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Chapter 100: Demand

Lu Ning’s expression froze. “But the color and smell of this pill are exactly the same as those of the anticancer drugs your friend has in his house.”

“Yes, I understand, but the imitation of the Tang Dynasty Xingjia Kiln’s white-glazed bottle is its symbol. It’s also a form of cultural heritage and output,” Dong Cun said. “You must have been very tired lately, so it’s normal for you to mistake it for anticancer drugs. But don’t worry, I’m sure Professor He could help us figure something out, so you don’t have to feel so stressed.”

After saying that, he hung up the call.

Madam Lu thought she would be able to see Fu Zhi in a new light, but it all went up in smoke in the end. She was disinterested and she now loathed Fu Zhi even more.

On the other side, Lu Chuwan heaved out a sigh of relief. She took an apple and began peeling it for her grandmother.

Lu Ning, who was still in shock, was unable to come back to her senses.

As for Xu Wei, she looked at her watch and realized it was about time for her to leave. Thus, she rose to her feet and said, “Mom, do you have anything else you need my help with? If not, I’m going home now, as it’s time for me to feed my ducklings.”

Perhaps it was a psychological response, but Madam Lu’s head ached whenever she heard Xu Wei’s voice. She waved her hand at Xu Wei in frustration to dismiss her.

Before Xu Wei left, Lu Ning finally came back to her senses. She shot up from her chair and handed two plastic bags to Xu Wei. “I don’t know what my niece likes, so I just bought two different dresses of the same size from the shopping mall.”

She did not prod Xu Wei any further to introduce Fu Zhi to her. Madam Lu loved to take advantage of other people, so the Dong Family refrained from having much interaction with the Lus. As for her, since she had been working in the capital for many years, she regarded blood ties as something insignificant.

Therefore, it would be best if she kept their relationship this way.

Xu Wei understood. After she said thank you to her, she turned around and left.

When the door was closed, Lu Ning returned the bottle to Madam Lu. Then, she turned around and looked at Lu Chuwan.

“I heard that Professor He is going to pick a student from your school to be his disciple?” Lu Ning pinched the spot between her eyebrows, and her voice sounded tired.

It was only now that Lu Chuwan saw the light and realized why her Aunt Ning was so nice to her today.

A smile formed on her lips as she said, “Yes. My class teacher called my mom and told her about this the other day.”

Lu Ning raised a brow. She was able to read the underlying meaning behind Lu Chuwan’s words.

It seemed to her that Lu Chuwan had a very high probability of being chosen. That was why the class teacher had personally called her mother and told her about the matter.

“The Dong Family wants to get the copyright from the research team.”

Lu Ning had heard this from Dong Cun before. Every research specialist like Professor He was backed up by a specialized team. They only worked for the country and no one else.

According to the rumors, the person who had developed the anticancer drugs was Professor He’s master.

“If you refer me to Professor He, I can promise you anything.”

Even though the Dong Family was considered a powerful family in the capital, they were still nothing compared to aristocrats like the Li Corporation. Therefore, it was extra hard for them to get in touch with Professor He.

“We’re a family, and this is something I should do.”

However, Lu Ning did not want to owe her anything. She thus said, “How about this? You love to play the piano, right? I can refer you to a good composer and a management company. They will help you work on releasing a song.”

By the time Lu Jingqing came back from work, Xu Wei was feeding her ducklings. Even though he was standing very far away, he could hear the ducklings crowing. His brows twitched, and he said, “Let’s get a veterinarian to take a look at them tomorrow. They look and sound strange to me.”

Xu Wei was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Do you think it’s fine for a duck to crow like a chicken?”

“Maybe they will start quacking when they grow up. I don’t know. I’ve never raised a chicken or a duck before.”

“You’ve never raised a chicken before? Have you forgotten about the hen that I bought for you when you said you wanted a pet? We were still dating at the time,” Lu Jingqing said with a mixed expression on his face. “How can you say you have never raised a chicken before?”

Xu Wei was left speechless.

Of course, she remembered the hen he had bought for her. After all, she had cooked the hen that very night!

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