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Chapter 145: Vice-Principal, You Are Fired

Nine Land Rovers from the Li Family stopped before the staircase outside No.1 High School.

All the reporters were blocked by the bodyguards.

Li Nanli took a look at the messages sent to him by the government personnel. Somebody had told him about the things that had happened to Fu Zhi that day, which was why he had been able to come before the stipulated time.

The vice-principal rushed to the entrance of the school and welcomed him.

He wanted to show Li Nanli the hall of their school, but the secretary standing beside Li Nanli did not give him the chance to do so. He stepped forward and demanded, “Mr. Li wants to have a look at the sports field first. Oh yeah, which one of you is Mr. Xia?”

“I am.” Mr. Xia stepped forward. The Li Family was the most prestigious family in the capital. They rarely interacted with people outside of their own social circle, so Mr. Xia was quite surprised that Secretary Liu would suddenly ask about him.

“You are the one who threw away Fu Zhi’s textbooks and desk?”

Mr. Xia was stunned for a while. He did not know how Secretary Liu knew about it, so he said, “No, I didn’t throw away her desk. I just moved it out. I did so because Fu Zhi beat her classmate up and she has violent tendencies…”

Liu Mi sneered, “Forget about what Fu Zhi did. Who gave you permission or power to move, throw, or take a student’s textbooks and desk away without getting his or her consent? Is this how the teachers in No.1 High School do things? Do you take students’ belongings away without authorization? Have you not familiarized yourself with the teacher’s code of ethics? It seems to me that there’s a serious problem with your teaching methods, Mr. Xia!”

Cold sweat began to ooze out of Mr. Xia’s forehead. It was very apparent that Secretary Liu was not pleased with how he had treated Fu Zhi.

However, he did not understand. He had thought Li Nanli was there to expel Fu Zhi and warn the Lu Family not to do the same thing they had done for Fu Zhi again. Therefore, why was he not satisfied with the way he had handled Fu Zhi’s behavior?

He sent an eye signal to the vice-principal, asking him for help. The vice-principal cleared his throat and then said, “About this… Secretary Liu, it’s Fu Zhi’s fault for…”

“So are you telling me that the Lu Family forced you to accept their money?” Li Nanli interrupted him. There was a dark expression looming over his face, and his skin, which was exposed to the air, looked even fairer in his black suit.

The vice-principal was stumped. It took him several minutes to compose himself and stammer, “Well, all the teachers in the school are pretty busy, so we might have made a mistake.”

Li Nanli did not say anything. He stared at the desk on the sports field, and his eyes slowly turned cold.

The vice-principal was very nervous right now. He ran his eyes from the man’s sleeve to his flawless face and said, “President Li, you…”

“Fu Zhi made a mistake, so you expelled her from the school,” Li Nanli said as he squatted down to pick up Fu Zhi’s textbooks from the ground. He stopped for a short while before adding, “Since you said you guys made a mistake, I think you and Mr. Xia won’t have an issue if I dismiss you guys from your duties, right?”

The vice-principal’s eyes bulged in astonishment, as he could not believe what he had heard.

“President Li, even though you’re the major shareholder, I’ve been appointed by the government as the vice-principal of No.1 High School!”

Secretary Liu then pulled the duty termination letter issued by the State Education Bureau from his arms and said, “You don’t have the right virtues to become a teacher, so from this second onward, you’re dismissed from your post as the vice-principal of No.1 High School. Here is the duty termination letter issued by the State Education Bureau.”

The vice-principal knew there was nothing he could do when he saw the letter. After firing the vice-principal, Li Nanli made quick work of Mr. Ma and asked Liu Mi to send someone to move Fu Zhi’s desk back to Class 21.

However, the vice-principal was dissatisfied with the outcome. He looked at Li Nanli and snarled, “No matter how rich you are, there is nothing you can do about public opinion. You will only make the school’s reputation worse if you really fire me because of Fu Zhi!”

“Well, I appreciate your concern, but that isn’t something you should worry about,” Liu Mi said, offering the vice-principal a faint smile.

Then, he turned to Fu Zhi and continued speaking. “President Li despises people without ethics the most, but he isn’t someone who can’t differentiate right from wrong. We brought Old Master Sun with us today, so to prove your innocence, we’re going to have a live-stream. Old Master Sun will ask you a question, and you’ll have to answer it on the spot. If you’re unable to answer the question, you’ll have to leave the school with your vice-principal. Are you okay with that?”

Fu Zhi looked at her nephew and nodded while Xu Wei stared at her nervously.

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