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Chapter 187: A Student From No.1 High School Scored Full Marks

All the leaders and teachers of No.1 High School were excited about the results of the competition.

Since each class had sent in its respective representatives, all the teachers gathered in front of the computer and waited for the results after having lunch.

As the group leader of the Physics group, Ma Mingquan was tasked with computing the grades and ranking of each student from every class.

The group of teachers stared at the website with a worried expression on their faces. One of the teachers said, “The last four structured questions were way too difficult. It took me nearly half a day to complete two of them.”

They were fully aware of how difficult the questions of the qualifying round could be and they’d initially thought that the students could at least score some marks by predicting the style of the questions. However, little had they expected that the association would take an unusual approach and create the question paper by taking sample questions from the question bank. As a result, all the students had been thrown off guard, and most of them had not even answered the last four structured questions.

As they were waiting in front of the computer, Director Liu arrived. He gestured at the teachers and then took a seat as well. After roughly 10 minutes of waiting, the phone rang.

It was a call from the Education Bureau.

It was quiet in the office. All the teachers waited with bated breath as Director Liu answered the call. Suddenly, he jerked up from the chair and shouted excitedly, “Ah? Oh, we didn’t expect this either. Well, it is all thanks to our teachers’ effort…”

Very soon, he hung up the call. Qian Wenrui sensed something and looked anxiously at Director Liu.

“Good news!” Director Liu grasped his phone tightly and announced, his voice laced with great merriment, “One of our students scored full marks in the paper, and only one participant across the entire nation got all the answers right!”

As if he was the participant who had scored full marks, he brandished his fists in the air.

About 100 schools had participated in this competition. The fact that the Education Bureau would take the initiative and call them showed how important this competition was to the people in the capital. Every teacher in the office was filled with exhilaration. Then, one of the teachers asked, “Director Liu, do you know which student it is?”

“About that… They haven’t told me yet, so…”

That said, everyone in the office had a rough idea about the identity of the student. They turned to look at Qian Wenrui, and one of them said, “Ms. Qian, I’m sure it’s either Lu Chuwan or Lu Yubai from your class, right?”

Well, there was a reason why they would think that. No.1 High School had taken in the top 100 students in the province, and nearly half of them had been put into Qian Wenrui’s class.

All of them had inborn advantages over the others and, in combination with Qian Wenrui’s effective guidance, the teachers just could not think of any other student who would be capable of achieving such a feat other than the students in Class 1.

“Lu Yubai didn’t manage to finish the paper,” Qian Wenrui answered as she gripped her cup tightly. She also remembered Lu Chuwan’s face when she had come out of the examination hall, and it did not give her a good feeling.

However, she could not bring herself to deny this while facing the expectant gazes of the crowd of teachers. Therefore, she gave an ambiguous reply. “So it’s not him.”

Another teacher chimed in, “So it’s Lu Chuwan then? I have to say, she’s really a girl full of surprises. Even though her grades are pretty good, I didn’t expect her to… Anyway, if she’s really the one, then our school is going to become even more famous!”

Qian Wenrui glanced at Ma Mingquan.

Since there was some time left, she made up an excuse and went out of the office to look for Lu Chuwan. When she found her, she pulled her aside and asked, “One of our students scored full marks on the paper, so did you finish all the questions of the paper or not?”

On the other side, Fu Zhi did not know that all the teachers were discussing who had gotten all the answers right in the office.

Right now, she was talking to Lu Ning on the phone.

“If you want to get a license for the patent, you can drop that thought right now. The research on this medication is sponsored by the government, not to mention that some of the materials are hard to find. They demand really specific living conditions to grow and they are endangered species.

“It isn’t something you can grow, and even if you obtain the prescription and the required materials, your team will never be able to produce the same medication anyway.”

Lu Ning was standing in the hall of a hotel. She put her phone on speaker mode, while Dong Cun was standing behind her with a dark face.

After she hung up the call, Dong Cun sneered, “And you said she’s reliable? Does she know what an anti-cancer drug is? Does she know our team?”

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