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Chapter 138: Lu Yumo The Poor Scapegoat – 2

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Xiang Yusheng tightened his hand on his phone. Just as he was about to ask Lu Chuwan for help, Lu Yubai stepped forward and snatched his phone.

Lu Chuwan continued to ask him questions. “What happened? You…”

“It’s me.”

When she heard a familiar voice, Lu Chuwan froze. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought about the conversation she’d had with Xiang Yusheng.

However, she soon snapped back to reality. Forcing herself to calm down, she asked with effort, “Brother Yubai? Why is Xiang Yusheng’s phone in your hands?”

Lu Yubai looked at the baseball bat in his hand and let out a scoff. Then, he asked again in a cold, emotionless voice, “You have no idea why his phone is in my hands?”

He paused for a while before adding, “This is the second strike. One more strike, and you’re going to face the consequences. You can fool an idiot like him to your heart’s content, but unfortunately, your petty tricks don’t work on me. I will not warn you again, Lu Chuwan. You better watch yourself if you don’t want anything bad to happen.”

Then, he ended the call. After doing that, he turned to Xiang Yusheng and pointed his baseball bat at his face.

Xiang Yusheng could feel a cold sensation spreading from his face, but he did not dare move away. He seemed to still have not figured out what was going on. “Young Master Lu, you have to tell me why you’re doing this, okay?”

The moment Lu Yubai heard what he said, he sneered.

The young man inside the deep alley was tall and slim. He also had a pair of captivating eyes that could take one’s breath away. He lifted one of his brows as he looked at Xiang Yusheng coldly. There was a grin tugging at the corner of his lips as he said, “Because of the post in the forum. Who gave you permission to badmouth Fu Zhi?”

Xiang Yusheng froze. This was not what he had imagined. He had thought Lu Yubai was on Lu Chuwan’s side. However, it seemed to him now that he had gotten it all wrong from the get-go.

“Young Master Lu, I…” He attempted to help Lu Yubai sort out the relationship with his family, but he did not dare speak too explicitly due to the baseball bat against his cheek.

“Remove the post and get all the students that scolded Fu Zhi to apologize to her.”

Lu Yumo discovered a few locations that Xiang Yusheng frequented from Song Fang in Class 21.

By using the dagger given to him by his father, which was now in his hand, he wanted to show Xiang Yusheng what the consequences of bullying his sister were. At the same time, he wanted to prove to Fu Zhi that he was dependable and she could rely on him.

However, three minutes after he walked into the alley, he saw Xiang Yusheng lying lifelessly on the ground.

His face was swollen, his legs were broken, and he was at his last gasp. It seemed as if he had just gone through some kind of heavenly tribulation.

“What the f*ck?” Lu Yumo was stunned. He could not believe that someone had already beaten Xiang Yusheng before he could. He hastily went forward, picked him up from the ground, and shouted into his ear, “What the hell, dude? Who did this to you? How could you not wait for me?”

He sounded exasperated and disappointed, just like a wife who had caught her husband sleeping with another woman.

Xiang Yusheng could not speak at all right now. He was having a hard time breathing, and all he could manage to do was roll his eyes.

Lu Yumo could not bring himself to take advantage of someone else’s perilous state. He left Xiang Yusheng his phone number and said, “You should never have bullied my sister. Anyway, give me a call once you feel better. We’ll settle the score then.”

Xiang Yusheng nearly vomited blood when he realized that Lu Yumo was not going to help him call an ambulance.

Just as Lu Yumo rose to his feet and was about to go home, a police cruiser appeared at the other end of the alley.

A police officer emerged from the car and shouted, “Hey! You over there! Hands in the air where I can see them!”

Lu Yumo was stunned. He had no idea why but he had a bad hunch that he was going to become someone else’s scapegoat today, and if that happened, he was certain that his father would look down on him.

Therefore, to prevent that from happening, he kicked Xiang Yusheng in the stomach several times until the police officer pulled him away.

“What are you doing? Didn’t you hear what I said? Stop beating him!”

“You would have said I was the one who beat him regardless of whether I really beat him or not, so why can’t I just beat him instead?” Lu Yumo shouted back in response.

The police officer was stumped.

‘When did I ever say that?’

 However, he soon forced himself back to reality and said, “Public fighting, false allegations against a police officer… I’m taking you in, kid!”

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