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Chapter 120: Punishment

When Madam Lu heard that she was not going to die, her eyes turned red around the rims. She was so happy that she abandoned all her decency as a lady and stamped her feet rapidly like a little girl.

No one knew better than her the feeling of being enveloped by the dark chrysalis of pain and despair when she’d found out she was dying. Regardless of how much her family wanted to help her, they could not share her pain.

Fortunately, Fu Zhi had appeared in the nick of time and saved her from the clutches of death.

“Zhizhi, come over here. Let grandma take a good look at you.”

Shedding tears of delight, Madam Lu began to praise Fu Zhi. “A person cannot be known by his or her looks, nor can the ocean be measured by a dipper. Zhizhi, you’re the pride of the Lu Family!”

Initially, she had thought Fu Zhi was bluffing and knew nothing about traditional Chinese medicine. After all, she was just a high-schooler. However, she had never expected that Fu Zhi’s medicine would save her life in the end.

Holding Fu Zhi’s hand, Madam Lu added, “You really are my good granddaughter.”

The moment Madam Lu finished speaking, Xu Wei could not help but chuckle, hushing everyone to silence them in the process.

Madam Lu rolled her eyes at Xu Wei.

The atmosphere was awkward, yet Fu Zhi was not affected by it. Her expression was calm and serene. She looked into Madam Lu’s eyes and said in a serious voice, “If I’m your good granddaughter, then give me money.”

Madam Lu was stunned. She thought her ears or her mind were playing a trick on her as she stared at Fu Zhi with a perplexed expression etched on her face.

Holding her gaze, Fu Zhi asked, “Don’t you have to pay after seeing a doctor? Are you going to take advantage of your good granddaughter?”

Madam Lu was stumped. Her heart began to race a little as she was startled by Fu Zhi’s eyes, which seemed like two endless tunnels. “Then… Mama Liu, I have a card in my room. There’s 80,000 yuan inside. Please help me…”

“Eight million,” Fu Zhi said forcefully. “I have my rules when it comes to saving people, and I’m certain that your life is worth eight million yuan.”

“Eight million? Why don’t you just go and rob a bank instead? How can you be so awful, Fu Zhi?” Bai Yao snarled. She had been holding her anger until now, and she finally had the chance to unleash it.

“Your daughter is suspected of intentional homicide, so rather than worrying about money, you should be worrying about your daughter. Things are not going to go very well for her from now on.”

Bao Yao was stumped before she was ensnared by a deep sense of fear. Fu Zhi was right. Her daughter had nearly killed Madam Lu with her medicine, and considering Madam Lu’s way of doing things, she was definitely not going to let her daughter go so easily. She looked at Madam Lu and said, “Mom, look at her! Can’t you do something about her?”

Madam Lu was speechless.

Well, in fact, there was nothing Madam Lu could do about Fu Zhi. After all, she was at her mercy right now. Besides, she believed her life was worth eight million yuan as well.

Then, she thought about the medicine Lu Chuwan had bought for her. Initially, she’d had a bad hunch about Lu Chuwan’s medicine, and as she had expected, she had nearly killed her.

“Mama Liu, take Wanwan to kneel in the ancestral hall for five days and don’t give her any food!” Madam Lu ordered. Then, when she saw the bowl of medicine in Fu Zhi’s hand, her body trembled.

Lu Chuwan’s face turned white. She bit her lower lip and said, “How can you all be so sure that it was my medicine that caused grandma to vomit blood? Grandma, don’t you remember that you felt a lot better after you took my medicine?”

“My prescription is meant to regulate her physical condition by flushing the Yin energy out of her system.” Fu Zhi interjected before Lu Chuwan could finish her sentence. She looked straight into the latter’s eyes and before adding apathetically, “There is Chinese Glossy Privet, Rehmannia Root Tuber, and fleeceflower root in your medicine. They conflicted with a few ancient herbs in my prescription and disrupted the flow of her blood and Qi, causing her nervous system to fall into disarray. Even though she felt better, it was just temporary. Her internal organs were damaged. That’s why she couldn’t stop vomiting blood.”

After Fu Zhi finished her explanation, she waved her hand and said, “Alright, now that I’ve explained everything to you, it’s time for you to go to the ancestral hall. I can’t diagnose grandma properly with you standing here. You’re affecting my mood.”

‘She can’t diagnose me properly? No, I don’t want to die yet!’

Madam Lu, who did not want to die so soon, hurriedly shouted, “Didn’t you hear what Zhizhi said? Chop-chop! Go to the ancestral hall immediately! Don’t forget to copy the Buddha scriptures too!”

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