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Chapter 125: It’s For Fu Zhi

Qian Wenrui had missed the opportunity to get the best teacher award the year before because she had been too young and had lacked experience.

She had been holding a grudge against Ma Mingquan since then and had been waiting for the chance to get back at him. Now, her chance had finally come.

Ma Mingquan was a big-hearted man. He rarely took other people’s comments about him to heart, not to mention that everything Qian Wenrui had said was the truth. Therefore, he just scratched his head and said, “Well, it’s true that I haven’t taught my students well. I’ll reflect on myself and try my best to catch up with Ms. Qian.”

Qian Wenrui scoffed when she heard what Ma Mingquan said. Then, she said, “You’re more experienced than me, so no matter how terrible you’re at teaching, there’s no reason for you to learn from me. I just hope that you won’t become a drag for all of us teachers because of your incompetence.”

Ma Mingquan was stunned, and everyone else in the office fell silent.

Xu Tongtong glanced at Fu Zhi, who stood beside Ma Mingquan with her head held low, and a dark glint flashed across her eyes.

She handed the envelope to Lu Chuwan and said, “In case you don’t know this, Ms. Qian, before the exam started, Fu Zhi said with full confidence that she’d be chosen. I was so worried about Wanwan, but it now seems that was totally uncalled for.”

Qian Wenrui then chimed in, “Mr. Ma, it seems like your student is pretty cocky, huh?”

All the teachers knew Qian Wenrui had a strained relationship with Ma Mingquan. Therefore, they decided not to join in the fray and just continued to do their own work.

Qian Wenrui patted Lu Chuwan’s shoulder and said, “I’m so proud of you, Chuwan. Remember to pay attention when you meet up with Professor He. You are our school’s only hope now.”

Lu Chuwan pinched the envelope. Judging from the soft texture and the gold lining around the edges of the envelope, one could easily see how important this meeting was to Professor He.

Xu Tongtong pulled her hand and said, her voice thick with joy, “The question paper was so difficult that I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. However, I knew that you’d be able to answer the questions with ease, and just as I expected, you did it! This is great news, so it totally calls for a celebration. Do you know that Song Fang and his group said Professor He was going to pick Zhou Zihuai to be his disciple? Hah! I’d really love to see their faces when they find out that Professor He picked you in the end.”

“Song Fang is my cousin’s friend. I’m sure they were just joking around, so you don’t have to get so hot and bothered about it,” Lu Chuwan said as she was about to open the envelope. “Didn’t you say you wanted to eat at The Paradise? Let’s set up a time and go there. I’ll treat all of you to a meal.”

“Wait, Senior Sister Chuwan.” The student standing at the door interjected. “This envelope is not yours! You can’t open it. This is very disrespectful!”

Perhaps his voice was too loud, as Lu Chuwan was startled and accidentally ripped the corner of the envelope open.

She lowered her head to take a look at the envelope, and when she saw the word “Zhi” on the letter, her heart stopped beating for a moment.

The student hastily stepped forward and grabbed the envelope from her hand.

He had done nothing wrong, so he had no idea why he felt so embarrassed right now. He said, “This envelope is for Senior Sister Fu Zhi!”

As if he was afraid that Lu Chuwan would not understand what he was saying, he repeated himself. “Director Liu asked me to bring the envelope to Senior Sister Fu Zhi! The student Professor He picked is Senior Sister Fu Zhi!”

The entire office fell silent.

Fu Zhi let out a yawn.

The student took a look at her and his cheeks turned even redder.

Even though he was a sophomore, he knew that a very pretty senior sister had joined their school.

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