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Chapter 109: Professor He’s Question Paper – 2

As Qian Wenrui scanned Fu Zhi’s question paper, she saw the solution coming.

Although she would not normally solve the problem like Fu Zhi had, Fu Zhi had written comments on her answer sheet.

Her steps were simple, and her thought process was clear. Qian Wenrui was even more amazed when she saw how Fu Zhi had gotten the number 15 on the second question through reverse thinking.

She read through her answers again, yet she still could not wrap her mind around her steps.

Below the podium, Lu Chuwan raised her hand. “Ms. Qian.”

Qian Wenrui’s heart skipped a beat, and she put Fu Zhi’s answer sheet in a sealed bag. She then approached Lu Chuwan and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“The data given for the second question is incomplete. Could Professor He have made a mistake?”

Lu Chuwan was standing very close to Qian Wenrui, and they pitched their voices low as they whispered into each other’s ears.

Originally, Qian Wenrui would have thought the same way as Lu Chuwan. She would have assumed that Professor He must have made some error while writing the question, but after she reviewed Fu Zhi’s answer sheet…

She pointed at the procedure flowchart and mouthed, “Here, try to substitute 15 into the equation.”

After Fu Zhi walked out of the examination hall, she went to the vending machine and bought herself a bottle of water.

Before she opened the bottle, she saw Lu Yumo emerging from another examination hall.

It had already been half a month since the two of them had cut ties and deleted each other from WeChat.

The moment Lu Yumo saw her, a meaningful grin appeared on his face.

It was like the sympathy of a study slacker for another study slacker. They did not have to say a word to understand each other.

Fu Zhi sensed something in his eyes. She pressed her lips firmly and averted her gaze.

Lu Yumo went up to her and patted her shoulder. “I understand. Don’t think too much. I promise you that whenever we’re in the same examination hall, I’ll certainly tell you the answers!”

Fu Zhi frowned.

‘Him, a grade repeater and the seventh-lowest scorer at school, wants to give me the answers during an examination?’

As if he knew what Fu Zhi was thinking, he clicked his tongue and said, “What’s that face for? You don’t believe me? Let me tell you something. Do you know how much I scored in Physics? 44!”

Back when the full mark had been 110, Lu Yumo’s result had still not been that bad.

However, after a few seconds of silence, Fu Zhi looked at him skeptically and said, “No matter how I do the math, you still didn’t get full marks in Physics.”

She then added, “Is that something to be proud of?”

Lu Yumo, who had just wanted to add his sister on WeChat again, fell silent.

That was the end of their conversation. For the benefit of both sides, be it health-wise or growth-wise, they decided to continue to blacklist each other.

Madam Lu had been taking Fu Zhi’s supplement for a month.

Everything in the world had to go through a certain process. Regardless of the medication she took, it was impossible to cure Madam Lu’s heart disease instantly.

Those who knew understood that Chinese medication and herbs focused on preserving one’s health and had little to no adverse effect.

Therefore, when the hospital told her that her vital signs were returning to normal and that she did not have to go through an operation anymore, the first thing Madam Lu did was ask Xu Wei for more supplements.

Fu Zhi calculated roughly the medication Madam Lu would need before popping all of it into a new plastic bottle. After doing that, she said, “Her heart issue aside, grandma is also plagued by other diseases, such as migraines and rheumatisms. All these diseases are considered Yin diseases and will cause blood and Qi stagnancy or visceral pain. I’ve added some wolfberries and Ganoderma in the medicine, so it should be enough to force the Yin energy out of her body and activate her autoimmune system. She might experience a high fever or vomit blood, but there’s nothing to be worried about. After her system has expelled all the toxins in her body, she will recover.”

Xu Wei was stumped.

Although Fu Zhi made it sound like a normal process, she had no idea why, but she found it quite scary.

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