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Chapter 173: I Am Not A Virgin Anymore?

The Lu Family was one of the most prestigious families in Yu City, and Mr. Zhou dreamed that his daughter would marry into the Lu Family.

Right now, he was holding his phone in his hand. He opened up a live streaming app and began a live streaming session on the spot.

“Don’t point your camera at my family! This is only between us, it doesn’t involve my family!” Lu Yumo shouted as he went forward to grab his phone.

Mr. Zhou took a step back. Lu Yumo saw that there were plenty of people inside the live streaming room, and the vein on his forehead bulged.

While he had no idea what to do, his phone rang. It was a call from Xu Ge. He answered the call, and before he could say anything, Xu Ge hastily said, realizing the gravity of the situation, “It’s not my fault, dude. I tried to get you away, but you refused to let her go. That’s why I left you in her care.”

‘That’s it. It’s over.’

Lu Yumo’s face turned even paler.

He knew that losing one’s senses when one got drunk was impossible, but it was just a theory. In reality…

‘Does that mean I am not a virgin anymore?’

“Come on, everyone. Let me show you the true face of the mighty and glorious Lu Family!”

“I told you to stop recording! If I had really… If I had really done something to your daughter, I would have taken full responsibility for it!”

Lu Yumo’s heart ached as if he had been stabbed a few times by someone when he saw people cursing his family in the live streaming room.

The networks were extremely advanced in this day and age. He would not be denying it if he had really done it. After all, if they decided to expose everything by using the power of the internet, the stigma would follow his family for the rest of their lives.

His parents would not be able to raise their heads in front of the public anymore, and his sister and brother would be scolded and cursed wherever they went.

“Yumo, you…” Xu Wei’s eyes went red around the rims as she pulled her son to her side. She had finally seen through everything. All this had been set up by Zhou Tingting. After quitting her studies, she had gone to look for her drunk eldest son at the bar with only one intention: to get their money!

“Mom, if the camera at the bar shows that I was the one who refused to let her go and she was… I’ll take full responsibility for it.”

Lu Yumo was a conservative man. In his opinion, if he really was the one who had defiled her, then he would need to take care of her for the rest of her life.

Mr. Zhou’s face glowed up, and he stopped the live streaming session. “Okay. You go and ask the bar for the recording. Meanwhile, let’s go in and discuss what we should do with these two kids.”

Xu Wei’s expression was dark. Lu Jingqing was currently away on a business trip, so she called him.

Then, she sent the crowd of people away and led Zhou Tingting and her father into the house.

When Mr. Zhou saw the splendid decoration in the living room, he marveled at it. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have a chance to stay in a mansion like this. This is all thanks to my daughter.”

“Stop dreaming,” Xu Wei said. “Everything that I have right now I am going to give to my daughter when I die.”

Mr. Zhou frowned. “To your daughter? Why do you have to give everything to your daughter? Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘a married daughter is like spilled water’? There is no use keeping so many things for your daughter!”

Xu Wei then replied exasperatedly, “So are you saying that I should leave everything to my son, who knows nothing other than disco moves and how to create problems for his parents? I would rather donate it all to charity!”

Lu Yumo, who stood beside Xu Wei, mumbled inwardly, ‘I also know how to spin my hand on my head…’

Very soon, someone brought the recording back from the bar.

Even though they could not hear the sound, they were able to see very clearly that it was Lu Yumo who had refused to let Zhou Tingting go.

Mr. Zhou then said, “See? This is proof. Do you have anything else to say? If you don’t, then I have something to say. Let’s postpone what we should do with them for now. Right now, I want 10 million yuan and this mansion. What do you think? I think that should be fine for you, right?”

The Lu Mansion had been bought by Lu Jingqing after he’d worked tirelessly for many years. Since the mansion was located in the center of the city, it cost about 70 million yuan.

‘He must be out of his mind!’ Xu Wei snarled inwardly.

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