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Chapter 121: Dong Cun’s Call

Madam Lu doted on her granddaughter a lot, but that did not mean that she was going to go easy on her when she had done something wrong, not to mention that she’d nearly died because of her.

Bai Yao’s expression changed. She pounced on Madam Lu’s bed and cried, “Mom, Wanwan is different from Fu Zhi! Her body is weak, so she cannot take such a heavy punishment. If nobody is there to take care of her, she will die!”

‘Is that so? Very well, then.’ Fu Zhi turned to Madam Lu and said, “In that case, grandma, let’s make an exception this time. We should let Aunt Bai Yao go to the ancestral hall as well so that she can take care of her daughter.”

Bai Yao was stunned.

In the end, both Bai Yao and Lu Chuwan were taken to the ancestral hall.

Fu Zhi insisted on taking eight million yuan from Madam Lu as a consultation fee.

Madam Lu said, “Didn’t you already take my imperial edict?”

“The imperial edict was the payment for the bottled medicine.”

She paused for a while before adding in a cold voice, “Diagnosing you is extra work, so I require extra payment. If you refuse to pay me, I’ll stop the treatment immediately.”

Truth be told, she had not planned on charging Madam Lu at all in the beginning. She had been willing to give her the bottled medicine for free as well. However, she did not like Madam Lu’s attitude.

If it were not for her father, she would not have saved her. After all, she did not want her father to become an orphan.

After Madam Lu reluctantly gave Fu Zhi the money, Lu Jingqing rubbed Fu Zhi’s head and said, “Say thank you to your grandma.”

“No need to thank me!” Madam Lu hastily said. She just wanted Fu Zhi to return her the money.

Fu Zhi changed the topic and said, “Even though the Yin energy in your body is at a terrific level, there is a lot of internal heat in your body as well. Right now, you have to take the medicine for a week. After a week, once your condition has improved, start a gentian course. You will have one bowl per day until I tell you to stop. Also, just a small reminder: I’ll be putting you on a vegetarian diet as well. In other words, no meat or sea products of any kind for three years. I know it will be hard, but it’s for your own good, so just bear with it.”

Madam Lu did not know what to say. She had a hunch that Fu Zhi just wanted to see her suffer. However, on the upside, she did not have to suffer from her heart disease anymore, so she decided to turn a blind eye to Fu Zhi’s retaliatory behavior.

The sky outside the window was clear, the sun was bright, and a few Magpies were chirping and frolicking in the garden.

As if affected by the good weather, Madam Lu ordered Mama Liu to prepare a feast for them, as she had asked Fu Zhi and her family to stay in the Lu Household for dinner.

Lu Ning went to the garden when she received a call from her husband, Dong Cun.

“Chuwan is still young, so it’s very common for her to yearn for other people’s recognition. She doesn’t have the capability to judge what is the correct medicine, so you should’ve stood up for her and explained it all to Aunt Lu,” Dong Cun said.

Lu Ning frowned. She did not quite agree with Dong Cun’s statement.

Lu Chuwan was a 17-year-old girl. She was not young anymore, so she had to bear the consequences of her own actions, not to mention that she’d nearly killed Madam Lu this time.

“She always wants to keep up with Zhizhi. If Zhizhi had not stepped up this time, Aunt Lu would’ve been a goner.” Lu Ning objected. “Zhizhi is the same age as her, yet she’s much more reliable than her.

“And have you ever considered the notion that if something had really happened to Aunt Lu, Zhizhi would have needed to bear the same responsibility as well due to Chuwan’s stupidity?”

‘But Fu Zhi can’t help you meet up with Professor He!’

“Ah Ning, this is not important. None of this is important. You should not mess with the Lus’ affairs too much. All you have to do is stay in touch with Chuwan,” Dong Cun replied.

He did not have a good impression of Fu Zhi.

After all, a high school student who had learned traditional Chinese medicine from a master just sounded too absurd to him. Well, it might be true, but he did not think that something like this would happen to him or the people around him.

“Professor He will pick his student next week. If anything happened to Chuwan, we’d lose our only chance to meet up with Professor He’s master. Give the phone to Madam Lu. I’ll talk to her.”

“It was Chuwan who did the wrong thing this time. Why do you have to intercede for her? Besides, Zhizhi is Aunt Lu’s only hope right now if she doesn’t want to die. Do you really think she will listen to you and forgive Chuwan when her life is at stake? Stop dreaming, please!”

After saying that, Lu Ning hung up the call.

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