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Chapter 249: Lu Chuwan Lost The Pills- 1

In the end, the school authorities punished Lu Chuwan by giving her a serious demerit and recording it in her profile.

When Lu Chuwan learned about the school authorities’ decision, she was devastated. She was at the hospital right now. Initially, she’d intended to get a medical certificate from the doctor to file a charge against Fu Zhi for breaking her wrist. However, little had she expected that the doctor would tell her that there was nothing wrong with her wrist and send her back. Just as she wondered if the feeling of dislocation in her wrist was an illusion or not, she received a video call from her agent in the RM Corporation Group.

When she answered the call, the female agent’s voice wafted into her ear. “I’ve sent you some of the unreleased “Addiction” songs. Take some time to look through them and see if you can find any inspiration.”

Two years ago, a genius composer had appeared out of nowhere in China. Their gender was unknown, as they had never shown up in front of the public. Everyone just knew that “Addiction” was their WeChat alias. They had submitted a few of their songs to RM Corporation Group, and two of the submissions had been chosen by the country to be used as the opening song of various sporting events and award ceremonies.

Their songs were unique and had a style of their own. Even though they did not show their face in front of the public, they had garnered more than a million fans. As such, their achievement was second to none.

Compressing her lips, Lu Chuwan rejected the offer. “I can compose my own songs.”

“You? Compose your own songs? I’m not trying to burst your bubble, but do you really think people would actually accept your plain, bland, cheesy piano songs? Please wake up and face the facts, little girl. There’s no way you will become famous like this. This is not the ticket to stardom, but a ticket to your doom.”

The female agent said, “Don’t worry, “Addiction” had a conflict with the company’s executives, and they decided to shut them out until further notice. Therefore, here is the plan the company has drawn up for you. You’re going to replace “them” and take over “their” fans. This is the fastest way right now if you want to become famous.”

The female agent demanded financial support from Lu Chuwan.

She was required to get permission from Madam Lu first. However, after being set up by Fu Zhi multiple times, Madam Lu did not have much money left. She said, “It’s already been a week since you last gave me pills. Please be honest with me. Do you still have any pills left? If you don’t, then I have to save money to get the pills from Fu Zhi. I don’t have any money to give you anymore.”

Lu Chuwan could not get through to the researcher anymore, and she had only three bottles of pills left. These three bottles of pills were her only chip to bargain and keep Madam Lu on her side.

She took a bottle out for Madam Lu and then said hesitantly, “Don’t worry, grandma. I still have plenty left. Uncle Dong’s team is working on the pills as well, but the company…”

“I’ll give you the money later. All you have to do is try your best and not disgrace the Lu Family.”

Several days later…

Fu Zhi was taking her team to the national competition in the afternoon.

Suddenly, Madam Lu called Xu Wei and said that she wanted to see her granddaughter.

Xu Wei replied directly, “Lu Chuwan? I’m not her mother. Why did you call me if you want to see her?”

Madam Lu was stumped for a moment. Then, she said, “I meant Fu Zhi! I want to see Fu Zhi! Have you forgotten that Zhizhi is my granddaughter too?”

‘Well, I didn’t forget about that. You are the one who’s refused to acknowledge her as your granddaughter in the first place.’

Xu Wei’s face crumpled from distress. As she was thinking about how to reject Madam Lu, Fu Zhi, who had overheard their conversation, chimed in. “Let’s go see her then. After all, people might talk about us behind our backs if we don’t visit the lonely old woman from time to time. Let’s go and have some fun with her.”

There was silence in the air for a moment. Madam Lu had no idea why, but she had a bad hunch when she heard Fu Zhi say she was coming to have fun with her.

Madam Lu hastily said, “How about we do it another day? You don’t have to come, but can you have your mom bring some Valley Orchid to me? It seems to me that Wanwan is running out of pills. I…”

Fu Zhi took the phone and said, “In that case, go look for another doctor if you cherish your life. Don’t keep yearning for something that does not belong to you. It will overtax your heart, and you might die early.”

