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Chapter 244: Fu Zhi Is On The Move – 2

The list of Z-celebrities under the RM Corporation Group was further divided into several levels. The person who had posted this was a celebrity who had gotten famous by posting funny videos on Weibo.

The recording had successfully attracted a lot of people.

[Has she never caught a cold or the flu or received any injections since she was born? If Sun Sanzhen had not devoted his life to developing vaccines, could she have grown up safely? I suggest that she shuts up and acts like a normal high school student. She’s merely disgracing herself.]

[I don’t know about you guys, but I think this voice seriously sounds like Fu Zhi’s.]

[Not only do high school students nowadays perform poorly academically, but they don’t know how to act like humans either? @Sun Sanzhen]

[Sun Sanzhen is inferior to you? How bold of you to say that. This girl has a heart loftier than the sky and a face bigger than a pizza.]

[Sigh… Can someone please do me a favor and knock some sense into her? How could a high school accept a conceited idiot like her as a student?]

The post was gaining a lot of attention, and it was moving rapidly up the trending list.

Song Fang’s expression turned ugly as he read the comments. “Someone is throwing mud at you. Look at this. This guy claims that he’s a student of our school, and he said that Mr. Ma’s father died after you treated him with acupuncture.”

Su Xing’s eyes turned red, and she felt bad for Fu Zhi after she read the post. “How can they sling mud at Zhizhi like this? How is there any chance that Zhizhi would harm Mr. Ma’s father? No way, I have to ask my dad to ban all of them!”

Song Fang added fretfully, “I’ll try to contact the person who posted this and see if she’s willing to delete the post or not. In any case, we have to end this before it gets out of control.”

However, the truth was that the person who had posted this was not afraid of Fu Zhi suing her at all. After all, she was just a pawn. As long as she did not receive any instructions from the mastermind, she would not take the post down.

Song Fang could not convince the person, so he contacted Lu Yubai.

Fu Zhi looked at the post. There were more than 7,000 comments, and more than 10,000 people had shared or liked the post.

All of them were accusing Fu Zhi of being arrogant and not respecting Sun Sanzhen.

As she scrolled through the comments, she received a text message on WeChat.

It was from Shen Cizhou.

“It appears that this is your cousin’s doing again. I’ve sent you the evidence, so I’ll leave this goody two-shoes in your hands.”

Fu Zhi scanned the evidence that Shen Cizhou sent to her. Then, she forwarded it to Su Xing and said, “I need you to do me a favor. Go to the photostat shop at school and print these photos out for me. I’m heading to Class 1 right now.”

Class 1 was having a self-studying session right now, and every student in the class was doing their homework or revising.

It was quiet, but a series of knocks echoed, prompting all the students to raise their heads and look toward the door.

Fu Zhi was wearing the No.1 High School uniform today. It was an ordinary short-sleeved uniform, but she still looked gorgeous in it. Her body was slim, and her legs were long. There was faint amusement in her eyes as she stared silently at Lu Chuwan.

The male students in Class 1 were stunned for a while, but they soon came back to their senses. Some of them even whistled at her.

“Lu Yubai’s sister is really adorable.”

“I thought she was a village girl, but why does she look even prettier than Lu Chuwan?”

“Of course she’s prettier than Lu Chuwan. Otherwise, how could she have become the school belle?”

Lu Chuwan bit her lips, and her expression was grim.

Holding her phone, Fu Zhi walked straight toward Lu Chuwan. She took the booklet that was on Lu Chuwan’s table and tapped her fingers on her desk.

Even though there was a faint smile on her face, the smile did not reach her eyes. Lu Chuwan’s heart skipped a beat as she jolted up from her seat. “This is a self-studying session. You should have stayed in your classroom. Please return to your class right now!”

“Third time’s the charm,” Fu Zhi said as she tossed her phone on Lu Chuwan’s desk. “It’s about time I settled the score between us. After I do that, I’ll leave.”

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