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Chapter 245: Fu Zhi Is On The Move – 3

‘Settle the score between us?’

Never in Lu Chuwan’s wildest dreams had she imagined that Fu Zhi would come to look for her in her class. Besides, the post had just been published not long ago, so she had not expected that things would escalate so quickly. She was caught off guard, and her eyes went red around the rims.

Xu Tongtong looked at her.

Lu Chuwan was holding a pen in her hand tightly, and she did not say anything. She clearly looked more like the victim of the confrontation, and a sense of justice welled spontaneously from Xu Tongtong’s heart.

Fu Zhi was merely an outsider who had happened to be adopted by the Lu Family, so who gave her the right or permission to bully Lu Chuwan, the rightful heiress of the Lu Family?

“You said Wanwan posted the recording on Weibo. Do you have any evidence then? If you don’t have any evidence, how come you are so sure that Wanwan did it? Do you know that we can sue you for starting a rumor?” Xu Tongtong shouted in a threatening manner.

For a moment, Class 1 fell silent.

Just as Fu Zhi, who was pressing her lips, was about to say something, a tall silhouette quickly stepped forward and shielded Lu Chuwan with his back.

Xiang Yusheng stared at Fu Zhi and said, “You must have made a mistake. There’s no way Chuwan would do something like that. I suggest you…”

Fu Zhi raised her head from her phone and interjected forcefully. “If you have the time to worry about other people, you might as well worry about the future of your family now that the Fu Corporation ended its business relationship with the Xiang Corporation.”

The reason the Xiang Corporation had its current status was due to its business relationship with several small companies under the Fu Corporation.

However, several months ago, the Fu Corporation had terminated all its business relationships with the Xiang Corporation, claiming that Xiang Yusheng had offended someone who should not be offended.

Because of this, his parents had nearly killed him. If he was not their only son…

In any case, the main reason Xiang Yusheng had thrown himself in front of Lu Chuwan was because he wanted to impress her so that she could help his family.

A small commotion began to spread among the students when they heard what Fu Zhi had said.

“The Fu Corporation ended its business relationship with the Xiang Corporation? Seriously?”

“Integrity has been the Fu Corporation’s core value. Have you ever heard them going back on their word before? No, right? That could only mean one thing: The Xiang Family has stepped on the wrong toes.”

“Well, things might not be that bad if the Fu Corporation only discontinues its business relationship. However, if the Xiang Family really has stepped on the toes of the Fu Corporation, then no companies will dare do business with them anymore.”

A fool’s mouth had destroyed him. Xiang Yusheng did not know what to say right now, and his forehead was filled with sweat.

Song Fang, who had watched the whole scene, fell silent as well. Initially, he and Zhou Zihuai had been worried about Fu Zhi, so they’d followed her to Class 1 to back her up. However, judging from what had transpired just now, it seemed to him that she did not need any backup at all. He lowered his head, and Zhou Zihuai pushed him. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I dropped my cornea somewhere around here. Quick, come and help me find it.”

Zhou Zihuai did not know what to say.

Fu Zhi, who was standing like a ramrod in Class 1, was apparently refusing to go away until she got the answer she wanted.

Nobody had expected that the new student, who looked innocent and laid back, would be so headstrong.

“Don’t get me wrong, Zhizhi. I would never expose you even if you did something wrong…”

Lu Chuwan paused for a while before adding, “Master Sun Sanzhen is a famous person, while Mr. Ma is your class teacher. What you should do right now is go apologize to them.”

Fu Zhi chuckled. She was not a person who loved to fight, and she had good manners. That said, this did not mean that she was a pushover. When the time came, she would retaliate as well, but she gazed at Lu Chuwan indifferently and coldly right now.

Xu Tongtong was triggered by her gaze and snarled, “What are you laughing at? Chuwan is already helping you. What else do you want?”

“What is going on here?” At that moment, Director Liu walked in and slammed his books on the table.

His eyes hopped from Song Fang to Zhou Zihuai before stopping on Fu Zhi. Frowning, he said, “It’s time for class now, so can one of you guys explain to me why you are not in your own class?”

“I’m sorry, Director Liu. It’s all my fault. Fu Zhi misunderstood me, so…” Lu Chuwan chimed in.

Director Liu was stunned. His frown deepened, and he shouted, “Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on here?!”

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