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Chapter 197: There Is No First Come, First Served When It Comes To Relationships

The Math teacher had nearly broken Su Xing’s arm when she had not handed in her homework last time.

The Math teacher’s assistant fell silent when he heard Su Xing’s comment about their Math teacher.

‘I’ve been his helper for three years, yet even I still need to do his homework, let alone you! He’s a real hypocrite!’

Fu Zhi listened to Su Xing’s rant and understood what she felt very well. Then, she said, “Well, there’s no such thing as first come, first served when it comes to relationships.”

Both Su Xing and the Math teacher’s assistant wanted to cry.

Ever since Fu Zhi had crash-landed in No.1 High School two months ago, she had made several breakthroughs and brought about a few changes in the school. First, she had replaced Lu Chuwan and become the new school belle. Second, she’d roasted the netizens on the live streaming platform. Third, she had led her team to the preliminary round.

Therefore, many students would “inadvertently” walk past Class 21 during recess. Every day, Fu Zhi’s desk would be filled with heaps of love letters and chocolate.

Song Fang felt that he had to do something about it. He sent a text message to Lu Yubai and said, “Do you think they will kidnap our sister?”

“First of all, she’s my sister.”

Lu Yubai then replied immediately, “Second, if it’s just chocolate and love letters, you don’t have to inform me. Unless there’s a bank card on her desk, I don’t have to worry about her at all.”

Song Fang was left speechless. He seemed to understand his little sister on a basic level.

There was a swarm of students in the corridor outside Class 21. Some of them were shouting, while the others were whispering to each other as they pointed at Fu Zhi.

As she pinched a piece of milk candy in her hand, Fu Zhi’s eyes were glazed over with rage and she was visibly annoyed.

Just before she could do anything dramatic, Director Liu appeared. He craned his neck into the classroom and shouted, “Fu Zhi, please see me in my office!”

Fu Zhi collected all her textbooks and went out through the front door. The moment she stepped out of the classroom, all the students crowded at the door retreated to the side and made way for her.

After Fu Zhi left the classroom, the female students in her class gathered around Su Xing and handed bubble tea to her. “Can you help us give this to Fu Zhi?”

Su Xing was confused. She asked, “Why don’t you give it to her yourselves?”

“Well, you know, she has always been aloof and she seems like she doesn’t want to become our friend.”

“Yeah, and she doesn’t seem like someone who would go to the bathroom hand in hand with us.”

“She’s beautiful, and we want to give her some money to spend.”

The group of girls chirped like a bunch of birds around Su Xing, and she could see nothing but admiration on their faces as they talked.

The result of the competition had exceeded everyone’s expectations. Director Liu had looked for Fu Zhi because he had something to tell her.

“You must have gotten exhausted from walking all the way here from your classroom, right? Come, come, come… Come over here and have a seat,” Director Liu said as he pulled a chair for Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi did not know what he was planning, but she was not going to take a seat. She leaned against the door frame with a frown on her face as she said, “Can’t you just tell me what you want to say from there?”

‘I cannot!’ Director Liu shouted inwardly.

He took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down, but it was a fruitless endeavor. He paced up and down in his office, his body shuddering slightly while beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Just as Fu Zhi thought he was going crazy, he suddenly turned to her and shouted, “Fu Zhi! It’s all thanks to you that No.1 High School has become even more famous! You are a goddamn genius!”

He was so excited that he brandished his fists in the air.

Fu Zhi did not know what to say. She took two steps back, and her hair fell over her ears.

She seemed startled.

“The Education Bureau called us today, and do you know who they wanted to talk about? You!” Director Liu resumed pacing around his office so fast that Fu Zhi wondered if he would fly into the sky. “In the entire country, you’re the only one who scored full marks! It has been so long since our school got praised by other people.”

On his desk was Fu Zhi’s profile from when she’d studied in No.3 High School. He tried to calm down and asked, “Can you tell me what’s up with your previous grades?”

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