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Chapter 126: Boast

“I don’t believe it! There’s no way it’d be Fu Zhi!” Xu Tongtong snatched the envelope from the student’s hand and ripped it open, revealing the wax paper on top of a crystal card.

In the middle of the paper was Fu Zhi’s name, written personally by Professor He.

Both Xu Tongtong and Lu Chuwan were stunned. They stood frozen and stiff like two statues in the office as all the teachers looked at them.

“So the envelope is for Fu Zhi? That’s a surprise. Well, I guess that’s why they always say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

“She also has a good-looking face. I remember her winning the English Public Speaking Competition. Isn’t that right?”

“What a lovely young girl. She’s even cuter than my son. Her parents must be very proud of her!”

A teacher congratulated Ma Mingquan. “You truly are a wonderful teacher, Mr. Ma. It’s no wonder that you got the best teacher award in the past.”

It had all happened so suddenly that Ma Mingquan could not come back to his senses. He opened and closed his mouth several times, wanting to say something. However, nothing could come out of his mouth. It seemed to him that the lost lamb in his class had already found her way back to the right track without his help.

After a while that seemed like an eternity, Ma Mingquan finally snapped back to reality. He cleared his throat and said, “Well, thank you, but I didn’t teach Fu Zhi anything. She’s an outstanding student who always works hard to do her very best in class.”

Ma Mingquan felt ashamed of himself for misunderstanding his own student and lecturing Fu Zhi for so long without clarifying the truth first. How could he make such a simple mistake?

On the other side, Lu Chuwan could not hear a sound from the outside world anymore. Right now, she felt as if she was riding a roller coaster. One second earlier, she had been in high spirits, filled with the positive feelings of happiness and excitement, but seconds later, she was spiraling downward, enveloped by a dark mist of disappointment and anger.

She had answered the two questions by herself. She had not copied the answers like Fu Zhi had, so why would Professor He not choose her?

Xu Tongtong was dumbfounded as well. At the moment, she felt so embarrassed as the teachers in the office gazed at her that she just wanted to find a hole and bury herself in it.

She did not know who she should direct her anger at, so she turned to the student who had brought the envelope and snarled, “Why didn’t you say so earlier if the envelope was for Fu Zhi? Was it fun for you to make me look like a laughing stock in front of everyone?”

“No, senior sister. You were really fast. You took it from me before I could do anything.”

“Don’t you have a mouth? Can’t you just speak?”

The student felt insulted. Therefore, he decided to throw everything to the wind and shouted back, “I wanted to, but you guys didn’t give me a chance! You just kept talking and talking and praising her! How was I supposed to tell you? Besides, even though I’d already said this was Senior Fu Zhi’s invitation, you still took it and ripped it open!”

“Enough!” Lu Chuwan stepped in and stopped Xu Tongtong. After all, she could not afford to embarrass herself in front of everyone any further.

Snatching the invitation away from Xu Tongtong’s hand, Lu Chuwan stared at it for a long while. A paroxysm of jealousy and anger filled her heart. She still could not believe that Professor He had chosen Fu Zhi instead of her as his disciple. However, what was done was done, so there was no use crying over spilled milk. In the end, she reluctantly set down the invitation on Ma Mingquan’s desk.

Then, she raised her head, looked at Fu Zhi defiantly, and said, “Congratulations, Zhizhi. It seems like today is your lucky day.”

She raised her eyebrow and looked back at Lu Chuwan, her face expressionless and her gaze indifferent.

Lu Chuwan hated Fu Zhi’s calmness the most. The nonchalant look in her eyes made her feel like she was a clown. No matter what she did, she could never affect her.

She felt extremely embarrassed and just wanted to leave this office as soon as possible. Fortunately, the bell rang, so she went back to class along with Qian Wenrui.

Professor He had picked Fu Zhi as his disciple. No matter what other people thought about it, Su Xing was not surprised, as she felt Fu Zhi deserved it. Therefore, she pulled Fu Zhi to the bubble tea shop outside their school, planning to celebrate the good news with Fu Zhi by buying a cup of bubble tea for her.

The bubble tea shop was spacious, and 10 or so seats reached the tall bar counter.

There were a few teenagers sitting in the seats near the window.

The teenager that stood out the most was the one sitting on the right side. There was a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles on his face, and he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt that did his slender figure justice. He exuded an air of elegance, and one glance at him would take one’s breath away.

He rested his well-defined arms on the black marble bar counter. His head was hanging low, and his hair fell over his forehead and shrouded his eyes, making his expression unreadable.

“Hey, isn’t that Fu Zhi?” one of them suddenly shouted.

The teenager moved his arm down from the bar counter and sat up straight.

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