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Chapter 122: The War Between Father And Son

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Fu Zhi received eight million yuan and the imperial edict from Madam Lu for saving her life.

There were two more weeks left until Xu Wei’s birthday. Fu Zhi used the eight million yuan to adopt five penguins from a zoo in Country R under Xu Wei’s name.

Madam Lu’s condition had gotten a lot better after she’d started to take Fu Zhi’s medicine. One day, she called Lu Jingqing.

At first, she praised Fu Zhi’s medical skills and expressed her gratitude to Fu Zhi for saving her life. Then, she moved on to her main purpose for making the call. “Jingqing, the imperial edict is a commitment. It could be used in exchange for half of Lu Corporation’s shares. It’s something very important to us. Zhizhi is still young. Can you help mom get the edict back from her?”

On the other side of the line, Lu Jingqing turned his head down and looked at the imperial edict in his hands.

Then, he said, “Mom, Zhizhi is a girl. She and Weiwei are the bosses of this house, so there’s nothing I could do.”

As he was talking, he locked the edict up in a safe.

Madam Lu was distressed. Not only had she lost all her money, but she’d also lost ownership of the imperial edict.

Overwhelmed by the pain of losing both her money and the imperial edict, she threw a tantrum and shouted at Lu Jingqing. “Zhizhi took all my money! I can’t eat pork, and I can’t afford to lose when I play cards with my friends! I don’t want to live anymore!”

There were three things Madam Lu loved the most: Money, reputation, and her own life.

Lu Jingqing knew his mother very well. He knew it was difficult for her to sacrifice so many things in one go, and he did not want her to get too sad. Therefore, he said, “I just spent 500,000 yuan overseas and bought a supreme-grade jadeite for you. Once it arrives, I’ll make it into a necklace for you. Aren’t you having a gathering with Madam Ma next month?”

Madam Lu felt slightly better after hearing that Lu Jingqing had bought her something, but she still could not let go of the imperial edict.

Left with no other alternative, Lu Jingqing decided to make his final move. He said, “Well, I honestly don’t know where Zhizhi keeps the imperial edict, but I found out that Yumo has been getting very close to her recently. I guess he has the edict right now.”

In other words, she should disturb Yumo instead.

Understanding immediately dawned on Madam Lu, who hastily hung up the phone.

Lu Jingqing’s phone had been on speaker mode the entire time, so Lu Yumo, who was standing outside the door, heard the whole conversation and knew what was going to befall him.

Lu Jingqing did not feel guilty at all for putting Lu Yumo in a difficult position. He looked at his eldest son calmly and said flatly, “You should put more effort into your studies instead of eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.”

‘Very well then. You asked for it! Don’t blame me for whatever happens next!’ Lu Yumo thought while gritting his teeth.

He stormed back to his room, locked the door, pulled out his phone, and created a group with the name “We Are A Family”. Then, he invited all his family members, except for his father, to the group. After doing that, he began spamming the group with the things his father had done to him and attempted to gather the other three members of his family to wage a war against his father.

However, no one replied to him.

Xu Wei was talking to Fu Zhi and had left her phone in her room.

Lu Jingqing saw the group Lu Yumo had made and scoffed at his eldest son’s childish behavior.

He thought for a moment and then maturely created a group without Lu Yumo. The name of the group was “My Lovely Family”.

Then, he sent a message to the group. “Yumo is still young and likes to complain about other people. I won’t say anything bad about him, as I believe all of you have good judgment.”

Xu Wei did not know about the war between her eldest son and her husband yet.

She still could not fathom how or where her daughter had learned her medical skills. “Did you learn from a traditional Chinese medicine veteran of that small town? Does mommy know him? Can you set up a meeting between us? I want to thank him in person for taking care of you.”

Fu Zhi took a look at the group messages and explained, “Nope. You don’t know these people.”

Her medical skills had been bestowed upon her by a group of national first-grade scientific research employees. Right now, all of them were working on a disease outbreak in a small country. Even though they were all unavailable, there was one way if Xu Wei really wanted to meet them. With a thought in mind, Fu Zhi replied, “They are not in Yu City now. However, if you really want to meet them, you can watch the previous news broadcast.”

Xu Wei was confused. She did not know what Fu Zhi was talking about at all.

She did not remember a natural disaster or big event happening in that small town before, so how was there any chance the people who had taught Fu Zhi her medical skills would appear on a news broadcast?

Even though she knew her daughter was just exaggerating, she still offered Fu Zhi a smile and said, “Alright then.”

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