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Chapter 108: Professor He’s Question Paper – 1

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No.1 High School was a provincial key high school. It had all the necessary qualifications and it received plenty of donations from the students’ parents. Therefore, every examination was monitored by high-definition cameras.

Lu Chuwan knew this. She shot a glance at Fu Zhi and smiled. “I believe Zhizhi isn’t that kind of person. Since she is confident that she will be chosen by Professor He to be his disciple, I’m sure she has spent plenty of time brushing up her Physics knowledge. You shouldn’t say stuff like that, Tongtong. It’ll hurt her feelings.”

Xu Tongtong chuckled. “She thinks that? She thinks she’ll be chosen by Professor He to be his disciple? Don’t make me laugh, please. She doesn’t even have the qualifications to be your disciple, let alone Professor He’s.”

Lu Chuwan did not comment.

She had a sweet-looking face, and she looked as docile as a lamb. Therefore, no matter how harsh or snappish her comments were, people tended to forgive her.

“Fu Zhi joined our school because of her father’s connection to the school authority. I’m sure she must have some loose screws in her brain to make such a presumptuous statement.

“You did not say anything and kept a low profile when your Physics report was appraised by Professor He. I don’t know where Fu Zhi got the courage to say something like that.

“Fu Zhi is like a flower vase. She looks pretty on the outside, but in reality, there is nothing inside. She got drunk on quick success and instant benefits. One cannot get along with this kind of person.”

Keeping her head low, Lu Chuwan took a piece of paper and pencil out of her drawer. Her eyes were shining with delight as she heard those remarks about Fu Zhi, but she held herself back. She pulled her phone out and took a quick glance at her WeChat messages. “Ms. Lu, I’ll be at the Ren Xin Clinic today. Please remember to bring along the patient’s medical report and medications when you come.”

At 2:30 in the afternoon, the examination invigilator entered the examination hall with the question papers in her hand.

The invigilator was none other than Qian Wenrui. She surveyed the few bad apples of the class with one sweeping glance before proceeding to announce the things to watch out for during the examination. Then, she smacked the stack of question papers on the table to silence the students before handing out the papers.

Each question paper was the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Two questions were marked with special symbols, and one of the questions regarded the blueprint of a machine.

Fu Zhi knew at first glance that the questions had to be problems Xiao He had encountered during his research. She reckoned that he had not dared to ask her about them, as she might punish him. Therefore, he had simplified the problems he had encountered and turned them into questions for the students to answer.

An amateur would have a hard time solving the problems, but that was not the case for her.

The questions could not be answered in an orthodox way, as they required some mathematical calculations and programming languages.

The students were given two hours to finish the paper.

Lu Chuwan’s expression changed when she saw the questions.

She had never come across questions like this before. Not only were the questions complicated, but the data given was incomplete as well.

She bit her lower lip in frustration, as she did not know where to start.

She turned her head slightly and saw that Fu Zhi had already begun answering the questions. There was no draft paper on her table, so she was writing the answers directly on the answer sheet. The examination had only started five minutes ago, yet she was already on the last question.

The paper was filled with words, and she even wrote her ideas about solving the problems in Chinese.

Lu Chuwan scoffed, but her heart skipped a beat and her eyes bulged when she saw the Chinese sentences.

She seemed to know how to answer the questions. However, what piqued her curiosity the most was how Fu Zhi knew the way to solve the problems.

Without giving Lu Chuwan a chance to look at her answers, Fu Zhi finished the paper in 10 minutes and handed it in.

Qian Wenrui, who was sitting on the podium, had a terrible impression of Fu Zhi.

She loathed useless girls like Fu Zhi, and there was a world of difference between her and Lu Chuwan, who was focused on answering the questions.

‘She doesn’t have any talent, yet she still doesn’t want to work hard to succeed step by step. Luckily, I didn’t let her join my class.’

Qian Wenrui did not know what the questions were. When Fu Zhi handed her the answer sheet, she rolled her eyes at her and began studying the questions.

The questions were complicated, so even she would have a hard time answering them.

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