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Chapter 124: Wanwan, You’ve Been Chosen!

Madam Lu had Dr. Liang take a look at Lu Chuwan’s condition.

A fever spiked at full force. Initially, Dong Cun had set up an appointment between Lu Chuwan and a record label, but this was delayed as well because of her fever.

Rather than being worried about Lu Chuwan, Dong Cun was more distressed about whether he would have the opportunity to make a good impression on Professor He.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Dong. The question paper set by Professor He was not difficult.” Lu Chuwan had not expected Dong Cun to care so much about Professor He that he would come to the Lu Household personally and intercede for her.

She had full faith in herself and believed that she would be chosen.

People always said that it was very essential to have someone watch your back. The Dong Family was an influential family in the capital. They were in a totally different league from the Lu Family, which was why Dong Cun could have the audacity to come to their house empty-handed.

Lu Chuwan said, “I’ve asked Brother Yubai. There were two questions on the paper, and he only managed to answer one. Even so, he didn’t know if the answer he gave was right or wrong. Professor He handpicks his disciple based on how we answer the questions. I answered both questions, so I believe that I’ll be chosen.”

On Monday, Fu Zhi arrived at school early. Since she refused to do her homework, she was summoned to the office by Ma Mingquan for counseling.

Ma Mingquan had always believed that as long as his students were willing to work hard, each and every one of them could get into Tsinghua University.

He had been talking to Fu Zhi for more than two hours since the morning self-study session. He was trying everything in his power to get Fu Zhi back on the right track.

During recess, Lu Chuwan and Xu Tongtong came to the office to ask Qian Wenrui about a problem they had come across while doing their homework.

Qian Wenrui had always been very patient with good and hardworking students, so she was delighted to see them.

As Lu Chuwan was flipping through the textbook, she glanced at Fu Zhi, who was standing beside Ma Mingquan, from time to time out of the corner of her eyes.

She noticed that there were two black circles around Fu Zhi’s eyes, and she reckoned that Fu Zhi must have pulled an all-nighter playing games just like Lu Yumo. In fact, what she did not know was that Fu Zhi had been working on one of her programs last night. That’s why she had burned the midnight oil.

Right now, she was even more confident that she had not answered the questions the other day because of nervousness, and Fu Zhi had just gotten lucky. She believed that Fu Zhi must have seen the questions somewhere else, which was why she had been able to answer them.

She let out a soft scoff and then shifted her focus back on the textbook.

After roughly six minutes, a student came into the office with a gold-lined red envelope in his hand.

Professor He had finally made his decision.

Lu Chuwan had difficulty getting around due to her injuries, so Xu Tongtong hastily went up to the student and snatched the envelope. She did not notice the look of consternation on the student’s face. She turned around and grinned at Qian Wenrui and Lu Chuwan. “Wanwan, you’ve been chosen!”

She did not make any effort to lower her voice, so every teacher in the office heard what she said. All of them turned their gazes and zeroed in on the envelope in her hand.

“Congratulations, Ms. Qian. I’m sure the best teacher award this year is going to be yours.”

“Chuwan is Ms. Qian’s best student. I couldn’t think of anyone who’s even more qualified than her to become Professor He’s disciple. Way to go, Chuwan!”

“Did Chuwan answer both questions? Even I couldn’t understand what the questions wanted from us. You’re a marvel, Chuwan!”

Lu Chunwan smiled shyly. “It was just a stroke of luck.”

All the teachers liked the hardworking and modest student standing in front of them. Now that she had been handpicked by Professor He to become his disciple and brought glory to their school, they liked her even more.

Qian Wenrui straightened her body, as she felt both proud and delighted about Lu Chuwan’s achievement. She shot a glance at Ma Mingquan and then said, “Well, I don’t really care about the award. I remember that Mr. Ma was selected as the best teacher the year before. Isn’t that right? Look at him now. His students are each worse than the other.”

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