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Chapter 193: Why Don’t You Just Quit Your Job?

“You’ll take the blame for her? Are you kidding me? Have you lost your mind? We raised you so that you would take care of me, not fight with me! If I knew that your sister would lead you astray to this extent, I would never have allowed her to enter our family!”

She paused for a while before adding, “I’ve been very lenient with you and your family, but it’s about time I told you and your mother who runs this family! Listen very carefully, you two. I’ll make it all very clear now, so I won’t say this again. Fu Zhi must leave the Lu Family, and none of you will be allowed to seek help from the Jiang Family. Anyone who refuses to listen to me will face severe consequences. Try me if you dare!” Madam Lu shouted, filling the entire hall with her angry voice.

The more she said, the uglier Lu Yumo’s face became. However, since she was his grandmother, he did not say anything in return. His body was shaking, his jaw was tightly set, and his eyes held no emotion as he stared her down defiantly.

“Do you understand everything I said? I want you to cut ties with her. Why is that so hard? Why can’t you listen to me?” Madam Lu shouted as she pulled Lu Yumo’s arm. Her anger became even greater when Lu Yumo refused to respond. Even though Xu Wei was protecting her son behind her back, Madam Lu still raised her arm high.

Just as she was about to give Lu Yumo another slap on the cheek, a stun baton appeared out of nowhere and landed on her wrist.

After hitting its target, the stun baton dropped to the floor, producing a few loud thuds.

Everyone looked toward the source of the noise. Fu Zhi was standing next to Jiang Ningbei. She was still wearing her short-sleeved school uniform, and there was a bandage tied around her arm. She stood a few meters away from them and stared emotionlessly at Madam Lu.

Her lips were pressed thinly, and an exhausted expression was visible on her face.

She seemed like she was not in a good mood.

Madam Lu’s wrist swelled and her face contorted in a grimace of pain as pangs of jabbing pain spread through her arm.

Xu Wei was stunned by the appearance of her daughter. Her eyes turned red around the rims, and she went up to Fu Zhi with her eldest son. “Zhizhi, are you alright? What’s wrong with your arm?”

“I was acquitted of the charge.” Fu Zhi retracted her gaze and answered flatly, “I accidentally cut my arm. It’s not a big deal.”

“Thank goodness they released you without any charges. I knew that you were innocent!”

Lu Yumo pointed at her arm and asked, “Did you go to see the doctor? What did he say?”

“Yeah, Jiang Ningbei took me to the doctor just now. He said I only need to recuperate for two days.”

“You can never trust the words of a doctor. They will say you only caught a cold even if you get cancer,” Xu Wei replied with a frown of concern on her face. “You have to take care of yourself. You’ll take the day off from school tomorrow. Mommy and your brothers will cook chicken soup for you.”

Fu Zhi hated going to school, so she decided to go along with her mother’s decision and nodded. “Okay. As long as you’re happy.”

After she said that, Lu Yumo chimed in, “Mom is right. It looks serious, and I recommend that you let me be your arms and legs until you fully recover!”

He grinned at Fu Zhi, and that grin soon turned into a wince when he accidentally pulled the corner of his lips.

Fu Zhi’s expression turned even grimmer. She felt as if there was a tug in her heart as she asked, “Didn’t I send a text message to you and ask you to wait for me at home?”

“Did you?” Xu Wei looked at her phone and said, “I didn’t receive any text messages…”

“Erm, about that… Zhizhi, I forgot to send the text message…” Jiang Ningbei’s voice rang out behind Fu Zhi. He gulped nervously, and cold sweat was beading on his forehead. He had totally forgotten the thing Fu Zhi had ordered him to do because he had been too worried about his teammate.

‘He is not good at hacking and he can’t even do something as simple as that.’

Fu Zhi looked at him coldly and said, “What can you do then? Why don’t you just quit your job instead?”

Dong Cun wanted to greet Jiang Ningbei, but the other man’s expression was cold. When he heard what Fu Zhi said, he frowned.

Then, a second later, Madam Lu’s voice erupted, her face looking pale and scared. “Fu Zhi! Did your mother not teach you how to behave yourself? How can you be so rude?”

She paused for a moment, turned to Jiang Ningbei, and added, “Please forgive us, Captain Jiang. She’s still young, and we’re going to send her back to the orphanage. Then, you can do whatever you want. From this day onward, she is not related to the Lu Family. We are cutting ties with her!”

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