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Chapter 132: Yubai Protecting Zhizhi – 5

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At the same time, Bai Yao nudged Lu Chuwan and said, “See? Your cousin bought you clothes. Don’t you love clothes from Kimorty the most?”

The father of Lu Yubai’s mother was an influential person, so Bai Yao hoped that her daughter could maintain a good relationship with him.

After a short while, Lu Yubai heard Lu Chuwan say thank you to him, though she sounded reluctant.

She stretched her arm forward as she waited for Lu Yubai to hand her the gift box. However, she waited until her arms felt sore, yet Lu Yubai still did not pass her the box.

Instead, Lu Yubai took the box from Mama Liu. He kept his eyes half-closed, and there was a blank expression on his face.

He did not say anything, and it was only when Lu Chuwan said through tightly-pursed lips, “Brother?” that he finally responded.

He opened his mouth and his apathetic voice filled the room. “You like clothes from Kimorthy as well?”

Lu Chuwan froze, her eyes wide in shock as she realized something. She could hardly maintain the smile on her face as she replied, “Yeah.”

Lu Yubai did not comment in response. He rested one of his arms on the back of the chair. Everyone in the hall was looking at him. He had a gorgeous profile, his skin was fair, and his fingers were slender. There was no imperfection on him, and he looked just like a masterpiece created by God.

A silent, indescribable awkwardness hung heavily in the air. Everyone looked at each other, but nobody was talking. After a while that seemed like ages, Madam Lu could not hold herself back anymore and broke the silence. “Yubai!”

It was only then that Lu Yubai straightened his body and rose to his feet. He turned to Lu Chuwan and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t give you the box. Inside the box are the clothes that I bought for Zhizhi.”

Lu Chuwan put her arm down when she heard Lu Yubai’s words. She felt awkward and embarrassed at the same time. She pressed her lips tightly, and her body began to shake uncontrollably.


“Why did you buy clothes for her? You are not that close to her anyway,” Madam Lu chimed in as she looked at the box. She estimated that Chuwan was about the same size as Fu Zhi, so she added, “Since she isn’t here anymore, why don’t you just give these clothes to Wanwan?”

“I’m sure Wanwan wouldn’t mind either. Right, Wanwan?” Bai Yao added, as she wanted to leave a good impression on Lu Yubai.


“I’m sorry.” Lu Yubai smiled. His eyes were clear and pure, just like the deer that hopped around in the forest. However, the words that tumbled off his tongue next shocked Lu Chuwan to her core.

“I don’t want to.”

He had been eccentric and unsociable from a young age. He was willing to take care of his family, but that did not mean that he wanted to have anything to do with them. Since he did want to make Lu Chuwan look bad, he added, “If you like clothes from Kimorty, you can get them from the store yourself.”

After saying that, he pulled his phone out and transferred some money to Lu Chuwan.

Everyone could sense that there was a fundamental difference between the way he treated Lu Chuwan and Fu Zhi. This seemed more like humiliation, and the feeling became even more apparent after what he said next. “I heard that you took Zhizhi’s dress during the competition last time. Is that right? If you don’t have enough clothes to wear, I can buy some for you, but don’t you think you still owe Zhizhi an apology?”

Lu Chuwan’s eyes instantly went red around the rims. “So you think it’s my fault? This is what you think of me as well?”

The sight of her crying made the hearts of everyone in the room, save for Lu Yubai, melt.

Madam Lu turned to Lu Yubai and scolded him. “Look at what you’ve done. How can you scold your own sister because of an outsider?”

It had been raining like cats and dogs in Yu City in the past few days, so the air was humid.

Lu Yubai had come to the household just to see Fu Zhi. Now that Fu Zhi was gone, he did not have to stay anymore. Since he was upset right now, he did not want anyone else to feel happy either.

“How can you say that, grandma? Zhizhi is my cousin as well. She’s willing to sell her kidney for me, so it’s both natural and right for me to spend my entire fortune on her,” Lu Yubai replied. He paused for a moment before adding with a smile etched on his face, “Besides, I’m just stating something that I saw with my own eyes. I didn’t even scold you, so why are you crying?”

‘Yeah, he’s right. Why am I crying?’

Lu Chuwan did not know why she was crying either. She just felt aggrieved at Lu Yubai for not siding with her. However, she did not have the guts to say this out loud, and her face was getting redder and redder.

Lu Yubai did not care about her answer anyway. He hated girls who wanted the entire world to revolve around them the most. He let out a sneer as he said, “Anyway, suit yourself.”

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