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Chapter 221: It Resembles A Valley Orchid

At the same time, in the Lu Household…

After Lu Chuwan left, Madam Lu played mahjong with her friends until 4.30 p.m. While they were taking a break, she suddenly brought up the orchid she had put in the greenhouse. “My youngest son bought it back from overseas. It’s called Tianyu Lotus Orchid. Do you guys want to see it?”

All the upper-class ladies in Yu City had taken a liking to growing orchids in the past few years. This was because the more expensive the orchids they had at home were, the more they could show off their status.

All of her friends nodded in assent and began to move toward the greenhouse.

Even though she had lost money during the earlier mahjong game, she still felt great since she could show off her orchid in front of her friends. The group soon arrived at the greenhouse. The moment they opened the door and entered the greenhouse, Madam Ma exclaimed out loud before they could even get near the Tianyi Lotus Orchid. “Ah! A worm! It’s eating the orchid!”

Madam Lu’s heart skipped a beat. She looked in the direction where Madam Ma was pointing, and her eyes grew wide in surprise at the sight.

A white worm was wriggling on the plant. The spots where the leaves should be were gone, and the only thing left was the flower in the center.

Madam Lu could not believe that an orchid plant that cost nearly 3 million yuan had been destroyed by a small worm. By the time she came back to her senses, she stamped her feet in frustration as she called Mama Liu over. “Quick! What are you still waiting for? Hurry up and kill the worm! Where’s the gardener?”

Mama Liu grabbed the worm, threw it on the ground, and squashed it with a stomp. Then, she said, “The gardener only comes twice a week, madam.”

As she was talking, another white worm emerged from the pot of the blue-colored flower next to the Tianyi Lotus Orchid. It rolled and wriggled across the leaf, and strangely enough, it seemed to not be interested in eating the plant.

“Madam, look…”

Madam Lu looked at the blue-colored flower and her eyes flared up in anger. She finally knew where the worm had come from.

It was Fu Zhi again!

Madam Lu was so angry that she nearly had another heart attack. “Didn’t I tell you to throw this flower away? Why did you put it next to my orchids?!”

“I… I put it in the corner.” Mama Liu did not know who had moved the flower to the center of the greenhouse. Besides, she remembered that there had been two flowers in the pot, but one of them was missing right now.

Madam Lu wanted to throw the flower away, but Madam Ma stepped forward and stopped her. She said, “I think this flower is quite beautiful. Besides, it’s a gift from your granddaughter, and it would be kind of a waste to throw it away. After all, the heart of a kid is more valuable than an orchid, don’t you think so?”

Madam Liu nodded. She had been very quiet ever since she’d entered the greenhouse. She fixed her eyes on the blue flower with rapt attention as she said, “Maybe it’s a rare species.”

“Rare species? Hah! It’s just a wildflower that she plucked by the roadside! There’s nothing special about it at all!” Madam Lu shouted back in exasperation.

Madam Ma wanted to say something, but Madam Lu was not in the right mood to listen to it. She picked the pot up from the ground and handed it over to Madam Ma. “Take it if you like! I can’t afford to keep such wildflowers!”

All she wanted to do right now was go back to her room. She wanted to call Lu Jingqing and have him educate Fu Zhi. After all, if Fu Zhi had not given her the blue flower, the worm would not have gotten into the greenhouse. If the worm had not gotten into the greenhouse, then it would not have been able to eat her Tianyi Lotus Orchid. Therefore, it was all Fu Zhi’s fault!

“Hold up, Madam Lu…” Madam Liu wanted to say something, but she paused halfway through her sentence. She had watched the documentary about the Valley Orchid several days ago, and it was very similar to this flower. However, she could not be sure if they were the same, so she did not say anything in the end.

She decided to go home and ask her son, who was a professional botanist. She was certain that Fu Zhi must have more than one pot of the blue-colored flower, and if the flower was really a Valley Orchid, she was going to tell Madam Lu about it on her birthday as a birthday gift.

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