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Chapter 237: The Valley Orchid Is Fu Zhi’s – 1

As Lu Chuwan stood next to Madam Lu, her posture was beautiful.

The old ladies sitting with Madam Lu beside the main seat just now got up to admire Master Fu Jiang’s paintings.

“Sis, your granddaughter has got a lot on the ball, and so does your niece-in-law. All of them are good granddaughters!” Madam Ma said, her voice thick with admiration.

At the same time, Madam Lu was looking at the piece of art in front of her. Even though she could not understand the aesthetic of the drawing, with a single glance, she could tell that its value was immeasurable.

“Xiao Dong, Ningning, come. Have a seat,” Madam Lu said, offering them a warm smile.

Everything considered, Madam Lu still wanted to maintain an amicable relationship with the Dong Family.

Dong Cun bobbed his head in greeting in return, then took two envelopes out of his pocket and gave them to Lu Chuwan. “It doesn’t really matter if you missed the opportunity to meet Professor He. After all, he has shifted his focus to scientific research over the years, so he might not be able to offer any help to you in the future. These two envelopes contain the opportunities I got for you, so make sure you make use of them.”

Lu Chuwan took the envelopes from Dong Cun. She had no idea what was inside them, so she opened them up one by one.

Inside the first envelope was an invitation to the lecture of the chancellor of Tsinghua University. Only 20 people would be participating in the event.

As for the second envelope, it contained a letter for a meeting session with a professor from the Physics Department of Tsinghua University.

“The chancellor of Tsinghua University only holds this lecture once every three years, and only a certain group of people will be invited. As for the meeting session with the professor from the Physics Department, it’s indeed an opportunity that’s hard to come by.” Madam Xu couldn’t help lamenting. “Chuwan has a good background and good grades. In combination with the help she’s received from the outside world, it seems like she’s going to become the youngest person to receive an award from the government…”

Lu Chuwan had not expected Dong Cun to take such good care of her either. If she attended the lecture class and met Tsinghua University’s chancellor and professor, then there would really be no need for her to hang onto Professor He. After all, regardless of his social status or academic achievements, Professor He was nothing compared to those two people.

She could barely hold back her joy as she said, “Thank you, Uncle Dong. I will certainly do my best not to let you down!”

“Okay,” Dong Cun replied with a smile before taking a seat.

Taking a seat next to Dong Cun, Lu Ning opened her mouth several times and she seemed like she had something to say. She wanted to ask if Lu Chuwan was willing to share the opportunity with Fu Zhi or not. However, before she could say anything, she received a glare from her husband and she fell silent.

“Xiao Dong, your gifts are too precious.” Even though Madam Lu knew her granddaughter loved Dong Cun’s gifts, she also knew the value of those gifts and how difficult it was to get them. Therefore, it was necessary for her to exchange some pleasantries with him.

“Don’t mention it, Aunt Lu.” Dong Cun offered Madam Lu a smile before adding, “No matter how valuable these invitations are, their value is nothing compared to the Valley Orchid Wanwan gave me.”

“The Valley Orchid?” Madam Lu asked in confusion.

“It’s an herb that Uncle Dong needed for his medical research. I happened to know where to get it, so I bought one for him,” Lu Chuwan explained.

It was only then that it dawned on Madam Lu why Dong Cun would go to such an extent for her granddaughter. If her granddaughter had not given him the Valley Orchid, there was no way he would have done this for her.

Madam Lu felt that today was the best day of her life. First, she’d received genuine artwork made by Fu Jiang from Dong Cun, and now, her granddaughter had gotten two chances that other students would not be able to get no matter how hard they tried. There was a wide grin on her face as she looked delightfully at Lu Chuwan. She was supposed to introduce Fu Zhi as her adopted granddaughter during this birthday celebration, but it seemed like she had completely forgotten about that.

“Madam Lu, you already have Chuwan as your granddaughter, so there was no need for you to adopt another one! One is more than enough for you to brag about!”

“You’re really lucky, sis!”

“Fu Zhi is talented at calligraphy and painting, while Chuwan has a bright future and helped get this rare piece for you!”

“Well, Wanwan is truly full of surprises.” Madam Lu felt delighted as her friends showered her with praise.

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