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Chapter 180: Actual Product May Differ

After Fu Zhi prepared everything, she gave Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei a call.

Then, she went to settle the final payment with Shen Cizhou. As a boss who took great care of her own staff, she would never go back on her word.

She pulled her phone out and transferred 23 yuan to Shen Cizhou with a note that said, “Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate it.”

Shen Cizhou—who had been waiting for his 230,000-yuan final payment in his mansion—was stunned when he saw the transaction.

When he came back to his senses, he flew into a rage and snarled, “What the hell do you mean by that? Where is the 230,000-yuan cheque that you showed me the other day?!”

“I still have it, don’t worry,” Fu Zhi replied as she pulled the cheque from underneath her pillow. She caressed the cheque as if she was caressing her own baby and then said earnestly, “Don’t get so angry, Zhouzhou. Actual products often differ from the picture.”

Shen Zhouzhou, aka Shen Cizhou, was once again stunned by Fu Zhi’s shamelessness.

‘I knew it! I knew she must have something up her sleeve! That little b*tch! How dare she lie to me! Even if the friendly way I treated her all these years was nothing but a pretense, how… how dare she!’

Very soon, it was the day Mr. Zhou and the Lu Family would hold a banquet for Lu Yumo and Zhou Tingting’s engagement.

Zhou Tingting’s hometown was a small village around Yu City. Both Mr. Zhou and Zhou Tingting had a mad sense of decency, so it went without saying that they would never give up a great opportunity like this to show off in their village.

If it were not for the weather, Mr. Zhou would have added a mink coat on top of his well-pressed suit.

Before long, the abalone and lobster he had ordered from a five-star hotel were served on the table.

Even though Yu City had been developing rapidly in the past few years, the living conditions in the village still lagged behind. They did not even have a proper school. Most of the people that stayed in the village were empty nesters, and there were also some middle-aged people in their 40s and 50s. They were dumbfounded by the ostentatiousness and extravagance of the scene, and they thought the Lu Family looked even better than the celebrities on television.

All of them were clueless about what Zhou Tingting had done to the Lu Family. A few older people went up to them and congratulated them. “Even though it’s a shame that Tingting has to drop out of school early, at least she’s in good hands now. I can see that golden days lay ahead of you and Tingting.”

“That’s right. Listen to me, Xiao Zhou. You should stop gambling. Lead a good life and don’t put too much pressure on your daughter.”

“Well, according to tradition, it’s better for newlyweds to sleep on a new mattress, so all of us chipped in and bought Tingting a new bed. Remember to take it when you leave.”

Mr. Zhou waved his hand as he rejected the gift. “It’s fine, you guys should keep the bed. The Lu Family is rich, so they can take care of us.”

On the other side, Zhou Tingting was getting more and more anxious as she realized Lu Yumo was being very cold to her. Unfortunately, before she could do anything, she was pulled away by her bar colleague.

“My cousin said he likes Fu Zhi very much, but he has one concern. Since she is still a student, will she be able to marry him?”

A tall man was standing next to the colleague that was speaking. His skin was tanned, and he had a square face. He had turned 25 years old this year and he worked as a labor worker in a factory, so he had a decent monthly income. Right now, he was staring intently at Fu Zhi.

He then told Zhou Tingting, “I’m fine with her age. I can wait until she drops out of school.”

Zhou Tingting was stumped. She did not like how this man talked, so she said immediately, “There’s no need to wait. You can start making advances on her. After all, no man can tolerate her grades and strange behavior. I will find an excuse and ask her out tomorrow. You try your best to win her heart.”

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