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Chapter 175: Investigation – 1

Mr. Zhou was stunned. Obviously, he had not thought about that at all.

Fu Zhi added, “As an adult, you should know that you have to prepare a dowry for your daughter, right?”

Mr. Zhou’s expression changed, and he hastily said, “Dowry? That kind of tradition only applies in a backward place like the countryside. Here, we don’t give a dowry. Besides, your family is rich.”

Yeah, the Lu Family was rich.

Zhou Tingting looked greedily at Fu Zhi’s clothes and the rhinestones in her chair.

She stretched her arm forward as she attempted to take the rhinestones. However, before her hand could reach its target, Fu Zhi grabbed her wrist.

Zhou Tingting was startled, as she could feel coldness seeping into her skin through the slender fingers on her wrist.

Be that as it may, she quickly calmed down. She would become Fu Zhi’s elder after she married Lu Yumo. She grabbed the deep-blue crystal bracelet on Fu Zhi’s hand and said, “This is so pretty!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty,” Fu Zhi replied. “The crystal is a special local product of Country M. You probably won’t be able to find this bracelet anywhere now, as it’s been discontinued. It was given to me by my brother, and it’s even more expensive than your hand.”

Fu Zhi’s voice was calm, but the words that came out of her mouth were scary.

Zhou Tingting had no idea why but she had a hunch that she would break her wrist if she said something wrong.

“Do you want to trade?”

‘Trade it for what?!’

Zhou Tingting’s heart was racing even faster as Fu Zhi stared at her. She seemed to be able to see through everything on her mind, and she subconsciously took two steps back. “No… No, thanks.”

“There’s no need to be so polite. You two can share clothes and jewelry all you want after you become a family,” Mr. Zhou said as he looked at Fu Zhi. “I heard from my daughter that you’re bad at your studies. Since you’re not a good student, why don’t you stop going to school like Tingting and get to work instead? You can find a man and get married too. I have a good candidate for you—my son. Even though he’s younger than you, the relationship between our families will become even closer if you two get married. If you’re interested, I’ll…”

“That’s enough!” Lu Yumo smacked the table hard and shouted, his eyes flaring with rage. “I’ll say this one more time. I’ll take full responsibility for whatever I did. Don’t ever think of taking advantage of my sister. If you don’t stop now, I will not marry your daughter. If she wants to kill herself or jump off a building, she can go ahead. I don’t care. After she kills herself, I’ll kill myself as well. An eye for an eye. Is that fine with you?”

“Dad, just stop talking!” Zhou Tingting said. “Yumo, please forgive my father. I know Zhizhi is still young and she doesn’t want to get married. I will watch over my dad and I promise you he won’t say something like that ever again.”

That said, Zhou Tingting had promised her colleague at the bar where she worked that she would introduce Fu Zhi to her cousin after she married Lu Yumo.

After all, Fu Zhi was a nuisance. She did not want her to get between her and Lu Yumo, so she wanted to send her away from the Lu Family as soon as possible.

Mr. Zhou fell silent after what Zhou Tingting said. After a short while, he pulled a piece of paper and a pen out and said, “Let’s sign an agreement. We have to arrange an engagement banquet for them as well.”

Lu Yumo rolled his eyes at Mr. Zhou.

Lu Jingqing finally replied to Xu Wei’s message. After reading through his message, Xu Wei said, “They are too young, so it’s not suitable to arrange an engagement banquet for them yet. I have a card with me that has 50,000 yuan inside.”

“No way. We must arrange an engagement banquet for them. Let’s do it this month!” Mr. Zhou wanted to show off to his relatives that his daughter had married above her station. He took the card and said, “It just doesn’t feel right not to arrange an engagement banquet for them. I don’t want anyone to talk about my daughter behind her back. You guys just need to prepare a few dishes. I’ll invite my relatives over and I’ll let you guys know the time of the event.”

After saying that, without waiting for Xu Wei to say anything, he pulled his daughter away from Lu Yumo and left the house.

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