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Chapter 248: Fu Zhi Is On The Move – 6

Dong Cun, who was discussing the donation with Director Liu, did not say anything about Lu Chuwan again.

Lu Chuwan could not bear standing there anymore, so she left the office first. The moment she stepped out of the office, she bumped into Fu Zhi.

There was nobody but them in the corridor.

Lu Chuwan’s tangled, tense nerves loosened as if she had finally found a window to vent her spleen.

A sarcastic grin hopped on the corner of her lips as she looked straight at Fu Zhi. Folding her arms in front of her chest, she said in a condescending tone, “Fu Zhi, do you know how ridiculous your behavior is? How dare you fight with me? Without Uncle Dong’s help, there’s nothing you could do to me even if you had evidence. You’re just making yourself look like a fool!”

Apparently, Lu Chuwan had decided to throw caution to the wind and confess everything in front of Fu Zhi.

She was holding a grudge against Fu Zhi for embarrassing her in front of everyone. Most importantly, even though Dong Cun was on her side right now, she was certain that he was not satisfied with her attitude and that he thought she was a cruel, evil little girl.

Truth be told, Lu Chuwan found Fu Zhi quite insensible. She was a girl from the countryside, and she did not know her own place. Not only that, but she’d even taken away the love of Xu Wei and her family for her.

However, on the upside, she had already found herself under the patronage of another bigwig, so she did not need Lu Jingqing and his family anymore.

“Don’t think that you can have everything your way in No.1 High School just because you’re Aunt Xu Wei’s favorite. Your so-called parents have a low status. They are poor, and they are nothing compared to the Dong Family!”

She strode forward and reached out for Fu Zhi, attempting to drag her back into her class.

Before she could touch Fu Zhi, her arm was caught by a fair hand in midair.

Slowly, the young girl raised her head. Her eyes were as dark as two black holes that could suck everything into them. She lifted one of her eyebrows as she gradually tightened her grip.

“Let go of me. I’m your cousin and I’m older than you. If you dare to—”

Before Lu Chuwan could finish her sentence, Fu Zhi exerted more strength and twisted Lu Chuwan’s wrist backward, producing a cracking noise that filled the air.

“Ahh—” Lu Chuwan screamed in pain, and tears were flowing out of her eyes.

She covered her wrist. She felt that it was broken, as she could not feel her hand at all.

It was only now that she realized that Fu Zhi would not hesitate to harm her if she were given the chance. Holding her hand, Fu Zhi said, “Do you know how to behave like a human now?”

There was darkness and something deeper that Lu Chuwan could not read flowing behind those beautiful eyes. Those emotions were so deep and unfathomable that they made all the hairs on her body stand on end. If she were to describe this, she would say that it felt like being leered at by a viper that was hellbent on devouring her whole.

“Fu Zhi!” Lu Chuwan was brought back to reality by the pain and called out to Fu Zhi. She struggled with all her might to free herself from Fu Zhi’s steel-like vice, but to no avail.

In the end, it was Fu Zhi who had enough and finally let go of her. Without sparing a single glance for her anymore, Fu Zhi pushed the door and went into the office.

Dong Cun and Director Liu were discussing the particulars of the donation. When they saw Fu Zhi, Director Liu did not dare look Fu Zhi in the eye as he said, “Erm, about the post in Weibo… I’ve talked to your uncle, and he’s already promised that he will settle the issue for you. You…”

“That’s not necessary.” Fu Zhi interrupted before Director Liu could finish his sentence. “Xiao Sun has already done it, so I don’t need his help at all.”

‘Xiao Sun…’

This was not the first time Director Liu had heard the nickname. In the recording that Lu Chuwan had posted on Weibo, Fu Zhi had called Sun Sanzhen “Xiao Sun” as well.

‘Has she gone out of her mind?’

It was common knowledge that Sun Sanzhen had a bad temper and was a petty person. Without anyone to put in a good word for Fu Zhi, there was no way he would take the initiative to help Fu Zhi clear her name.

