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Chapter 218: Fu Zhi Is Busted – 2

Fu Zhi heard from Su Xing that Old Master Ma was now paralyzed following a stroke. However, she fell silent and adopted a skeptical attitude when she saw Old Master Ma in person.

‘Well, the word ‘heard’ is really a magical word,’ she thought.

There was no one but him in the room, not even his family. He was leaning against a pillow on his bed in a semi-sitting position, watching one of those ridiculous anti-Japan plays.

When he saw Lin Hui and Fu Zhi, he frowned and said, “I don’t believe in Western medicine. It’s all bullsh*t, and they just want my money. By the way, are you really traditional Chinese medicine doctors?”

He was asking Lin Hui. Lin Hui nodded and turned to Fu Zhi. “Grandmaster, this is just a small issue. Why don’t you just let me handle it?”

Old Master Ma was stunned. “Why are you calling that kid grandmaster? Are you out of your mind?”

‘Can I really trust him?’

Old Master Ma began to study Lin Hui from head to toe suspiciously.

“Gan Luo became prime minister at the age of 12, which means that ability has nothing to do with age,” Lin Hui said as he approached Old Master Ma. He showed him his license and put one finger on his lips to silence him. Then, he grabbed his hand and began to take his pulse.

‘Well, he’s indeed suffering from a stroke, but his condition is not as bad and an operation will not be necessary.’

It was considered taboo for doctors to discuss their diagnosis in front of a patient. Lin Hui led Fu Zhi out of the room and then said, “In my opinion, acupuncture is more than enough to nurse him back to health, but the whole treatment course might take about two months.”

Acupuncture was one of the most effective treatments for a stroke. Even though its effect was slow, it could significantly increase the recovery rate, improve bodily function, and help the patient get back on their feet.

Lin Hui surmised that Old Master Ma was the reason why Fu Zhi had brought him here.

“Two months? That’s too long.” Fu Zhi frowned and said, “How about this… I’ll show you the Thirteen Ghost Point Acupuncture Manipulation later. You try to use that acupuncture technique to treat him, and he will recover in about a month.”

Lin Hui was stunned.

The Thirteen Ghost Point Acupuncture Manipulation? Even his master did not know how to perform the technique, yet Fu Zhi was now going to teach it to him?

He was so excited that he would have jumped and shouted if he were not in a hospital right now.

However, there was one question on his mind. He turned to Fu Zhi and asked, “But why don’t you treat him yourself, grandmaster? Wouldn’t that be faster?”

Fu Zhi sighed. “You won’t understand.”

The entire treatment course would take about a month, and there were several reasons why she was not the right candidate. First, she still needed to go to school, and it would be very inconvenient for her to take time off. Second, she had taken too much leave based on some ridiculous excuses in the past month, and if Ma Mingquan got her again…

Fu Zhi’s intuition had always been very spot-on. She did not want to face Ma Mingquan when he learned the truth.

In any case, Lin Hui felt like he had gotten the best bargain. He then said confidently, “Leave him to me, grandmaster. I won’t disappoint you!”

At the same time, Dr. Liu was explaining to Old Master Ma how Fu Zhi had cured Chen Ming.

Old Master Ma was old. He would go for acupuncture treatment every month, but the effect was minimal. However, since Fu Zhi was going to treat him free of charge, he decided to give her a chance. Besides, even if something went wrong during the treatment, Lin Hui would be there to save him. Therefore, Old Master Ma called his son and said, “Buy me some wine after you get off work today. A doctor came to visit me, and she said she’s going to give me a free acupuncture treatment. Even though she’s as young as your students, she’s got some skills. I’ve helped you save some money!”

“What? Dad, don’t do anything stupid. My students are all kids. How can you simply trust someone?” Ma Mingquan jerked up from his chair.

Old Master Ma refused to listen to him. “You’re too stubborn, son. How can you refuse when an opportunity presents itself? Ah, I have to hang up the call now. The doctor is back, and the treatment is starting soon.”

“Wait! Dad! Dad?!”

The call was cut off, and Ma Mingquan was stunned. However, he soon recomposed himself and hastily told the teacher sitting next to him, “Please tell Director Liu that there’s been an emergency and I need to take the day off. Also, let me know when Fu Zhi is back. I have to go to the hospital now!”

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