He did not like to argue with women, so he turned around and went upstairs.

Bai Yao was the kind of person who took advantage of kind people and feared cruel people. When she saw Lu Yumo was avoiding her, she gained more confidence as she pointed at his shoulder and said, “Where do you think you’re going? Do you know how much a bottle of your cousin’s pills costs? Do you know that we can sue your sister for stealing and put her in prison?”

There was a lollipop dangling from Lu Yumo’s lips. When he heard what Bai Yao had said, he turned around. Then, with a grave expression, he said, “I apologize.”

This was something Bai Yao had not expected. She was perplexed for a while, but she soon regained her composure. “Do you think an apology will—”

Without waiting for Bai Yao to finish her sentence, Lu Yumo raised his leg and kicked the door to Lu Chuwan’s room, stunning Bai Yao.

After doing that, he raised his chin, revealing his well-defined jawline. Then, looking defiantly at the dumbfounded Bai Yao, he said, “It’s all my father’s fault for being too excellent and nice and lenient with parasites like you. You should mind your attitude when you’re talking to me. People say that one should lick the hand of anyone who throws them a few crumbs, so going by that phrase and given the fact that you guys are all depending on my father, you should be addressing me as your brother.”

Lu Yumo raised his hand and pushed everything on Lu Chuwan’s dressing table onto the floor, causing the room to be filled with a fragrance.

Bai Yao was so stunned by Lu Yumo’s actions that she could not come back to her senses for a long time.

After Lu Yumo came out of the Lu Household, he called Lu Chuwan.

It took Lu Chuwan quite some time to pick up his call. The second she answered, she snarled, “This is not over yet. I will call the police to arrest her. No matter what you say, I will not change my decision!”

She had just given Dong Cun another half bottle of pills. She was going back to the Lu Household, so she still did not know the things Lu Yumo had done.

“Can you listen to what I want to say first?” Sitting in the car, Lu Yumo replied in an icy voice, “There’s no way my sister would want your rubbish.”

“You think it’s rubbish, but your sister still wanted to steal it from me!”

Lu Chuwan rubbed her temple as she walked down the alley. If she had not found the medicine, she would not have known how to deal with Madam Lu!

“Do you have anything else to say?”

“Well, let’s not talk about the medicine that you took from my sister’s desk first. Do you have any idea how much those flowers that you destroyed cost?” Lu Yumo knew everything on Fu Zhi’s table had its own value, especially those flowers. After all, Fu Zhi took greater care of them than of the Valley Orchid in the garden.

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