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Chapter 119: I Want Pork

Even though Madam Lu instantly felt a lot better after taking the medicine prescribed by Fu Zhi, she did not hold out too much hope about it, as she thought it was purely a placebo.

As she had expected, when Lu Jingqing arrived with Lu Yushen at night, she vomited blood again. This time, she even started getting diarrhea.

She did not show any signs of improvement.

Bai Yao was both appalled and delighted upon seeing Madam Lu’s condition. She pointed at Lu Jingqing and shouted, “This is all your daughter’s doing! If anything happens to mom, say goodbye to your inheritance rights!”

Lu Jingqing raised his head and shot a glance at Bai Yao. He stared at her with a dark expression etched on his face as he said coldly, “Careful how you speak, sister-in-law. Mom’s still awake, and no one knows what her physical condition is like better than her. Since she wants to take Zhizhi’s medicine, we should respect her decision.”

“Jingqing’s right. I felt much better after taking Zhizhi’s medicine,” Madam Lu chimed in. Before this, she’d felt as suffocated as if there was a huge boulder weighing on her chest since she had vomited blood. However, right now, she did not feel as terrible anymore, and the boulder on her chest had disappeared as well. That being said, she still thought she was going to die soon.

The Lu Family’s eldest son and grandson were on a business trip in other provinces, so they could not make it back in time. Bai Yao and Lu Chuwan did not dare say anything more. They just stayed by Madam Lu’s side and took care of her.

Madam Lu had vomited blood too many times. Her body was getting weaker with every passing second, and she reckoned that she would not last much longer.

Therefore, she sent everyone out, leaving only Xu Wei and her lawyer in the room.

Then, she said, “My days are numbered. Jingqing’s elder brother is not as capable as Jingqing and Jingyuan, so I’ll leave half of the company to him. The other half I’m going to donate in my name.

“I know you’re a good girl, so promise me, Xu Wei. Jingqing does not trust his brother, so promise me you will always get him to help his brother after I die.”

Xu Wei did not have any concept of money, but she knew Madam Lu was more inclined toward Lu Jingwen and his family.

She kept her head low and did not respond. Suddenly, Madam Lu grabbed her hand and added, “Thanks to Zhizhi, I’m feeling much better and I can finally die without any pain. You don’t have to feel sorry for me. If I have the chance, I would love to be your mother-in-law again in my next life.”

Xu Wei did not know what to say, so she just replied plainly, “Okay.”

Outside the door, Bai Yao was urging Lu Jingwen to come home as soon as possible. Madam Lu was dying, and she reckoned that a war was going to befall all of them.

After all, the Lu Corporation was a family company. In other words, whoever owned the largest percentage of shares would take control of the company. Therefore, she wanted her husband to become the boss of the Lu Corporation.

The atmosphere in the Lu Family was changing.

At night, Xu Wei stayed in Madam Lu’s room to take care of her.

Madam Lu refused to go to sleep during the first half of the night. After all, she was going to die in two more days. Her eyes would close forever, so she wanted to make the best use of her remaining time and admire the world.

By the time she opened her eyes, her room was bright as day, and Madam Lu felt a little bit hungry. She opened her mouth and said, “My head doesn’t hurt anymore, but I’m hungry. It would be great if I could have some pork now.”

Everyone in the room was stunned.

Before this, while she had been having a high fever and vomiting blood, she had been unable to even take a sip from a bowl of porridge.

Lu Ning hastily called Dr. Liang and said, “Dr. Liang, can you take a look at my aunt? She seems a little weird today.”

Madam Lu watched as Dr. Liang placed his stethoscope on her chest. Whenever she had chest pain, she would need Dr. Liang’s medicine to help her get through the pain. However, nothing had happened last night, and she’d had a good night’s sleep.

‘Why is that?’

Madam Lu thought for a moment. When her gaze fell on Fu Zhi, her eyes shone brightly.

‘Could it be because of Zhizhi’s medicine?’

When Dr. Liang saw that Madam Lu’s vital signs had become normal again, he was surprised. His eyes were filled with delight as he said in disbelief, “This is a miracle! The medicine Ms. Fu Zhi gave you worked! Madam Lu, you don’t have to die anymore!”

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