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Chapter 21

In fact, it wasn’t yesterday or today that Hikan became weird .

To be exact, it was the day when the Duchess Blueport had mana congestion, when he saw Dalia returned .

Now when they were together, he would hold the door or escort her silently whenever Dalia passed by . In severe cases, he even held her hand when she got on the carriage .

It was hard for Dalia to adapt to the sudden change .

She even shot him a heart because she thought that if she acted too cute, he would go back and frown like before . However, instead of looking at a crazy person as before, he kept looking at Dalia for a long time, making her more embarrassed .

“Wah! Brother! I love you!”

“……Okay . “

This time, that kind of reaction .

‘It’s, it’s too much pressure . ’

Dalia worked hard to figure out why he did that .

‘No way, is he feeling guilty that he couldn’t save me during the Duchess’s rampage?’

Dalia did that on purpose because she had something to talk to the Duchess Blueport .

Now she felt sorry for making him feel guilty .

But it was still uncomfortable . As a result, the strange scenery of Dalia avoiding Hikan was created .

He didn’t say much, but he seemed quite dissatisfied with Dalia for that .

To speak in a more simple way, it seems like he was being sulky .

‘……Goodness . ’

Did the miracle of purifying the Duchess Blueport invade Hikan’s mind that day?

It was beyond Dalia’s comprehension . So she gave up trying to guess Hikan’s deep thoughts .

How comfortable is Adrisha, on the other hand? A normal and warm friend who accepts everything Dalia says .

Dalia looked at her with new precious feelings . Adrisha spoke kindly, pouring tea in a very graceful manner .

“Come to think of it, there will be a ball in the Imperial Palace in a month . ”

“Oh, really?”

“Is it the birthday ball for the Crown Prince……?”

“So he was born in autumn . ”

“Yes, His Highness the Second Prince was also born in the autumn . ”

Dalia looked at the calendar again .

Nearly half a year has already passed since Hikan entered the Pesteros mansion .

“The Duke didn’t say anything, but he’ll probably be there . Dalia will go with him too . ”

It will be her first time to be at the ball in the Imperial Palace . The last ball held at the hall of the Pesteros mansion was spectacular, but this time it will be more than that . She was looking forward to it .

“It’s your first time to attend a ball that’s not hosted by your family, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, right?”

“Then it’ll be a good idea to have a tea party before the ball . You’ll be less nervous when you know someone . ”

Adrisha made a sudden suggestion .

“Well… . I don’t know anyone, but if I invite them, will they come?”

“Isn’t there the Pesteros name to use in this case?”

Dalia pondered over it .

The idea of a tea party itself did not seem bad . It’s not that she’s picky about the day, but she didn’t have the confidence to be in a seat with dozens of strangers .

In addition, the chef in charge of desserts at Pesteros was one of the best in the Empire .

However, since Hikan hated sweets, Dalia was the only one who could taste the chef’s skills . Just once a week to prevent cavities .

‘It’s an insult to the cook and a loss to the universe . ’

She wanted to serve the dessert of Pesteros to the guests coming to the tea party .

I’m sure they’ll love it . The chef’s shoulders will also be high .  (*t/n: means be proud)


Dalia’s expression became somewhat dark .

“Then I should tell my brother too, right?”

“Of course . He’ll send them the invitation . ”

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“…… . Is that so?”

‘What if he tells me to do it on my own because he’s busy?’

When she thinks about Hikan’s image in her memory, she still remembers it .

He’s been really busy every day since he became a Duke . Even Dalia, who didn’t work in the same office also can feel it . He deals with the inheritance issues that have not yet been completed, and even various legal documents .

Even if he says he’ll do it, wouldn’t she just give the busy Hikan one more burden?

‘What should I do if he is annoyed for being bothered?’

Such primitive fears still lingered in Dalia .

Perhaps the concern was revealed on her face, but before she knew it, Adrisha came to Dalia’s side and smiled, tickling her cheek with her index finger .

