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Chapter 178: Mink Coat

“Didn’t I already tell you that we shouldn’t see each other so often now?” A tired male voice wafted from the video.

“I didn’t want to, but I can’t shake off the feeling that Fu Zhi knows what we’re doing for some reason…” Zhou Tingting said with a pout. She seemed anxious but she was scared of the man before her, so she could not lash out at him.

“If you don’t do anything stupid, how is she going to find out? Don’t tell me you can’t even get rid of a little girl?”

The fire of rage in Zhou Tingting grew even taller when she heard what the man had said. However, when she thought about what she was going to do, she swallowed her rage and said, “Mrs. Lu likes Fu Zhi a lot, and Fu Zhi doesn’t like me at all. She’s as vicious as a snake. She tried to break my arm the other day. Well, I wouldn’t care if she tried to harm me, but the baby…”

“Then figure out a way to get her out of the Lu Family! I remember that this useless brother of yours is a drunkard who likes to beat women, right? Introduce Fu Zhi to him and ask him to teach her how to respect her elders. If she resists, just beat the hell out of her.”

Zhou Tingting hastily replied, “That won’t work. My brother is too young, but I have a friend whose cousin is much older. He works in a factory, and I think we can introduce her to him.”

Liu Jun rubbed the spot between his eyebrows and said, “Just do what you have to do. My wife is coming back from a holiday abroad in three days.”

Zhou Tingting was shocked. “Three days? Didn’t you say she was going to stay overseas for at least 6 months?”

“She’s pretty erratic, and her parents have been urging us to have a baby.” The more Liu Jun talked, the more nervous he became. “In any case, she’s coming back in the next few days.”

Zhou Tingting’s face turned pale.

Yu City was a small city, and if the Wang Family wanted to get rid of her, it would be as easy as killing a bug. Besides, Zhou Tingting had heard that Mrs. Wang was very good at getting rid of the women that tried to get near Liu Jun.

If she had been given a choice, she would not have been doing this either. Her father was a gambler drowning in debt. If she did not postpone her studies to work, she was going to die.

She had framed Lu Yumo because she felt jealous. That day, while Fu Zhi had been walking side by side with Lu Yumo, she had sworn to herself that she would get him back no matter what.

Zhou Tingting licked her dry lips and asked, “Will your wife find me?”

“You’re the one who proposed this idea, and if my wife does discover something, I won’t protect you,” Liu Jun replied emotionlessly. “Therefore, use that little brain of yours quickly and make Lu Yumo give the mansion to you. Otherwise, you’re doomed!”

Zhou Tingting said something again, but Lu Yumo could not hear anything else.

It turned out that Zhou Tingting wanted to make him the father of Liu Jun’s baby. Not only that, but she also wanted to kick his sister out of his house.

“Goddammit! I’m going to kill them!” Lu Yumo put on his sunglasses, ready to rush into the apartment to teach those two people a lesson.

Fu Zhi pulled his sleeve and said, “If you go in right now, what if she says you went there to meet up with her?”

Lu Yumo slumped on the chair and asked, “What should we do now then?”

Fu Zhi replied, “Well, there are a lot of ways to go about this. Right now, all you have to do is stay calm. Acting rashly is not going to help, and what’s more, you may even need to give them money for beating them up.”

Lu Yumo did not know what to say.

So in the end, money was more important than him?

The corner of Lu Yumo’s lips turned down as this thought appeared in his mind. Then, he heard Fu Zhi say, “I already sent the video to mom and dad. Don’t worry, I have a solution.”

Lu Yumo’s eyes glowed brighter and brighter as he listened to Fu Zhi’s plan. In the end, his eyes turned red around the rims and he pounced on her and started crying.

People always said that one’s younger sister was like a cotton-padded jacket that kept one warm, but his sister was different. She was a mink coat, and he felt both extremely warm and secure with her by his side.

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