Director Liu said, “I know you’re angry with Lu Chuwan, but you have to assess the whole situation on a greater scale. You have to pick the solution that benefits you the most. Besides—”

Before he could finish his sentence, his phone rang. He took it out and realized that there was a sudden surge of text messages in his WeChat.

Ma Mingquan: [I apologize for all the inconveniences caused. My father was discharged from the hospital today, but he accidentally fell off the stairs. I thought it was very serious, so I rushed to the hospital. The good news is that he’s fine, but the bad news is that the stairs were damaged. Therefore, I’m discussing with the director of the hospital the compensation right now.]

All the other teachers expressed their concern after they read his text message by asking if he needed any help save for Qian Wenrui.

She really wanted something bad to happen to Fu Zhi, so she asked: [Then, what about Fu Zhi giving your father an acupuncture treatment? And the medicine? Isn’t she the one who nearly killed your father?]

Ma Mingquan replied: [Who told you that? It’s exactly because of Fu Zhi’s acupuncture technique and medicine that my father recovered completely. Don’t worry, Miss Qian, I’ve had the doctor run one last check on him before he was discharged from the hospital, and all the reports came back green. I saw that Master Sun Sanzhen has already explained the situation, so I’m going to support Zhizhi as well!]

Director Liu could not believe what he had seen. He opened Weibo and only then believed that everything had been settled.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead. Things would have been easier if Fu Zhi needed Dong Cun’s help. However, if the opposite was true, then…

Director Liu did not know what he should do right now.

Truth be told, he wished Fu Zhi could get a chance to meet the professor from Tsinghua University as well. As he was all at sea and did not know what to do, Dong Cun called out to him.

“Director Liu?” His voice pulled him back to reality.

He raised his head to look at Dong Cun and said awkwardly, “Ah, Mr. Dong. Well, you see, since the incident has been resolved, in my opinion, we should give Lu Chuwan demerits.”

Director Liu was afraid of Fu Zhi.

However, Dong Cun was not. He was genuinely surprised. “It’s been resolved?”

He surmised that this must be Lu Jingqing’s doing. Letting off a scoff, he said, “This is not what we said in the beginning.”

After saying that, he pulled a black card out of his pocket and said in front of Fu Zhi, “I’m very sincere about the development of your school.”

“No, I’m not talking about the donation.” Director Liu had been reluctant to punish Lu Chuwan since the beginning, so when Dong Cun said that he could help settle the matter, he took him up on his offer.

However, he had not expected that things would turn out like this, and he did not know what to do now.

“Well, in my opinion, if a student could correct his or her mistakes in a way that could benefit other students, it would be much better. Don’t you agree with me, Director Liu?”

Director Liu did not reply. He looked at Fu Zhi, and just as he was about to say something, he saw Fu Zhi pull a stack of cards out of her pocket.

One, two, three…

She smacked a total of 13 black cards and 3 diamond cards on Director Liu’s table.

The credit limit for a black card and a diamond card was 20 million yuan and 80 million yuan respectively.

Director Liu had never seen so much money in his life before, and he was so stunned that he could not come back to his senses for a long while.

‘Mom, am I in heaven?’

Fu Zhi stood in a casual manner next to the table.

There was no expression on her face as she glanced defiantly at Dong Cun.

“It’s fine if you guys want to build another building for the school, but you have to tell the students what’s right and what’s wrong. Even if you’re rich or even if you’re someone with power, when you make a mistake, you still have to pay the price.”

Dong Cun’s expression changed.

He had not expected Fu Zhi to be so rich, and this was not normal at all!

Overwhelmed by embarrassment, he shot up from the couch and snarled, “Very well then! Don’t you ever regret everything you said here today!”

He pushed the door and stormed out of the office.

Director Liu still could not recover from the shock. His hand was shaking uncontrollably as he tried to reach out for the cards on the table. However, before he could reach the black card, Fu Zhi gathered all the cards, including the one that Dong Cun had forgotten to take away, in one fell swoop and put them back in her pocket.

Director Liu was stunned again.

‘What is she doing?’

Fu Zhi patted her pocket and said, “Well, this is all the money I’ve got left, so I have to take great care of it…”

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