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Chapter 179: An Ordinary, Warm-Hearted Citizen

Fu Zhi pulled Lu Yumo all the way back to their house and threw him into his room.

Before she left his room, she felt a tug at her sleeve. She turned around and saw Lu Yumo looking at her with a pair of puppy eyes.

Frowning, Fu Zhi placed her arm on the chair beside the bed and asked, her voice soft and emotionless, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Yumo sniffled and said in a nasal voice, “You… You haven’t said anything to me yet.”

‘Oh, so he wants me to comfort him?’

With that thought in mind, Fu Zhi withdrew her hand from Lu Yumo’s grip and patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry too much. It’s not your fault. Just rest well and everything will be fine.”

Lu Yumo shook his head. Just as he was about to say something, Fu Zhi added, “I spent quite a lot of money to save you this time, so you gotta rest well and pay me back the money.”

Lu Yumo fell silent. He threw himself back on his bed and covered his head with his blanket.

After Fu Zhi went back to her own room, she added Mrs. Wang on WeChat.

Then, she looked at the clock and figured that she had not gotten on the plane yet. Thus, she sent a message to her. “Are you Liu Jun’s wife?”

“Yes, I am.” This was Mrs. Wang’s private number. Not many people knew about it, so she did not know how or where this person with the Spongebob Squarepants avatar had gotten her phone number.

Fu Zhi’s fingers moved nimbly on the screen as she sent about 8 intimate photos of Zhou Tingting and Liu Jun to Mrs. Zhou. Then, she said, “This is proof that your husband is having an affair. The girl in the photos is Zhou Tingting. She’s currently working at a small bar next to The Elysium.”

In one photo, the man and woman were cuddling below an upscale apartment.

Mrs. Wang’s expression changed when she saw the photos. However, since she did not know the reason Fu Zhi was sending her the photos, she calmed down and said, “Men are bound to be accompanied by women because they need to do business. I’m sure it’s just a fling, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Then, Fu Zhi sent an edited clip to her and said, “But according to your husband, Zhou Tingting is already one month pregnant with a child.”

Mrs. Wang was genuinely shocked this time when she played the video, and the scales fell from her eyes.

‘No wonder he has been staring at his phone and acting weirdly recently, and no wonder he insisted on sending me to rest in a foreign country! So this is the reason! He wants to be with that b*tch! How dare you, Liu Jun! How dare you do this to me, you son of a b*tch!’

Mrs. Wang kept scolding Liu Jun for a long while. After she finally calmed down, she opened Fu Zhi’s WeChat and said, “May I know your name, miss? Also, may I ask you out for lunch? I want to show you my gratitude personally for telling me about the things my husband has done behind my back.”

“That’s not necessary. I’m a nobody, but you can call me Red Scarf.”

When Fu Zhi saw Mrs. Wang typing something, she said, “You don’t have to compliment me anymore. Just remember to send me the money that you wanted to spend to treat me to a meal.”

Mrs. Wang was speechless.

‘Well, at least she wants something from me.’

“This is the Wang Family’s affair, and I hope you won’t tell anybody about it.”

Mrs. Wang would deal with her husband alone, but she could not let other people know about the things her husband had done behind her back, or her family’s reputation would be ruined.

She then transferred 200,000 yuan to Fu Zhi.

A satisfied grin blossomed across Fu Zhi’s face when she saw the transaction notification. Before she deleted Mrs. Wang from her WeChat, she said, “Zhou Tingting is going to arrange an engagement bouquet in her village this Wednesday. Liu Jun will be there too, so I think you should know what you must do, right?”

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