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Chapter 176: Investigation – 2

Xu Wei was so exasperated that her eyes had turned red. She turned to Lu Yumo and shouted, “Your father is investigating this matter! If we find out that you really defiled her, your father is going to break your legs and kick you out of our house!”

In the afternoon, Fu Zhi went to meet up with Shen Cizhou, who had just returned home, at a coffee shop.

He was wearing a black polo shirt, and because he had been on a mission in a foreign land, his skin was slightly tanned and he looked even more muscular.

“Help me investigate Zhou Tingting,” Fu Zhi said as she took a sip from her juice. “She’s one month pregnant.”

She had sensed that Zhou Tingting was behaving weirdly when she had been at the Lu Mansion earlier. It was only after she’d placed her hand on her wrist that she had been sure. Unfortunately, she did not have any evidence, so she had not exposed her.

Shen Cizhou ordered a cup of coffee. He sat with his leg crossed as he snuggled comfortably into the chair, causing the people in the coffee shop to look at him from time to time.

“Well, it’s easy to investigate her, but…” He opened two packets of sugar and popped them into his coffee. “Do you have enough money to pay me?”

He lit a cigarette and held it between his fingers. The smoke that rose from the cigarette formed a veil around his face and made him look even more charming.

Fu Zhi took out the cheques that she had gotten several days ago.

‘Hmm… 230,000 yuan?’

For a person who loved money more than everything, it was sincere of her to take so much money out.

Shen Cizhou nodded in satisfaction. Just as he was about to put away the cheque, Fu Zhi smacked his hand away and transferred 2.3 yuan to him through WeChat.

Then, she said simply, “I’m poor, so I can only give you an advance. After you finish the investigation, I’ll pay you the rest.”

Shen Cizhou did not know what to say.

Perhaps he was too eager to earn her money, as he rejected a business opportunity worth 30 million yuan.

It took him less than half a day to figure out the whole thing.

“It’s the Wang Family in Yu City. When Zhou Tingting went to work at a bar last month, she made a toast to Liu Jun, Mrs. Wang’s husband. Then, they fell in love and something happened between them. Mrs. Wang and her family are wealthier, while her husband is a man from a humble background. He’s very handsome, but he’s useless. He’s so lazy that he couldn’t even get a job to feed himself.

“He left a trail behind and Mrs. Wang began to suspect him. That’s why they set your eldest brother up.”

Shen Cizhou had done a pretty good job. He had even gotten Mrs. Wang’s contact number. He gave the number to Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi took a look at the photo and nodded. Just as she was about to leave, Shen Cizhou added, “It’s not been very safe lately, so don’t come out so often. Fu Zhao sent me a message and I already checked through Country M. I’m not sure about the 3rd-generation test subject, but the 2nd-generation test subject is coming after you.”

Their country had poured in a lot of resources and money into funding Laboratory 927. However, there had been some flaws in the gene-stitching technique at the time, so the 1st-generation test subjects could not live for more than 25 years.

When the 2nd-generation test subjects had come out, most of them had been plagued by early organ failure.

Theoretically, Fu Zhi was the only successful test subject who was healthy and was not suffering from any latent defects. Therefore, the other test subjects had always wanted to cut her open to study her body.

Fu Zhi did not raise her head. There were not many people in the coffee shop, and she snuggled comfortably in the chair.

Her eyelashes cast a shadow over her eyes under the warm yellow light. Her hand, which was holding her phone, was fair as she answered, “Alright.”

“Be more serious about it,” Shen Cizhou replied. He moved forward and rested his chin on his hand as he said, “You’re in a very dangerous situation right now.”

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