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Chapter 236: Genuine Artwork of Fu Jiang

No matter how hard she racked her brain, Madam Lu did not know what she had done for Fu Zhi to do something like this to her.

As Madam Lu was immersed in her thoughts, President Ma grabbed her hand and said, “Even though Fu Zhi came from the countryside, she is aware enough to help people in need. I wonder if your own granddaughter can also donate a painting?”

Madam Lu did not know how to reply.

‘Nope. Impossible. Don’t ask.’

Madam Lu took a deep breath. Then, with a forced smile, she said, “A person of noble character doesn’t seize other people’s institute or love.”

‘Alright then.’

President Ma let go of Madam Lu’s hand and lamented. “Well, I guess it takes all sorts of people to make a world.”

Then, he turned to Huang Song and said, “You can take the painting with you, but remember to transfer the money to me, or I’ll haunt you to the end of the world!”

Lu Chuwan and Huang Song were stumped.

Before they could come back to their senses, Madam Lu went straight up to Mama Liu and whispered into her ear, “Are you sure it’s genuine?!”

Mama Liu replied, “They heard Miss Wanwan talking about wanting to get genuine artwork for you, so they went to look for it.”

Madam Lu’s face shone with delight, and the shade of gloom that weighed on her heart disappeared.

According to Mama Liu, Dong Cun had brought an original Fu Jiang artwork to celebrate her birthday.

“Good job, Wanwan!” Madam Lu grabbed Lu Chuwan’s hand and exclaimed delightedly.

Lu Chuwan was stunned for a moment when she heard what Madam Lu had said. However, she soon snapped back to reality as she replied coyly, “As long as I can make you happy, grandma, I will get you as many paintings of Master Fu Jiang as you want, let alone one.”

“Good, good, good! This is the best present I’ve received tonight! It’s an art piece made by the person who created the Hairpin flower small regular script!”

“Grandma, I’ll go get Uncle Dong Cun and his family.”

Upon saying that, Lu Chuwan walked to the entrance after being encouraged by Bai Yao and caught sight of Dong Cun from afar. He was holding a present.

“Uncle Dong!” Lu Chuwan stole a glance at Fu Zhi before going up to Dong Cun. “Thank you so much for helping me get the painting. If it were not for you, we would never have been able to get our hands on original artwork made by Master Fu Jiang.”

“Don’t mention it. You’re lucky that I had one at home.” Lu Chuwan had given Dong Cun a Valley Orchid. It was the flowering season of the Valley Orchid, and there were a few seeds in the pistil. Therefore, the value of the orchid was immeasurable.

Dong Cun’s father had instructed him to interact more with Lu Chuwan.

At that moment, everyone who heard Dong Cun’s words, including Huang Song, trained their eyes on the box in Dong Cun’s hand.

“This… This is nothing less than a feast for the eyes. Since they were able to get their hands on an original work of Master Fu Jiang, the Dong Family is truly a big family in the capital!”

“The few paintings we saw just now are nothing compared to this one!”

“After all, all Fu Zhi could do is mimic the calligraphy technique by doing her best. It would already be considered very good if she got the gist of it, but the visual impact can’t be as great as the real deal!”

Lu Chuwan led Dong Cun and Lu Ning to the center of the courtyard.

This was the first time Dong Cun gave the Lu Family a present, and Madam Lu was quite awed by his arrival. She knew Lu Chuwan was the main reason Dong Cun was doing this. She went up to him and said excitedly, “Thank you for your help, Xiao Dong.”

“Well, since Wanwan invited me over to your birthday party, I naturally had to come,” Dong Cun replied. Then, he opened the box and let Lu Chuwan take the painting out for Madam Lu to see.

Everyone exclaimed loudly as they began to praise the painting. “This is an early work of Master Fu Jiang, right? It is so artistic!”

Fu Zhi, who was standing not far away, saw the painting as well.

Well, the signature on the painting was indeed Fu Jiang’s name, but it only took her a glance to notice that the scribble on the painting had been written by her when she was seven years old.

Fu Zhi was confused.

It turned out that everyone here had low standards for artwork, just like her father.

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