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Chapter 177: Madam Lu Deletes The Photo

Very soon, Bai Yao got wind of what had happened to Lu Yumo.

Zhou Tingting came from a humble background and had a complicated family. The scandal about Lu Yumo was the funniest thing Bai Yao had heard in her life.

She took the picture that Mrs. Ma had sent her and showed it to Madam Lu. Then, she said with a serious face, “Mom, take a look at what Yumo has done. This picture is all over the internet now, and our reputation has been ruined thanks to him!”

Madam Lu took a glance at the photo. There were two people in it. One of them was Zhou Tingting, who was crying, while the other was Mr. Zhou, who looked disheveled.

She knew how her son had educated her grandson. Even though Lu Yumo was a little air-headed, there was no way he would have fallen in love with a normal girl like Zhou Tingting.

Besides, it just did not seem normal that her son would allow the Zhou Family to cause his family trouble.

Madam Lu felt her head begin to hurt again, and her face turned grim.

“What did Xu Wei say?”

“He’ll be marrying that girl, of course. To think that he would do something like this… That shows how much Xu Wei has failed as a mother. Jingqing really shouldn’t have married her!”

“Only Mrs. Ma has this photo?”

Bai Yao nodded.

Then, Madam Lu caressed the orchid beside her and said, “Give me the phone.”

Bai Yao gave the phone to her without any hesitation. She was going to spread this news to all her friends tonight. She wanted Lu Yumo to be unable to raise his head in front of other people for the rest of his life!

As she was immersed in her own thoughts, Madam Lu deleted the photo and the chat record. Then, she sent a voice message to Mrs. Ma, “Good evening, Mrs. Ma. I wonder if you have heard the phrase ‘one should never poke his or her nose into other people’s business’ before? I’ve never said anything, but I know that the drunk driver that ran over that poor pedestrian was your son. Therefore, I hope that you know your own place and you will stop meddling into my family’s affairs.”

After saying that, she threw the phone back to Bai Yao and said, emphasizing every word that came out of her lips, “As for you, I don’t want anything like this to come out of your mouth ever again! The Lu Family’s reputation is my reputation. After Yumo graduates from high school, I’ll find a girlfriend for him and I’ll never allow a girl like this to enter my family. Also, don’t forget to tell all your friends to keep their mouths shut and mind their own business. If I hear anyone badmouthing my grandson behind my back, don’t blame me for not being nice!”

Bai Yao’s expression changed, and she fell silent.

Liu Jun would visit Zhou Tingting every week at an apartment that he rented.

After she figured out everything, Fu Zhi went to look for Lu Yumo. He had shut himself up in his room, as he felt that he was not pure anymore.

When he saw Fu Zhi, his eyes turned red around the rims and he started sobbing. “Zhizhi, don’t come so close to me. I’m dirty right now.”

He sniffled as he tried his best to force down the urge to cry. He said, “It’s all my fault for causing all of you trouble. If I hadn’t gone to that bar, none of this would’ve happened. Don’t worry, if the Zhous come again, I’ll cut ties with all of you. I won’t let anyone hurt you!”

“Well, you don’t have to cut ties with us.” Fu Zhi sighed. She looked at his swollen eyes and said, “Don’t cry. Mommy is worried about you. Now, get changed. We’re going to put an end to this stupid farce.”

Lu Yumo did not know how Fu Zhi was going to solve this matter, but upon seeing how resolute his sister was, he changed into a polo t-shirt and went out with her.

Fu Zhi took him to the apartment rented by Liu Jun and Zhou Tingting. She found a coffee shop, went into a private room, and opened her laptop.

Then, two people appeared on the screen shortly. The video was clear, and both of them could see that Zhou Tingting and Liu Jun were sitting in a room.

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