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Chapter 219: Fu Zhi Is Busted – 3

It took about 40 minutes to get from No.1 High School to the hospital.

Ma Mingquan rushed and swerved on the road madly. Qian Wenrui looked at him and frowned.

It seemed to her that something had happened to his family. Even though she could not bring herself to do something evil, such as curse his father, that did not prevent her from feeling delighted. After all, errors were bound to happen when one’s attention was spread thin. If Ma Mingquan had to take care of his family, then he would not have much time to keep an eye on his job. If that happened, it would only benefit her even more.

Old Master Ma was a very cooperative patient. While Fu Zhi was giving him the acupuncture treatment, he just lay on his bed and listened to traditional opera songs through an old handphone.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, there were two kinds of factors to a stroke: external factors and internal factors. In Old Master Ma’s case, it was the former, which explained his frequent fever, his ruddy cheeks, and the bitterness in his mouth.

It was pretty costly to treat his disease. At first, Old Master Ma had not put much faith in Fu Zhi and had just gone along with her. After all, she was giving him free treatment, and he saw no reason to reject the offer. Besides, Lin Hui was there as well. If anything went wrong, he would be there to save his skin, so there was nothing to be worried about.

It was only when Fu Zhi inserted the last needle into his acupoint and the tightness in his chest slowly lifted that he realized he might be wrong.

‘This… Is this kid really a master of traditional Chinese medicine? I’ve never felt so comfortable before when receiving acupuncture from other doctors! She’s got some skills!’

Like a rank of soldiers, the silver needles were vibrating on Old Master Ma’s skin. Fu Zhi waited until the needles finally stopped before pulling them out and putting them back. After doing that, she turned her head sideways to look at Lin Hui, who was taking notes, and said, “Have you jotted down everything?”

“Yes!” Lin Hui answered before going silent. After a short while of contemplation, he then asked, “By the way, grandmaster, would it be okay for you to teach me the Thirteen Ghost Point Acupuncture Manipulation? I mean, you haven’t taught my master this technique, and now you…”

“Hmm?” Fu Zhi cocked her head and peered at Lin Hui. “What do you mean?”

Lin Hui then mustered up the courage to add, “Grandmaster, I’m really determined to learn your technique. I wonder if you could give me a chance and take me in as your disciple so that I can learn directly from you?”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘I haven’t forgiven him for his rude actions yet, yet he has the audacity to ask me to take him in as my direct disciple?’

Just as she was about to say no, Lin Hui added, “I’ll explain to Master Sun after this. Besides, I’ll throw a party in celebration if you accept me as your disciple and I’ll give you cash gifts on every festive occasion!”

Fu Zhi was stunned. “You will give me cash gifts on every festive occasion if I take you under my wing?”

After all, she had been teaching for free, and her students had never given her any money before. She paused for a moment, and before Lin Hui could say anything, she replied, “It’s decided then. I agree to take you in as my disciple. Remember to give me cash as you promised.”

Lin Hui did not know what to say, and Old Master Ma, who had been watching them from the sidelines, was stumped as well. Fu Zhi had proven to be a capable doctor, and he had a hunch that he was going to recover soon.

He wanted to introduce Fu Zhi to his son, but Fu Zhi did not think so. It was almost time for school to end, and she figured that she should leave now. However, just as she took a step forward, she felt a tug at her sleeve. She turned around and met the eyes of Old Master Ma. “Doctor, you haven’t told me your name yet, and I want to ask my son to treat you to a meal for saving my skin!”

Fu Zhi grew even more nervous. “It’s okay. Just call me Red Scarf. I have other things to do, so I have to leave now!”

Just as Fu Zhi finished speaking, the door to the ward was pushed open by a pair of big hands.

“Quen’er, you’ve come! Doctor, this is my son. His name is Ma Mingquan!” Old Master Ma said with a grin.

Fu Zhi fell silent. She had been wrong. It had been a wrong decision to take Lin Hui to the hospital today to treat Old Master Ma for convenience’s sake.

“How are you, dad? I—” Before Ma Mingquan could finish his sentence, he raised his head and locked gazes with Fu Zhi. He froze for a moment before he asked, “Fu Zhi? I thought you went to see your grandma?!”

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