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Chapter 137: Lu Yumo The Poor Scapegoat – 1

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By the time Fu Zhi clicked into the post, there were about 3,000 comments below it.

“She’s stealing a girl’s dream and life through backroom deals. Is she not afraid of the day of reckoning?”

“How can she be so shameless? Is she not aware of her own level? She already has the resources of the Lu Family all to herself. I don’t understand how she has the audacity to snatch the opportunity to meet up with Professor He from a good student.”

“Is it only me, or does she really look like she has done a lot to her face? Not only is she poor academically, but she also has a wicked heart. No wonder Qian Wenrui banished her to Class 21!”

“Over here! Give me a like if you agree with expelling Fu Zhi from No.1 High School! Push my comment to the top so that the school authorities will see our demand!”

After Fu Zhi scrolled through the post and all the comments, she finally realized what Su Xing had been talking about.

She looked through all the comments and found the particular one that scolded Su Xing. Clicking her mouse and tapping on her keyboard in quick succession, she effortlessly hacked into that person’s account and deleted the account.

In Yu City, in a cyber cafe near No.1 High School, clouds of cigarette smoke swirled as an endless stream of clicking noises filled the air.

Lu Yubai had a cigarette clasped between his lips as he ran his fingers nimbly up and down the keyboard. His eyes behind his gold spectacles were half-closed, and there was an indifferent expression on his face.

Suddenly, someone went up to him and threw a blue phone in front of his computer.

After he took a look at the phone, he picked up the coat he had put on the back of his chair and rose to his feet.

Xiang Yusheng was feeling pretty great today. After walking out of school, he decided to go to the cyber cafe to let off some steam.

There were not many pedestrians in the alley.

Meanwhile, he was talking to Lu Chuwan on his phone.

The post in the forum had successfully stirred up emotion amongst the students, and the internet ghostwriters he had hired through Weibo to harass Fu Zhi were doing their job well. Everything was going according to his plan.

He then told Lu Chuwan, “In two more days, I assure you that Fu Zhi will get kicked out of our school. The things that belong to you will always be yours. No one can take them away from you, not even a loser like her.”

Lu Chuwan said something in return, causing the young man’s face to turn red. He lowered his head shyly, and his steps became lighter.

They kept talking for five minutes straight. Perhaps he was too absorbed in his conversation with Lu Chuwan, as he did not notice that there were very few pedestrians in the alley.

He continued to walk down the alley, when he suddenly felt that something was not right. He looked around and realized it was too quiet.

It was 5:30 now, and by right, he should’ve run into a few of his schoolmates.

His heart began to race in his ribcage before he heard a light scoff.

He looked toward the source of the sound. It was Lu Yubai.

He was standing by the window at the back door of a bar. His slender figure was sliced into several pieces by the window frame. His eyes were half-closed, and a grin was playing at the corners of his lips.

He was juggling a baseball bat in his hand. Under the warm light, his fingers were beautiful, his bones stood out on his wrist, and the muscles on his arm were well-defined.

Xiang Yusheng could hear the whistling sound of the wind while Lu Yubai was playing with the baseball bat in his hand.

His heart skipped a beat, and he took a step back. “What do you want from me?”

Lu Yubai had powerful backers. According to the upper crust of Yu City, the Lu Family must have done a lot of great deeds in their previous life, which was why they’d been able to form a bond with Lu Yubai’s mother and the Zhou Family, which stood behind her, in this life.

Unlike most people, who only dared to bully students at school, Xiang Yusheng had heard that Lu Yubai’s parents had sent him overseas to receive special training from a young age.

He knew Lu Yubai was coming for him, but he had no idea what he had done wrong.

On the other side of the line, Lu Chuwan wondered why Xiang Yusheng had not replied after so long. Therefore, she asked, “What’s wrong? Has anything happened?”

It was only then that Xiang Yusheng calmed down. Lu Chuwan was Lu Yubai’s cousin. Since he was doing this for Lu Chuwan, Xiang Yusheng reckoned that Lu Yubai would not dare do anything to him.

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