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Chapter 118: Prescription

Fu Zhi gave Madam Lu a very complicated prescription.

There was a total of 38 types of Chinese herbs in the prescription, and each of them needed to be weighed precisely.

When Dr. Liang saw the prescription, his face changed.

Scorpion, centipede, Goldthread root, Skullcap root, Shopora root, Chinese gentian, and rhubarb.

Anyone who had studied medicine or had taken Chinese medicine would know what they were going to face when they saw this kind of prescription.

The medicine was bitter! Extreme bitter!

Each of the Chinese herbs in the prescription was extremely bitter, and Fu Zhi had combined all of them together.

‘Just how much does she hate her? Is she treating her, or is she just taking revenge on her?’ Dr. Liang thought inwardly.

Lu Chuwan could not help scoffing, “Ridiculous! You call this a prescription? Don’t listen to her bullsh*t, grandma. Your illness can only be cured by a proper prescription issued by a doctor. Besides, Chinese medicine is not something you can simply take!”

Madam Lu hated bitterness the most. She kicked the blanket away and began throwing a tantrum. “Stop making so many excuses. I only want the bottle of supplement!”

Fu Zhi glanced at her flatly and replied, “You can’t afford it.”

Madam Lu, who could not take it when people looked down on her, began to suffer again from the pain.

She did not have the energy to say anything, so Fu Zhi continued speaking. “Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners put fate above everything. I won’t return the consultation fee. As for the medication I prescribed for you, well, it’s up to you whether you want to take it or not. After all, this is your body, so it’s your call.”

If Madam Lu were to grade Fu Zhi’s service, she would definitely give her a one-star rating.

Madam Lu stared at her furiously.

Fu Zhi’s beautiful eyes were clear and sharp. She stood beside Madam Lu without saying a word. There was an air of elegance about her, and by just glancing at someone, she could take their breath away.

Just as Madam Lu was about to say something, the things Fu Zhi had said about her imminent death popped up in her mind.

It might be a coincidence if she was right once, but what if her predictions came true every time?

The fire of hope was suddenly reignited in her heart, as her passion to stay alive was reborn. She said, “I’ll take it! I want to take Fu Zhi’s medicine. Dr. Liang, you stay out of this. Mama Liu, you go get the prescription filled…”

Dr. Liang was a professional doctor. He was far more experienced than any doctor in Yu City, yet even he did not think Madam Lu could make it this time.

Fu Zhi was the only one who said she could still be saved.

Who would want to die if he or she had the chance to live?

Therefore, Madam Lu decided to take the chance.

After all, there were only two possible outcomes. Either she would die, or she would live.

Xu Wei, who was standing on the sidelines, wanted to say something. Truth be told, she did not want Fu Zhi to join in the fray, but it seemed to her that her daughter liked the imperial edict very much…

Very soon, Mama Liu came back with a parcel of Chinese herbs that she’d collected from the pharmacy. Then, Fu Zhi said, “Boil the herbs in 4,200 milliliters of water. Then, strain out 1,200 milliliters and take the medicine eight times a day.”

As Fu Zhi was giving instructions, Bai Yao whispered into Lu Chuwan’s ear, “All of us know that prescribing the right medicine to a patient according to their illness is the right way for a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner to act. She just said to boil all the herbs together. Is she not worried that your grandmother might not take it?”

Time fluttered by rapidly, and the medicine was soon ready. The moment Mama Liu fetched the medicine and brought it to Madam Lu’s room, it filled the entire room with a disagreeable smell.

Once the medicine got closer to Madam Lu, she began gagging once again.

She could not handle the smell, especially when she knew that there were scorpions and centipedes inside the bowl of concoction in front of her. She said, “Let me prepare myself first.”

Ten minutes went by rapidly, yet she still had not finished preparing herself.

Upon seeing that the medicine was turning cold and that Madam Lu still could not make up her mind, Fu Zhi decided to do something. She took the bowl of medicine from Mama Liu’s hands and walked up to her grandmother. Then, she pinched her cheek, forced her to open her lips, and poured the medicine into her mouth.

The black, yellowish, thick medicine flowed all the way from Madam Lu’s throat to her stomach.


Just as she was about to spit the medicine out, Fu Zhi placed the bowl on the table and said apathetically, “If you spit it out, you’ll die tonight.”

Madam Lu froze.

In the end, she did not want to die, so she swallowed the medicine back with tears in her eyes.

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