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Chapter 246: Fu Zhi Is On The Move – 4

Song Fang went forward and said in a grim voice, “Lu Chuwan published a recording of Fu Zhi on Weibo, so we’re here to ask for an explanation.”

“How many times do I have to tell you guys that it was not me?” Lu Chuwan replied, her heart skipping a beat. However, she soon calmed down when she remembered that Fu Zhi had fallen out with Dong Cun. Therefore, no one would be able to help Fu Zhi investigate this matter anymore.

Since she was certain that Fu Zhi did not have any evidence, she went forward and said, “Has someone complained about me to you? Song Fang, you’re my cousin’s friend, so I really don’t want to say this. However, what you’re doing right now is wrong, and I feel that I have the obligation to open your eyes to the truth. There are two sides to every story, and the truth usually lies somewhere in between. You can’t just listen to her side of the story and say I’m the one who did it. It’s not fair to me at all.”

Everyone in the class was able to read the meaning behind Lu Chuwan’s lines. In other words, Song Fang was a cat’s paw for Fu Zhi, and Fu Zhi was just being unreasonable. All of them then turned their heads and looked at Fu Zhi.

The girl still had her phone in her hand, and she tapped it gently on the chair. She looked rather calm and unperturbed.

“That’s enough.” Director Liu interrupted. He hated this kind of thing the most, so he turned to Fu Zhi and said, “Master Sun is one of the principal’s acquaintances. Come with me, Fu Zhi. The school authorities will help you settle this matter.”

Lu Chuwan was already not happy that Director Liu was not going to punish Fu Zhi for coming to Class 1. Now, he had even said that the school authorities were going to help her settle the matter with the Weibo post? If that was the case, then everything she had done would be for naught.

“Hold on a second,” Lu Chuwan chimed in after taking a deep breath. She could not tell if she was jealous or not, but she wanted something from her. “I demand an apology from her!”

“Lu Chuwan, you’d better not press your luck,” Song Fang said grimly.

“Well, this is Fu Zhi’s fault. She doesn’t have any evidence, yet she had the audacity to come and accuse Chuwan of doing something that she never did!” Most of the students in Class 1 sided with Lu Chuwan. One of them even turned to her and suggested, “Let’s forget about it, Wanwan. She’s representing our province at the Physics competition, so I’m very sure that the school authorities will side with her. We can jot down what she did today and then wait…”

“That’s not necessary. I’m not going to wait anymore.” Fu Zhi interjected.

At that moment, Su Xing arrived in Class 1. Fu Zhi took the stack of photocopied photos from her and hurled it on Lu Chuwan’s desk. “I didn’t bother doing anything to you in the past because you’re one of the Lus, but you had to pick on me again and again, so this is what you asked for.”

Lu Chuwan looked at the photos on her desk as a bad hunch welled from the depths of her stomach.

Everyone in Class 1 knew about the thing on Weibo. All of them craned their necks to look at photos on Lu Chuwan’s desk. Director Liu took one from the stack, and his countenance turned ugly.

The photo was a chat record of Lu Chuwan’s conversation with the female celebrity, as well as a transaction notice.

After he finished reading everything, Director Liu had a basic grasp of the entire situation.

“Remember to give her the punishment that she deserves,” Fu Zhi said. Then, she led Song Fang and Zhou Zihuai away.

Due to the gravity of the situation, Director Liu brought Lu Chuwan back to his office.

Lu Chuwan did not know how to explain at all.

Director Liu called her parents, but the one who came was Dong Cun.

“Take a look at these photos,” Director Liu said as he handed the photos to Dong Cun.

After glancing through them, Dong Cun frowned.

While standing aside, Lu Chuwan could clearly see every sentence of the conversation between her and the female celebrity.

She had used another account to contact the female celebrity and a new bank account for the transaction. She did not know how Fu Zhi had been able to figure everything out in such a short time.

“It’s just a squabble between kids. We will make sure they won’t do it again, so I don’t see the need to give her demerits.”

Director Liu was stunned. Frowning, he said, “But the school has its own rules. She—”

“No.1 High School still lacks some buildings, right? I can donate one.” Dong Cun interrupted before Director Liu could finish. “Chuwan is a good student. She’s going to meet the chancellor of Tsinghua University, and getting into a top university will be a breeze for her. You don’t want a good student like her, who can bring glory to the school, to have a blot on her reputation and be criticized by the public, do you?”

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