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Chapter 127: This Is What It Means To Be A Family

Fu Zhi was waiting for her bubble tea in front of the bar counter.

While sitting on the chair, Lu Yubai ran his eyes over her entire body from head to toe.

He had a flawless face. His skin was fair, and his slanted eyes that hid behind his gold-rimmed spectacles were flashing with suppressed emotion.

Lu Yubai had a strange behavior pattern. He had an intense obsession with good-looking people.

There were a lot of pretty girls in the world, but a perfect specimen like Fu Zhi was not something one could encounter every day. So far, he had only seen one girl like her.

Perhaps his gaze was too intense, as Fu Zhi squinted her eyes and turned her head.

When their gazes finally met, the corner of Lu Yubai’s lips curled up slightly. However, before he could say anything, his cousin picked up a cup of bubble tea and averted her gaze. She rose from her chair as though she was preparing to leave.

Lu Yubai was stunned. He tapped his phone several times to open up a game. He was extremely tall, and Fu Zhi would barely reach his chest if she stood by his side.

The smell of grass and wood was getting stronger with every passing second. As soon as Fu Zhi took a step, a leg suddenly appeared out of nowhere and blocked her way.

It was Lu Yubai. He stretched his arm forward as he attempted to pull at Fu Zhi, who was about to fall down.

However, before he could do anything, he was enveloped by a sense of weightlessness as he began to lean backward.

Just as he thought he was about to fall, a slender hand appeared and gripped his collar. He felt a strong tug at his collar, and the next thing he knew, he was back in his seat again.

Fu Zhi placed her hand on the shoulder of the teenager before her. She squinted her eyes and began to scrutinize him. She had no idea why, but she felt that he looked a lot like her brother. Therefore, she said, “Watch out, kid.”

Lu Yubai froze.

Wasn’t this supposed to be his line?

The few teenagers around Lu Yubai were dumbfounded by the scene before their eyes as well.

“Did you see that? He’s trying to flirt with a little girl, but she flirted with him instead! How embarrassing!”

Lu Yubai narrowed his eyes. He looked into Fu Zhi’s eyes as a dangerous grin found its way to the tips of his lips. It was only now that Fu Zhi noticed the red mole at the corner of his eyes.

Lu Yubai rarely went back to the Lu Household, so this was the first time Fu Zhi had seen him.

That was why she had not recognized him.

Therefore, he opened his mouth and said, emphasizing every syllable that rolled off his tongue, “I’m your cousin, Zhizhi.”

At the same time, Su Xing also whispered into Fu Zhi’s ear, “He’s your uncle’s son. His name is Lu Yubai!”


Fu Zhi then replied, “Nice to meet you, cousin.”

Lu Yubai did not know what to say. There were a lot of students in the bubble tea shop, and he felt slightly embarrassed.

He adjusted his glasses and just as he opened his mouth and was about to say something, an idea popped up in his mind and he paused. His eyes glowed slightly as he asked, “Cousin, do you understand what it means to be living under someone else’s roof?”

It went without saying that Fu Zhi knew what that phrase meant. She replied, “It means that when you’re eating rice, I can only eat soup. When you’re eating meat, I can only eat vegetables.”

Lu Yubai was tickled pink by the serious expression on Fu Zhi’s face. He wanted to laugh, but he held himself back. He pulled a long face and then suddenly saw the pigtails on her head.

Her pigtails were very inviting, and God knew how difficult it was for Lu Yubai to resist the urge to pull at them. He placed his arm on Fu Zhi’s shoulder and said, “So don’t you think you should treat me better, hmm?”

That being said, Lu Yubai was just her cousin. Thus, Fu Zhi replied, “It’s my own family that’s feeding me, and you’ve never spent a single cent on me before, so why should I treat you better?”

She was accusing him of being unreasonable.

However, there was no such thing as free lunch in this world. Lu Yubai pulled Fu Zhi’s hand and said, “Because I’m your cousin. I’m your closest relative, so you have to protect me from getting harmed by other people. In the future, whenever you’re eating soup, you’ll have to give me a piece of meat. This is what it means to be a family. Copy that?”

Fu Zhi was stumped.

‘No, I don’t copy that!’ she shouted inwardly.

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