Then, she paused for a second before adding, “I’ve already given you a diagnosis and a professional suggestion. You stay at home and wait for me. I’m going to collect the consultation fee from you later.”

Madam Lu was speechless.

‘Hold on a second. Not only did you not give me the flower, but you also want me to pay you eight million yuan?’

Well, Fu Zhi meant exactly that. She had been keeping a list of her “mortal enemies” in a booklet.

This was originally a habit of Fu Jiang, and she had probably inherited it from him.

She recorded all of Madam Lu’s shortcomings and the bad things she had done to Lu Yumo and Xu Wei. She would flip through the booklet from time to time to remind herself of Madam Lu’s crimes. When she did that, she would feel unhappy. When she felt unhappy, she would go mess with Madam Lu.

Xu Wei did not know what to say as she kept staring at Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi did not know why her mother was staring at her, so she asked, “Are you trying to pay me a compliment?”

‘Well…’ Xu Wei thought for a moment. Then, she said, “Well done, Zhizhi!”

The Physics competition was scheduled to take place at two o’clock in the afternoon.

The test paper for the preliminary round was set by Sheng Hua and the members of the Physics association. It was eight times harder than the test paper of the qualifying round, and since they would not take any questions from the question bank, the time the participants had to answer the question paper had been reverted to 90 minutes.

Fu Zhi did not have the time to guess the questions, as she had been busy looking for herbs recently.

Xiao Du sent her a message. “According to my investigation, the Chu Family has assessed the situation and decided to treat Chu Hao’s disciple’s damaged vocal cord. If you are free, you can plant more herbs and participate in the assessment.”

Fu Zhi read the message and was quite disappointed that a medical family like the Chu Family could not even cure a damaged vocal cord.

She was running out of time now, as the longer Lu Yumo waited, the greater the requirement to cure him would be. She then asked, “Can’t you just pay for the medicine for me?”

Du Min replied, “The Chu Family is rich.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘So in the end, I’m the only one who’s poor here?’

Before she could say anything else, the invigilator entered the examination hall. Fu Zhi handed her phone over and then started to answer the question paper.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Lu Chuwan returned to the Lu Household from Dong Cun’s research institute.

Even with her formula, no one had been able to create the anti-cancer drugs, and Lu Chuwan suspected that the formula was incomplete. However, even if they took the entire bottle of pills for a test, they would not be able to detect other ingredients either.

Bai Yao was walking down the stairs. When she saw Lu Chuwan, she said, “Fu Zhi came to see your grandma today, and your grandma gave her a bank card.”

Lu Chuwan was not in the right mood now, so she ignored her mother. She went into her room and took her purse from her closet.

Bai Yao followed her and said, “Did you hear what I just said? What have you been up to all day? Your grandmother asks you for pills, but you always refuse to give some to her. If she sides with Fu Zhi again, our family’s inheritance will be snatched away by that little b*tch!”

Lu Chuwan opened her purse, planning to take the pills for another test. Then, she froze.

The pills were gone!

Her expression changed, and she turned around to stare at Bai Yao, who was still babbling on. Then, she overturned her purse and poured everything out.

However, there was nothing inside her purse other than lipstick and a bottle of makeup remover!

Bai Yao was stunned when she saw the grim expression on her daughter’s face. She felt that something was not right, so she asked, “What, what’s wrong?”

Lu Chuwan did not reply. She rushed to the closet and began to throw all her shirts out.

Bai Yao thought her daughter had gone mad. She asked carefully, “What are you looking for?”

“Where are the pills?” Lu Chuwan was so angry that her eyes had turned bloodshot. She clenched her fists tightly as she hissed, “Where are my pills?”

“Why are you asking me? I didn’t touch your pills. You’re the one who stores them,” Bai Yao said.

Lu Chuwan did not reply. The pills were gone.

‘It’s over. Everything is over now.’

Lu Chuwan was certain that without the pills, her grandmother would certainly side with Fu Zhi again.

“Don’t worry. Maybe you forgot where you put them? Your grandmother—”

Suddenly, Lu Chuwan remembered something and did not want to listen to Bai Yao anymore.

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