“It’s okay . The Duke will be rather pleased . ”

“……He’ll be pleased?”

“Yes, because……”

Adrisha glanced at the maid standing behind her and gestured to Dalia to come over .

Dalia brought her ear close to Adrisha’s mouth .

‘The Duke likes Dalia more than you think . And now he’s jealous that Dalia and I are close . ’

So now, if Dalia asks him to do something that Adrisha can’t do, for sure that he’ll be excited to do it .

Was what Adrisha said .

Then, she acted as if she hadn’t said anything .

Dalia thought that she had misheard it for a moment .

‘Brother is jealous?’

He wasn’t jealous because of Adrisha, but the opposite? It was unexpected .

Dalia stared blankly at Adrisha . Adrisha tilted her head as if she was asking why .

‘He’s jealous?……no way . ’

But when she thought about it, it might be because of his behavior that has gotten a little weird recently .

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“For a maid of honor that you only know for 3 weeks, you’ve been calling her name without any hesitation……”


She remembers Hikan blurring his words . Until then, she was wondering what was wrong with him .

‘That was because of jealousy?’

Did he want Dalia to talk to him? Is he trying to be a normal brother and sister like everyone else?

Well, Dalia also had a brother in her previous life .

Dalia imagined herself kicking Hikan in the air, calling him ‘brother baby . ’ It was beyond her imagination .  (*t/n: not sure about this sentence)

Still, after a few self-denials, Dalia finally came to a conclusion .

Hikan Pesteros is jealous of Adrisha now! Because Dalia is closer to Adrisha than him!

All circumstantial evidence has been pointing to that .

My goodness .

Dalia’s face suddenly became feverish for no reason, so she fanned it with her hand .

‘Th, that’s cute!’

When she thought of Hikan about half a year ago, it was unimaginable .

‘Yes, I did it!’

Dalia lowered Hikan’s vigilance within half a year, and even succeeded in winning Hikan’s favor!

‘Bu, but why?’

Is it really because he feels sorry that he couldn’t save Dalia?

No, maybe shooting hearts to the fullest worked best .

Dalia was satisfied with herself, believing in the least likely reason .

She had no idea that Hikan’s change of mind was due to the carriage accident . The things that she thought she said to Hikan in her dream while in half-asleep are actually being said to the real Hikan .

‘By the way, then… what should I do now?’

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Running away from this mansion?

Dalia’s thoughts stopped there .

Perhaps, when Dalia disappears, the big flow of the original may return to its original form .

Like the Duchess Blueport eventually handing over the Duke title to Lewayne Blueport .

Then Hikan will eventually die, and Adrisha will be harassed by all the male protagonists .

‘Is it okay to end it like that?’

Dalia couldn’t answer to her inner voice easily .

Unknowingly, she was giving Hikan some affection . Such emotions piled up one by one, complicating Dalia’s mind .

‘Someone with the name Pesteros . ’

Clearly he said that about Dalia .

Yes, now Hikan really thinks of Dalia as his sister .

‘Sh, should I just not run away?’

Dalia’s thin ears began to flutter rapidly .

Perhaps because of Dalia, Hikan will not be the final villain .

The development of the original has changed as Dalia has already appeared . Adrisha appeared much faster, and Hikan had no interest in her .

She doesn’t know yet, but Hikan may not be a villain, just as the Duchess Blueport suddenly found her reason during the congestion .

Then if she ran away and saw the Pesteros flourishing and thriving, she may regret it, ‘Ah, I should’ve just held on . My delicacies, my desserts, my money . ’

‘……Let’s wait for a few more years!’

It was a very compromised judgment with reality . Dalia was satisfied with that .

With a lot of thoughts in her mind, Dalia took another bite of the cake .

It’s delicious . If she throws away the Pesteros name, she will never eat this again .

‘As expected, it’s too wasteful to run away . ’

Dalia rationalized herself, trying to catch Hikan’s heart . Instead, she made another plan .

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