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Chapter 123: Release Ahead Of Schedule

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It had been three days since Madam Lu had locked Lu Chuwan up in the ancestral hall.

Lu Ning was staying at a 5-star hotel in Yu City. However, she refused to take part in anything related to the Lu Family.

Left with no other option, Dong Cun could only rush to the Lu Household after he took care of all the work at hand.

Mama Liu thought it was Lu Jingwen who had come back from his business trip, so she was genuinely stunned when she opened the door and saw Dong Cun.

“Mr. Dong? Are you here to see madam?” Mama Liu asked.

Lu Ning had been married to Dong Cun for more than seven years. However, he rarely visited the Lu Family, so not many people knew about him. Fortunately, thanks to Mama Liu’s great memory, she was able to recognize him.

Dong Cun nodded slightly at Mama Liu. When he saw Madam Lu in the living room, he did not beat around the bush. He just asked directly, “What are you going to do with Chuwan, Aunt Lu?”

Madam Lu was stunned.

The Dong Family was a prestigious family in the capital, and they were at a completely different level from the Lu Family in Yu City. Truth be told, Madam Lu wanted nothing to do with Dong Cun.

“I passed by the ancestral hall just now and saw Chuwan. She’s in bad shape,” Dong Cun said after he took a sip of tea. “Chuwan is your granddaughter, and you are the one who watched her grow up, so no one knows her more than you do. She was just really worried about you, and her anxiety clouded her judgment. She has a weak body, so won’t you feel bad if anything happens to her?”

Upon seeing that Madam Lu would not reply, Dong Cun smiled and added, “Fu Zhi was adopted. No matter how close you’re to her, you still can’t ignore the fact that she’s not related to you by blood. I know you’re angry with Chuwan and everything she did, but you’ve already punished her. She’s learned her lesson, so why bother ruining your relationship with your own granddaughter even further because of an outsider?”

Fu Zhi had saved her. Before this, she had looked down on Fu Zhi because she came from the countryside. However, her view of her had begun to change after she’d saved her from the clutches of death.

Perhaps children from poor families were more mature. Fu Zhi knew a lot of things, so Madam Lu was a little afraid of her.

“I’ve spared her the task of copying the Buddha scriptures and I’ve asked Mama Liu to take her meals every day,” Madam Lu said slowly. She poured another cup of tea and pushed it toward Dong Cun before adding, “It’s really not that hard for her to kneel for five days.”

“Chuwan’s knees are bruised, and she can barely walk. This is going to affect her when she meets up with Professor He,” Dong Cun replied. He pinched the spot between his eyebrows, as he had run out of patience. “How about this? I heard that the project your eldest son is working on is not going very well. Is that right? His ideal partner is one of my friends, so this is your call.”

After Dong Cun left the Lu Household, Madam Lu had Mama Liu release Lu Chuwan and Bai Yao from the ancestral hall.

“What about Ms. Fu Zhi?” Mama Liu asked nervously.

“If she asks, just tell her that Chuwan had already knelt in the ancestral hall for five days,” Madam Lu replied as she took a sip from a bowl of porridge. When she saw that Mama Liu was about to say something, she interjected, her voice filled with the anger that had built up since the day she’d started taking Fu Zhi’s medicine. “What? I’m Chuwan’s grandmother. She has been kneeling in the ancestral hall for three days. Is that still not enough? If Fu Zhi has any problem with that, tell her to go back to her orphanage. She doesn’t have the right to throw her weight around in the Lu Family!”

Mama Liu’s heart skipped a beat. She hastily said, “That’s not what I meant, madam. You still need Ms. Fu Zhi to take care of you, but Ms. Fu Zhi isn’t the kind of person one can’t reason with. I’m sure she will understand your feelings.”

The next day, Madam Lu summoned a doctor to take a look at Lu Chuwan.

Even though she had been released ahead of schedule, her knees were bruised after kneeling for too long, so she could barely walk.

The moment she came out of the ancestral hall, she fell sick. Her condition was even worse than the condition of someone who had been kneeling in the ancestral hall.

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